Pleasantview Novella: Chapter 11


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Pleasantview Novella: Chapter 11

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Pleasantview Novella: Chapter 11

  1. 1. Pleasantview Novella: Chapter Eleven
  2. 2. Tosha Goth was making her daughter Victorias bed when the nausea hit her. She hadnt been feeling wellin the morning the past week and always seemed to be tired. She had fallen asleep at her desk at workjust yesterday. Mr. Lundgren, one of the partners of the firm, had found her drooling on her keyboard. She suspected she knew what the problem was. She bought one of those drug store tests, followed thedirections and waited the three minutes for the plus sign to appear.
  3. 3. She and Alexander hadnt talked about having anymore children. They had barely survived Victoria andSimons toddler years. Just last week they brought the twins to the cake and watched them grow intochildren. Children who didnt need to be taken to the potty. Children who didnt wake up at ungodly hoursin the middle of the night. She and Alexander hadnt slept so well in several years.
  4. 4. Victoria and Simon were enjoying their childhood . They both liked school and had already made friendswith half the neighborhood it seemed.Just then, Tosha heard the school bus pull up to the front of the house and went down to meet her eldestchildren. She decided she would take Alex aside before dinner so they could share the new with the twinstogether.
  5. 5. "Are you going to have two babies again?" Victoria asked."I dont know yet. I have an appointment with the doctor later in the week. Shell be able to tell me then,maybe.""I hope its a boy!" Simon exclaimed. "Then I can have a little brother."Alexander reached over and stroked his wifes hand."I just want the baby to be healthy. If it has ten toes and ten fingers Ill be happy."Tosha smiled at him. Sometimes she wondered how she could love him more and more everyday."My friend Brennas mom is going to have a baby too." Victoria added. "Brenna was born in Ireland andshe has an accent."Victoria squirmed in her seat, a sign to her parents she was upset by something."Whats wrong, Victoria?" her mother asked."Some of the kids make fun of her and say she talks funny" she said"Thats not right." Simon added. "I think it sounds pretty" he said, and immediately turned red when herealized what he’d just said.Victoria nodded her head in agreement, unaware of her brother’s embarrassment. "I think so, too!""Its not nice to make fun of people." Tosha said. "She’s lucky to have you two as her friends."
  6. 6. Brendan Ellis cuddled with his daughter, Brenna on the couch after dinner, listening to her talk about herday at school.She liked her teachers and had a couple of friends already in this new town. Brendan knew it was difficultmoving to a new town, but Brenna seemed to be adjusting well. She had told him a couple of the kidsmade fun of her accent, but that her best friend Victoria had stuck up for her.He had to work extra hard to afford this little house they lived in and hoped in the future to be able toafford one that would belong to him and have more than two bedrooms.He had moved his family from Ireland to escape the violence and politics. He just wanted to raise hisfamily. And he planned to have a big one. Already his wife, Claire swelled with child. He secretly wishedfor a son.
  7. 7. Brennas report of her day was cut short when her mother walked into the living room."Its time Brendan! The wee babe is coming." she announced.He was up like a shot."Are you okay, a Ghrá ? Do you need something? Shall I call the doctor?" he asked."Babies have been born long before there were doctors, Brendan Ellis." Claire said to her husband. "Thisone will come when its ready, just like our Brenna did."
  8. 8. It didnt take long for Brannen Ellis, the first native born Simerican, to be born.Much later, after an excited and obviously exhausted Brenna was put to bed, Claire and Brendan enjoyedtheir new son. They wondered what he would grow up to be, as most parents do. They didnt have much,but they had each other and they hoped their children knew how much they were loved. It didnt matterwhat they sacrificed. Their hope was that their children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren would lead abetter life than they themselves had.
  9. 9. George and Bella sat in their new kitchen, in their new house that they had bought together, basking in theglow of their love. It was still early out and their breakfast sat untouched. They just had one more day toget though before they would be joined as husband and wife.Bella had got a job waiting tables to support them while George finished Law School. She would be on herfeet most of the day, while George studied for the upcoming bar exam in five short months. After that, Bellawould stay home and turn her hobby of film and literature into a career. She had already gotten a couplenibbles from publishers interested in more of her writing. That could wait while she helped George realizehis life time wish.Tonight she was staying at her parents’ house. It was bad luck, after all, for the groom to see the bridebefore the wedding."Ill meet you at your parents’ house at seven for dinner" George said as he helped Bella wash theirbreakfast dishes.Bella sighed."I know." he responded. He understood her frustration. Don, her father, still hadnt accepted the fact that hisdaughter had grown up, fallen in love, and was getting married."If he starts anything tonight, hes not welcome tomorrow!" she exclaimed. "I wont have him making ascene at the wedding."George brought her into his arms and kissed her mouth, trying to soothe the frustration he knew she felt."It will be okay. Youll see. Dont worry about it."
