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Natl Assn Home Builders - Reboot For Success



CTRL+ALT+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success

CTRL+ALT+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success



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Natl Assn Home Builders - Reboot For Success Natl Assn Home Builders - Reboot For Success Presentation Transcript

  • Holly  Duckworth,  CAE,  CMP   CEO,  Leadership  Solutions  International   CTRL+ALT+Believe:       Rebooting  Thoughts  &     Inspiring  Action  In  Your  Association #NAHB  @hduckworth
  • @hduckworth  
  • 4 Membership Finances Technology Communications
  • @hduckworth   What do you want to reboot in your association?
  • Collective  Expertise
  • @hduckworth  @hduckworth
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth   Fear
  • @hduckworth   Doubt
  • @hduckworth   Lack
  • @hduckworth   What  Does  It  Take  To  Keep
  Your  Organization  Alive?  
 Faith Courage Abundance
  • @hduckworth
  • @hduckworth   First Things First Recognize Every Challenge as an OPPORTUNITY
  • @hduckworth   Hit the Believe Key Examine what are you believing about your organization. Believe
  • @hduckworth  20
  • @hduckworth   Your  beliefs   act  like     filters  on  a     camera  changing     how  you  see  the  world.
  • @hduckworth  
  • It’s  not  our  individual  members,     but  the  collective  underlying  beliefs  that  control     our  associations.
  • @hduckworth   Hit Control Key Take Control of YOUR attitude and the attitude of your staff & volunteers
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth   I am optimistic about ! The more I surrender and bring more people to the table the more power and influence I actually have. ! Tim Reese, Executive Director CA/NV Community Action Partners
  • @hduckworth   I am optimistic about….. ! Our staff it is the best we have ever had. They are talented and get things done. ! Nathan Ridnouer - Speciality Equipment Marketing Association
  • @hduckworth   Hit the Control Key: ! Get Control of Your Culture
  • @hduckworth   Hit Control Key ! Let go of controlling vision statements, missions, bylaws, policies and procedures
  • @hduckworth   What  is  your  association     vision  statement?
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth   BE  Clear  about  your   association   vision/mission
  • @hduckworth   What  is  one  rule  or  policy     that  may  be  standing  in  the  way    of  you  rebooting  for  success?  
  • @hduckworth   • Take Control of YOUR Attitude! • Create A Fabulous Culture! • Let go of Controlling Vision/Mission, Policies & Procedures! #Hit  Control  Key
  • @hduckworth   Hit the ALT Key ! Strategic Visioning ! &! Strategic Planning
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth  What  you  visualize,  you  will  actualize. What  do  you     see  today? @hduckworth
  • @hduckworth   Visioning Process
  • @hduckworth   What does the highest vision of this organization look like?
  • @hduckworth   What does the organization in this highest form look like, feel like and sound like?
  • @hduckworth   What must this organization become in order that this vision be realized?
  • @hduckworth   What must this organization let go of in order for this vision to become a reality?
  • @hduckworth   What must this organization embrace?
  • @hduckworth   Is there anything else to be known at this time?
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth  
  • 57
  • @hduckworth   We’ve Always Done It That Way
  • @hduckworth   • Two Best Practices = Next Practice Hit  the  ALT  Key
  • @hduckworth   Games  +  Learning/Interaction     ! GAMIFICATION  
  • @hduckworth   Social  +  On  Demand  =  Live  Stream
  • @hduckworth   Boardroom  +  Connectivity  =  New  Meeting  Formats
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth  65
  • Pop-­‐Culture   +   Associations   =   Success
  • @hduckworth   Education  +  Social  Graphics
  • @hduckworth    Technology  as  Enhancement  
 Not  Merely  a  Toy
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth   Hit the ALT Key ! • BETA TEST
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth  
  • @hduckworth   How  can  you  apply  one  “ALT”  solution     to  solve  your  reboot  issue?  
  • @hduckworth   Believe Believe
  • @hduckworth   Now is the time to hold a positive vision. Know something new, higher and better for every aspect of your organization. Believe
  • @hduckworth   • Take control of YOUR attitude! • Create Culture! • Let go of controlling vision/mission, policies & procedures! #Hit  Control  Key
  • @hduckworth   Hit the ALT Key ! ! • Use Strategic Visioning! • 2 Best Practices = Next Practice! • BETA
  • @hduckworth
  • @hduckworth   Contact us for: Consulting 
 Speaking & Strategic Visioning Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP
 Chief Connections Officer & CEO! Leadership Solutions International! 503 887 4112! @hduckworth Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP Rebooting Thoughts & Inspiring Action In Your Organization Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP CTRL+ALT+BELIEVE:
  • Holly  Duckworth,  CAE,  CMP   CEO,  Leadership  Solutions  International   CTRL+ALT+Believe:       Rebooting  Thoughts  &     Inspiring  Action  In  Your  Association #NAHB  @hduckworth