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Internet Marketing Plan


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  • 1. Internet MarketingThe Role MarketingPlays inBuilding a WebsiteHolley JacobsMay 7, 2013
  • 2. Marketing is: Impact of Marketing onBuilding a Websiteo Reach millions of potential customerso Establishing company brando Lowers the budget for marketingo Imperative to understand internet lingo i.e. –PPC, Adwords, Analytics, SEO, Linking,Branding, etc (Strauss & Frost, 2009)• Necessary and Essential forSuccess• Fairly cheap to advertise on theinternet – much is free (TheImpact of Internet Marketing,2012)• Having a unique selling position• Adapting to customers motivationand behavior• Position to increase profits• Understanding that the costs ofgaining new customers is fivetimes higher than retaining current• Making sure everyone knows thatmarketing is everyone’s business• Getting to know your targetcustomer• Planning, executing, evaluating,and making changes (20 MarketingTips Every Entrepreneur ShouldKnow)
  • 3. Five Key Items for the Websiteo Services Providedo Prices Includedo Surveyo Pollso Email Sign Up Formo Google Voice Widgeto Social Media Networkso Affiliate Ads
  • 4. How Contents Support Marketing Objectiveso Promotion of Websiteo Encourages Customer Interactiono Builds Customer Relationshipso Allows for Efficient Online Supporto Affiliate Marketing Content for Additional Incomeo Encourages Full Package Dealso Determine Customers Needso Allows for Quick Responses from Website
  • 5. SEO Planning – Submit Site To:1. Local Media2. Marketing Media3. Small Business Media4. Trade Associations5. Online PR such as:o Yahoo Financeo Hoovers Onlineo Forbes.como Market Watcho America Onlineo Business Wireo PR Newswire
  • 6. Keywords Used To Promote Websiteo Internet Marketingo Email Marketing fornonprofitso Social Media Awarenesso Company Brandingo Nonprofit Bloggingo Video Marketing for non-profitso Social Media Integration
  • 7. ThreeOpportunities forAdvertising byLinking1. ConstantContact2. Go Daddy3. GoogleReseller
  • 8. 1. Constant Contact provides the software and support to allow emailmarketing, surveys, polls, and social media integration (Services ofConstant Contact).2. Go Daddy partners have the ability to provide domain names, hosting,and server support (Services of Go Daddy).3. Google Reseller program allows the business to provide clients accessto the wealth of Google Apps for Business (Services of Google Apps forBusiness).How Linking Compliments the Website
  • 9. 1. Unique visitors to site2. Establish customized goals3. Geographic location since servicesare for local businesses4. Whether visitors are reaching site viaDirect, Search, or Referral indicators5. Bounce rate6. Repeat visitorsGoogle Analytics
  • 10. References20 Marketing Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know. (n.d.). Retrieved April 7, 2013, fromMissouri Business Web site: Impact of Internet Marketing. (2012, May 6). Retrieved from All Business Web site:
  • 11. ReferencesServices of Constant Contact. (n.d.). Retrieved from Constant Contact Web site:http://www.constantcontact.comServices of Go Daddy. (n.d.). Retrieved from Go Daddy Web site: of Google Apps for Business. (n.d.). Retrieved from Google Web site:, J., & Frost, R. (2009). E-Marketing. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.