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Reportedspeech hc


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine

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  • 1. Reported Speech Holly Cin Summer 2012
  • 2. Reported Speech• If the reporting verb is simple past, the verb in the noun clause will usually also be in a past form, as in the following examples:1. “I come to class every day,” Keemz said.Keemz said that he came to class every day.2. “I am paying attention, Holly,” Franco said.Franco told Holly that he was paying attention.3. “I have not done the homework,” Misael confessed.Misael confessed that he hadn’t done the homework.
  • 3. Reported SpeechThe modals should, ought to, and might do not change inreported speech.Mae said, “I might go to the movies on Friday.”Mae said that she might go to the movies on Friday.Moe said, “I ought to complete my blog work today.”Moe said that he ought to complete his blog work today.Hilal said, “I should do the laundry later.”Hilal said that she should do the laundry later.
  • 4. Reported SpeechChanging verbs to past forms in reported speech is commonin both speaking and writing.However, sometimes with immediate reporting in spokenEnglish, no change is made in the noun clause verb.Immediate reporting:What did Holly just say? I didn’t hear her.She said that she wants us to complete the blog work.Later reporting:I missed class yesterday. What did Holly tell us to do?She told us that she wanted us to complete the blog work.
  • 5. Reported SpeechSometimes the present tense is also used in the nounclause when the reported sentence deals with a habitor general truth.“The earth revolves around the sun,” Greg said.Greg explained that the earth revolves around thesun.“I eat rice every day for breakfast,” Diem said.Diem said that she eats rice every day for breakfast.
  • 6. Reported SpeechWhen the reporting verb is simple, present perfector future, the verb inside the noun clause is notchanged.“I study 4 hours every day,” says Hassan.Hassan says that he studies 4 hours every day.Hassan has said that he studies 4 hours every day.Hassan will say that he studies 4 hours every day(if you ask him).
  • 7. Reported SpeechIn reported speech, an imperative sentence ischanged to an infinitive.TELL is used instead of SAY as the reporting verb.“Study for the test!”Holly told us to study for the test.“Don’t be late!”Holly told us not to be late.