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Denise Denise Presentation Transcript

  • Denise Garcia Mr.Holley 2° Human Interaction November 12 , 2010 Genital Herpes
  • Definition
    • Genital herpes is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases in the world. Although it’s not deadly, it has no cure and it can be very difficult to notice. At least 45 million Americans over the age of twelve get this disease. That’s one out of every five teens and adults in the United States. Also that number may be much higher since many people don’t even realize that they are infected with this STD.
  • Symptoms
    • Herpes simplex types 1 and 2 (HHV1 and HHV2) cause cold sores and genital herpes. While herpes zoster or varicella-zoster virus (HHV3) causes chickenpox and shingles. HHV4, also known as Epstein-Barr virus, causes infectious mononucleosis. An option of this virus has also been concerned in a rare type of lymphoma. Cytomegalovirus (HHV5) causes a wide variety of health problems, including serious illness in newborn babies, an illness that strongly resembles catching mononucleosis. Roseola, is one of the many rash-and-fever diseases of childhood, is caused by HHV6. HHV7 is associated with seizures and encephalitis, while HHV8 is associated with Kaposi’s sarcoma and lymphomas.
  • Caused By
    • Teenagers represent the fastest-growing group of people with genital herpes. This may occur because, even though the disease is so common, there are many myths about how it spreads and who can get it. Anyone who is sexually active is at risk. Whether you have had a number of sexual relationships or just fooled around with someone, all it takes is one contact with the herpes virus to catch the disease for life. Caused by a Virus
  • Prevent
    • Condom
    • Don’t have sex
    • Masturbation
  • Treat
    • The best treatment for herpes infections is prevention. HHV1 is spread in air droplets, so covering coughs and sneezes is important. Direct contact with the fluid from the blisters or ulcers can also pass HHV1 or HHV2 from one person to another. Once the blisters have dried up or crusted over, they are less contagious. Some people with herpes shed low levels of the virus even when they have no blisters. They may not even know they have the infection.
  • Journal #21
    • Describe what you know about your assigned STD and about STDs in general.
    • What I know about Genital Herpes is that the first sign that you would get is you start to get warts on your genital. Once you’ve seen the first sign; its better to go see a doctor. Herpes is when a partner had Herpes already and you still had sex unprotected you will get the same thing your partner had. Maybe even worse or just as bad.
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