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Here's a presentation we gave to the Facebook Connect team at a Dogpatch/Polaris Ventures sponsored event. A big thanks to @hnshah from KISSMetrics who gave us some stellar advice on optimizing our use of Facebook Connect.

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Facebook Connect Optimization

  1. 1. Facebook Connect January, 2010 1
  2. 2. What is Hollrr? Hollrr is the fun and easy way to share discoveries of great new products and services 2
  3. 3. What are we trying to optimize? Our Facebook viral loop: User signs-up Sends Hollrr Friends click Friend signs with Facebook as post to on post in FB up to Facebook feed Hollrr.com 3
  4. 4. Question: What drives virality? Which has the bigger impact on virality? No. of views of Hollrrs posted to FB? Conversion %? No. of times No. of people % conversion No. of new users post that see that to signed-up signed-up externally message user users No. of views of Hollrrs Priority area #1: posted to FB is more Increase # of Hollrrs posted important driver of virality to FB per user 4
  5. 5. Case Study I: change focus of onboarding process Original focus: New focus: Connect friends Make your first Hollrr 44% increase in new users Hollrring* 5 *: Very small sample size
  6. 6. Case Study II: push FB connect in signup process User opts-in to User opts-out of FB Connect FB Connect ~10% increase in % using FB Connect BUT… Sign-up conversion down ~25%* 6 *: Very small sample size
  7. 7. Case Study III: Improve Facebook feed post Original post to FB Improved post to FB • Too much product info→ no • Select product info → clear benefit of click thru Increased curiosity • Unclear call to action • Call to action satisfies curiosity 7 Note: no meaningful data available
  8. 8. Case Study IV: Improve landing page conv. % Original landing page Improved landing page • A lot of information • Focus on Facebook friend • No clear call to action • Reduced # of options • Large # of options • Clear call to action (in a big green button!) 8 Note: no meaningful data available
  9. 9. Team Hollrr David Hegarty Benny Joseph Chief Hollrr CTO (‘El Jefe’) hegs@hollrr.com benny@hollrr.com • Launched a cloud computing • Lead engineer at another platform at Microsoft startup • Made PowerPoints as a • Wrote the math engine of consultant at Bain & Company E*TRADE's trading platform • Racked up debt as a grad • Spent a ton of $$$ for his MBA student at Northwestern at Chicago Booth • Love skiing, travelling and • Mixed Martial Arts enthusiast, burritos in exactly that order World Series of Poker every year (but always lose!) 9
  10. 10. Any questions? 10