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What type of media institution might distribute your film and why?

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  1. 1. Distribution is a highly competitive business of launching and sustaining films in the market place. Distribution companies become involved in the films after the lengthy filming and editing process has been finished and the film makers are ready to present their film to the public. They release films to the market, build awareness and interest among audiences. They develop a release strategy in which they consult with the film makers/producers and the cinema exhibitors. They launch the film, make the marketing materials (posters, trailers etc.), promotions for the film (competitions, associations with other companies e.g. coca cola), screenings, public relations (interviews) and social media (Facebook, twitter etc.) This shows that distribution companies play a highly important role in marketing a film for its release.
  2. 2. We have produced is a teen drama with mystery/comedy elements. It is similar to the Breakfast Club, The Perks of Being a Wallflower etc. The Perks of Being a Wallflower was distributed by the independent company Entertainment One. Entertainment One could be interested in distributing our film. • Why would they be interested? They would be interested in distributing our film as they have distributed similar films with a similar genre and target audience. For example the Perks of Being a Wallflower’s target audience would be teenagers to young adults and the film is set in a school like ours is. They also have similar story lines in ways as in both the main characters are growing up and changing throughout the film. Also as they are an independent distribution company they will be more likely to want to distribute our film as they will look for more independent films to distribute. Also distributing their film would be easier for them as they have distributed similar films so they will know the best way to distribute our film.
  3. 3. • Entertainment One have also distributed films such as the ‘Mortal Instruments’ and ‘21 & Over’ where the main characters are of a similar age to the ones in our film. This shows that Entertainment One are likely to distribute our film as they have distributed similar. Our film was of a low budget. This means the more likely company to distribute our film would be StudioCanal as they distribute some low budget films in the UK such as ‘Submarine’. This is a film that is of a similar genre to ours and the main characters are of a similar age to the ones in our film. This shows that they are more likely to distribute our film than Entertainment One as this company is at more of a low budget. This shows that our film has a lot of opportunities of who to be distributed by as there are a few companies that distribute similar films.
  4. 4. Our film will appeal to more than a UK audience. It will appeal to UK audiences as they will be able to link in with the film and what it is about. Our film will also appeal to a larger national audience also. Similar films to ours such as ‘The Breakfast Club’ and ‘The Perks of Being a Wallflower’ appeal to a wider audience. These films were distributed in a lot of countries and were very successful. Our film is very similar to these so it shows they may appeal to a wider audience. • Our film will also appeal to a wider audience because it is based around teenagers at college having problems. This is something a lot of teenagers/young adults around the world will be able to relate to in ways which makes our film to seem to appeal to a wider audience than just the UK. Also the companies who I am thinking who may distribute our film (studio canal) normally distribute their films to a wider audience which shows ours would be as it is very similar to the films they have previously distributed. • Our film is of a low budget. This shows that it could also be just distributed in the UK. It would also be successful just being distributed in the UK as it is a film the young adults/teenagers will be able to relate to well. This shows that our film would be successful in the UK which means it has a chance of being distributed to a wider audience. • Our film will also attract males and females which shows it will have a big target audience so more people will watch it so it will have a more national audience.
  5. 5. If our film is distributed the way we want it to be distributed it will be firstly shown in many UK cinemas. So that the audience/public know that the film is coming out in the cinemas we will need to do some marketing. We will make a trailer that will be put onto YouTube. This trailer will show the world what our film is about so that they will want to come and see it in the cinema when it comes out. Also so the public know our film is coming out we will create posters which we will stick around the country. We will put the posters at train stations, shopping Centre's, cinemas etc. Putting our posters in these types of places means it will be seen my a wide audience. We will also create a Facebook and Twitter page for our film. We will include a lot about the film on these and sneak previews. This will show the audience more about our film so they will want to come and see it. This is just some of the marketing strategies we will do for our film which our distribution company will help us with.
  6. 6. On our Facebook page we will include competitions so that the audience will want to come and see our film. The competitions will be ‘find a golden ticket in our programme at the cinema and have dinner with the cast of The Text’. Having competitions like this will draw the audience more into watching our film as they will have a benefit in ways in coming to watch it. This shows that we are drawing them in to watch our film. If our film is successful in the UK our distribution company may think about bringing our film out into other countries such as the USA. Our film will start out in the cinemas and then the distribution companies will make it into a DVD/Blu ray.
  7. 7. The distribution companies may also think about associating our film with other companies to promote our film. Such as if Sky are doing an advert on new blockbusters to watch from home we could have our film included as one of these which is promoting our film to a wider audience.
  8. 8. To promote our film before it comes out in the cinema the distribution companies may organise public relations. Such as there could be interviews, events and premieres. This will show the audience more about the film and promote them to come and watch it.
  9. 9. Here is a list of self distribution we could do to promote our film • Press screenings • Write and mail press releases • Include our film in major digital programs e.g. Netflix and Itunes • Show it at film festivals such as Cannes or Sundance
  10. 10. Advantages of Self Distribution If we did self distribution we would retain full rights to our film, giving us more of a choice when distributing it. We would also get a lot more money out of our film as we would not need to give any to a distribution company Disadvantages of Self Distribution If we did self distribute our film it would limit the established relationships we have with buyers which the distribution companies have. We would also not have as much money and connections as the distribution companies so our film would not be as successful. Self distribution can also be a very long time consuming process. This all shows that it will be better for our film if we use a distribution company.