Flood Essay


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Flood Essay

  1. 1. In the opening scene of Flood, there is a zoom out of the computer that showed us the wave height and length which informs the audience that the film is going to be about water. Whilst the camera is zooming out, there is music which sounds quite mysterious and like something bad is going to happen. Also whilst the camera is zooming out you can hear technical language, the computer, jetty and old men. <br />In the next scene, the first shot is of a television and zooms in which shows you a close up of what is happening. There is a reflection of the old woman in the television which is shadowy and ghostly. This could be trying to emphasise the fact that she is going to die. The two women are talking and then one woman is on the phone. At this point there is a mid shot so that you can see her expressions on her face and then there is a over the shoulder shot so that you can see the other woman’s reactions at the same time. The woman who was on the phone walks over to the coats which was a tracking shot because the camera followed her and then a zoom up on the floor where the water is and then a shot of the woman’s face near the door to show the emotion. The emotion is she is very confused that water is coming through her door and very worried. The door then bursts and all the water comes into the house. The sounds you can hear are water, things smashing, doors and woman screaming helplessly. There is a shot reverse shot of the woman and then the old women that drowns immediately and then back onto the other woman. This shows what the woman is doing and what her reactions are to her mother being swept away and drown by the water. As soon as the water breaks in the house, you can hear the storm which is a diegetic sound because you can hear it as well as see it. The old woman that drown shows that she didn’t even try to swim or try and move and get up which shows she isn’t very strong and also suggests that men would be able to help them self’s. The middle ages woman is very determined to get herself out of the house before she drowns but doesn’t know what else to do to get out by just banging on the window. If that was a man, then maybe he would have used all his strength and broke the window to get out. The next shot is a zoom out of the woman in the window and onto what is surrounding her. This is to show where about she is and how much she is in danger because the water was at her neck level. <br />