Dentisse tri fold brochure


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Dentisse tri fold brochure

  1. 1. EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE What makes Dentisse® Natural Reflection™ toothpaste and Natural Solution™ oral rinse more effective than other products on the market today? Simply put,their unique formulas. Ten years of research and development,plus the natural ingredients in both are combined in a proprietary way that enhances your smile—effectively,safely,naturally! Premium Oral Care Products Brighten your practice. It’s only natural. Distributed by Oncore Dental Inc products that fit youDENTAL INC. Arm  &  Hammer  Dental  Care)   Colgate  Cavity  Protec6on   Tom's  of  Maine   Crest  Cavity  Protec6on   Colgate  Simply  White   Crest  Vivid  White   Colgate  Total  Whitening   Crest  Extra  Whitening   Crest  Pro  Health   Den6sse  Natural  Reflec6on   Reference  Standard   Calcium  Pyrophosphate   0   20   40   60   80   100   120   140   Den6frices   Figure  1.    Pellicle  Cleaning  Ra6o  (PCR)  data  for  commercial  den6frices   Crest  Vivid  White   Colgate  Total  Whitening    Crest  Pro  Health    Crest  Extra  Whitening   Colgate  Simply  White    Crest  Cavity  Protec<on   Den<sse  Natural  Reflec<on   Tom's  of  Maine   Colgate  Cavity  Protec<on   Arm  &  Hammer  Dental  Care   Reference  Standard    Calcium  Pyrophosphate   0   50   100   150   200   250   Den<frices   Figure  2.    Rela<ve  Den<n  Abrasion  (RDA)  data  for  commercial  den<frices   Brighten your practice. It’s only natural. Call 360-841-8426 or visit DENTISSE OUT PERFORMS OTHER DENTIFRICES THE DENTISSE® STORY Dentisse® Natural Reflection™ toothpaste was developed by two dental scientists who started by creating small batches of their original white kaolin clay-based formula for family and friends. When everyone raved about how much better it was than regular toothpastes, they decided to develop it for market,along with companion products based on their simple philosophy:To make oral care products as natural as possible without sacrificing superior dental care properties. Thus, the line of Dentisse premium oral care products was born! We hope you’ll enjoy our natural solutions to daily oral care. Tom's  of  Maine   Colgate  Simply  White   Colgate  Cavity  Protec:on   Colgate  Total  Whitening   Arm  &  Hammer  Dental  Care   Crest  Pro  Health   Crest  Vivid  White   Crest  Cavity  Protec:on     Crest  Extra  Whitening   Den:sse  Natural  Reflec:on   Reference  Standard   Calcium  Pyrophosphate   0   20   40   60   80   100   120   Specular  Reflectance  Percentage   Den:frices   Figure  3.    Enamel  polish  data  for  commercial  den:frices   Crest  Vivid  White   Colgate  Total  Whitening    Crest  Pro  Health    Crest  Extra  Whitening   Colgate  Simply  White    Crest  Cavity  Protec<on   Den<sse  Natural  Reflec<on   Tom's  of  Maine   Colgate  Cavity  Protec<on   Arm  &  Hammer  Dental  Care   Reference  Standard    Calcium  Pyrophosphate   0   50   100   150   200   250   Den<frices   Figure  2.    Rela<ve  Den<n  Abrasion  (RDA)  data  for  commercial  den<frices   Arm  &  Hammer   Colgate  Cavity  Protec3on   Crest  Vivid  White   Crest  Cavity  Protec3on   Colgate  Simply  White   Tom's  of  Maine   Colgate  Total  Whitening   Crest  Extra  Whitening   Crest  Pro  Health   Den3sse  Natural  Reflec3on     Reference  Standard   Calcium  Pyrophosphate   0.00   0.20   0.40   0.60   0.80   1.00   1.20   1.40   1.60   1.80   2.00   Den3frices   Figure  4.    Cleaning  Efficiency  Index  (CEI)  of  commercial  den3frices   Crest  Vivid  White   Colgate  Total  Whitening    Crest  Pro  Health    Crest  Extra  Whitening   Colgate  Simply  White    Crest  Cavity  Protec<on   Den<sse  Natural  Reflec<on   Tom's  of  Maine   Colgate  Cavity  Protec<on   Arm  &  Hammer  Dental  Care   Reference  Standard    Calcium  Pyrophosphate   0   50   100   150   200   250   Den<frices   Figure  2.    Rela<ve  Den<n  Abrasion  (RDA)  data  for  commercial  den<frices  
  2. 2. Dentisse® Natural Reflection™ is a unique, soothingly gentle tooth- paste that effectively polishes the teeth and removes surface stains, thus whitening teeth the natural way. It also prevents new stains from taking hold. Brush with Dentisse® Natural Reflection™ for just two weeks, and you’ll experience… • Gleaming,noticeably whiter teeth • A more radiant smile • Less plaque and tartar buildup • Long-lasting fresh breath • Smoother teeth and a cleaner-feeling mouth Key natural ingredients include… • Refined kaolin clay – a safe and effective cleaning, polishing,and whitening agent • Bentonite clay – enhances consistency and smooth texture of the paste • Radiant natural mint – pure peppermint oils for refreshing,longer-lasting flavor NATURAL REFLECTION™ TOOTHPASTE Also available with fluoride! For more information or to order Call 360-841-8426 or visit* Formula contains no saccharin,animal ingredients,artificial preservatives,colors or flavors. Dentisse® Natural Solution™ is an alcohol-free oral rinse that imparts a fresh,healthy feeling to the mouth and attacks odor-causing bacteria without the burning and drying sensation found in alcohol-based products. Also,it accomplishes these functions and provides additional benefits, such as moisturizing and neutralizing acids, while using natural ingredients. Rinse with Dentisse® Natural Solution™ and you’ll immediately notice… • Fresher breath and a cleaner-feeling mouth • Invigorating flavor and long-lasting cool aftertaste • Reduced mouth odor • Gentle,neutralizing (non-acidic) formula • Soothing and moisturizing without burning taste of alcohol Key natural ingredients include… • Baking soda – controls odors and neutralizes plaque acids while whitening and cleansing • Xylitol – plant-sourced sweetener that inhibits dental plaque and pleasantly enhances the flavor • Aloe vera – soothes irritated tissue,decreases inflammation and promotes healing • Essential oil blend – provides antibacterial,antifungal and flavor- enhancing properties from five essential oils:clove,eucalyptus, menthol,tea tree and wintergreen NATURAL SOLUTION™ ORAL RINSE NATURAL PROTECTION™ LIP BALM Dentisse® Natural ProtectionTM Lip Balm is made with natural ingredients, including organic palm oil, pure beeswax, organic extra virgin olive oil, spear- mint oil, organic hemp seed oil, rosemary extract and vitamin E.This balm repairs, softens, nourishes and protects your lips, by reinforcing their natural defenses without the drying effects of a petroleum based lip balm. Key natural ingredients include… • Organic palm oil – antioxidant and emollient (softens and soothes) • Pure beeswax – natural wax made by bees which forms a protective barrier to keep lips hydrated • Organic extra virgin olive oil - conditions and hydrates the lips • Spearmint oil - flavor • Organic hemp seed oil - skin conditioner that penetrates the skin quickly and efficiently • Rosemary extract - natural preservative that works as an antioxidant • Vitamin E - antioxidant