  10. 10. It was yet another uncomfortable dinner between the four of them. Nicky wasnt even there to lighten themood. He and George got along really well. In fact her whole family loved George, except her father.Cassie cleared her throat, trying to get her husband to interact with his future son in law. When he saidnothing, simply sitting there, not even eating, she sighed."So George, Bella said youre taking the bar exam soon?" Cassie said trying to break the ice.George nodded his head, swallowing the bite of food in his mouth. "Yes maam...""Please, call me Cassie, or Mom. Maam is so formal and youre going to be family soon."George ignored the grunt from his father in law and smiled at Cassie."Im scheduled to take it in 5 months. Meanwhile I am interning at the firm of Lundgren & Landgrabb. Theyare doing all they can to help me out. I have a position with them when I pass.""An internship huh?" Don said, finally breaking his silence."Yes, sir." George answered, noticing his future father in law didnt ask him to call him Don or Dad."They dont pay interns. How do you plan to support my daughter for the next five months while youreworking for free?""I’ve gotten a job while hes interning, Daddy." Bella answered. "Its only for five months and then...""Waiting tables doesnt cover your mortgage, or your bills Bella. Youre living off your inheritance!""Don! Please! Dont start." Cassie implored.
  11. 11. "Who do you think you are?" Don asked. "Did you think youd marry some rich heiress and live off herwhile you worked for free? What happens if you dont pass the bar?"George tried to remain calm. "I dont know what I did that you have such a low opinion of me Sir, but Iassure you, I am not marrying your daughter for her money, which we havent touched by the way. I ammarrying her because I love her, and she loves me. We support each other’s dreams. That is why she isworking now and why I will work my butt off later so she can stay home and write."Don must have decided that the conversation was over because he stormed out of the dining room, Cassiein his wake.George sighed and walked over to Bella. He had hoped by now his future father in law would haveaccepted him."Im going to go now," he said resting his forehead on hers. "Ill see you tomorrow""George...""Dont worry Bella." he said and kissed her good night, more passionately than was appropriate for thesituation. She didnt seem to mind."Im marrying you tomorrow.""You bet your ass you are!" she said smiling. She loved him so much.When George left, Bella went to go find her father. She had a couple of things to say to him. She didnthave to look far; he was storming out of the kitchen towards her."Youre making a big mistake marrying him, Bella.""No, Im not Daddy. I love him and he loves me. This is one of the best decisions I am ever going tomake."
  12. 12. She wasnt going to raise her voice. He wouldnt listen to her if she screamed or argued. She was going toremain calm and try to finally get through to her stubborn, pig headed father."Hes marrying you for your money Bella...""Like why you married Mom?" She didnt mean to say that, but it was out now.Don was taken back by his daughter’s forwardness."Thats not true," he lied. "I love your mother.""I know you do," Bella admitted "but you didnt always; and your heart doesnt belong to just one womaneither. I love my sisters, but what youve done, the decision youve made to be with both of them, made lifevery hard for everyone involved, except you. It was selfish.""I dont have to stand here and listen to my daughter lecture me on the choices I have made in my life.They are none of your business." Don took a minute to calm himself. "Ive done everything I could foryou, and you brothers and your sisters. I love you all very much and wouldnt change any decision I havemade because then I wouldnt have any of you. I love you, all of you, and dont want you to get hurt bysome gold digger.""I love you too Daddy, but youre wrong about George...hes nothing like you." Bella took a second to gainthe courage to say the next things she wanted to say."If you cant at least be polite to the man I love, the man I am going to marry tomorrow, whether you likeit or not; the man I am going to spend the rest of my life with…then youre not welcome at the weddingtomorrow."He just stood there looking at her, no emotion on his face that she could read. When he said nothing, sheturned and went upstairs to try and get some sleep. She had a big day tomorrow.
  13. 13. She had sat in her room, trying not to cry as her mother and sisters fussed over her hair and make up."Hell come, Bella." her Mom assured her.Bella just nodded her head. She wasnt so sure. She couldnt postpone it any longer. It was time.Her uncle Alex had agreed to walk her to her future husband, and when she saw George, she forgot to besad about her Dad. She placed her hands in his, excited to become his wife.She spotted her father slip into the back row. Their eyes locked momentarily and he nodded his head toher.George turned to see what she was looking at and spotted Don."Are you okay?" George asked her as her eyes began to fill with tears."Yes, Im perfect she said."Lets get married."
  14. 14. Hello I ve waited here for you Everlong Tonight I throw myself intoAnd out of the red , out of her head she sang Come down And waste away with me Down with me Slow how You wanted it to beI m over my head , out of her head she sang
  15. 15. And I wonder When I sing along with you If everything could ever feel this real forever If anything could ever be this good again The only thing I ll ever ask of youYou ve got to promise not to stop when I say when She sang Breathe out So I could breathe you in Hold you in And now I know you ve always been Out of your head , out of my head I sang
  16. 16. And I wonder If everything could ever feel this real forever If anything could ever be this good again The only thing I ll ever ask of youYou ve got to promise not to stop when I say when Everlong ( Acoustic Version ) by Foo Fighters
  17. 17. After the ceremony, George and Bella greeted their guests, inviting them inside for the cake cuttingceremony."Who’s the guy in the kimono?" George whispered to his new wife.Bella turned her attention away from her new husband and saw Orlando Centowski, her sister Ginas newboyfriend, approach them."Thats Ginas boyfriend, Orlando. I have no idea why hes wearing that." she said trying not to giggle."Wait, Gina has a boyfriend?" George exclaimed."I know, it surprised me too. I guess she met him in one of her classes. She seems to like him. Theyvebeen spending a lot of time together.""I thought your aunt Danielles boyfriend was Orlando?" George said, trying not to be confused by Bellasbig family.Yes, they are both named Orlando."Before George could respond, Orlando approached them.
  18. 18. "Congratulations!""Thank you, Orlando." Trying not to giggle, Bella continued. "I dont think youve met my husband George.""No, I havent." Orlando said, turning his attention to George. "Orlando." he said, holding out his hand toshake."George." "Gina tells me youre into fixing up cars!" Orlando said excitedly. "I have this sweet 76 Vette Im workingon now.""Oh Yeah!" George exclaimed. "Id love to see her!""Oh no, here we go." Bella said rolling her eyes. "You guys will be here forever talking about this andwere kind of in the middle of a wedding.""Youre not jealous of a car, are you sweetheart?" George asked as her as he brought her into his arms."You know you can clean my carburetor better than any ole car, dont you?""Dont you forget it!" she said and laid a loud smack on his lips. "You two can exchange numbers and setup a play date later." she teased.
  19. 19. The guests filled George and Bellas small house for the reception. They had decided on a small wedding.The couple wanted to pay for their own wedding, so refreshments consisted of wedding cake and a punchbowl. It was true they could probably afford a more lavish affair if they had accepted Bellas parents offer topay, but Bella and George were happy with how it turned out.There friends and family, filling their new house with laughter. It seemed perfect to them.
  20. 20. The one extravagance was the five day trip to Twiiki Island they had planned. Again, Cassie and Don hadoffered the families vacation house to them, but Bella and George declined and decided to stay at a localhotel so they could absorb more of the local culture and hang out with other tourists visiting the island.
  21. 21. Donnie sat with his sister Gina and her new boyfriend Orlando, trying to reconcile what he was hearing with whathe knew about Gina. He nodded his head at Orlandos excited account of how he and Gina had meet, how he hadpursued her mercilessly until she had finally agreed to go out with him. All outward appearances showed a happycouple, blissful in their new relationship. “She was pretty stubborn,” Orlando lamented. "She claimed she was too busy to bother with dating and dodgedmy every advance, but I wore you down, didnt I?" he asked Gina, caressing her hand.Donnie looked over at Gina, noticing her smile was strained. He doubted Orlando had noticed, the way he wasbeaming at her. "Its great Ginas finally found a guy she likes." Donnie added. "She sure didnt bother with them in high school ormost of her time at University, huh Sis?"A hint of color flushed over Ginas cheeks as she looked at her brother. She knew he could read howuncomfortable she was with the whole situation."I guess I hadnt met the right guy yet." she responded. "Not everyone feels the need to bed every other co-ed.""Touché!" Donnie exclaimed. Gina was mortified by what she just said. She had been barraged with questions all day. "Who’s youre friendGina?" "Oh! A boyfriend! Its about time!" Gina looked over at Orlando, hoping all this talk hadn’t scared him off.The truth was that Orlando was every woman’s dream. He was handsome and hardworking, and he treated her likea queen. She was very lucky to have him. So why didnt she feel like she was supposed to?"Im so sorry Donnie, I didnt mean...""Its okay Gina" he answered. He gave her a look letting her know they were going to talk later.Orlando picked up on the uncomfortable vibes flying around the table, but wasnt sure what was going on. "Excuse us, Donnie. I want to dance with my lady." he said and escorted Gina away from the table.Donnie watched his sister, Gina, dance with her new boyfriend and decided not to worry about it any more today.
  22. 22. George and Bella McCarthy s Honeymoon Pictures