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Holisol Logistics is a Supply Chain Operations company. It provides 3rd Party Logistics and act as an extended arm of its customers supply chain.

We provide holistic solutions which expand beyond traditional logistics boundaries moving up the value chain of the customer. We do this by studying our customers business, understand the role of all functions and incorporate the impact into our solutions!

Our purpose is to make our Coworkers, our Customer, our Partners and our Associates successful and happy.

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  • Global agri cold supply chain study
  • Holisol Logistics -Introduction

    1. 1. www.holisollogistics.com
    2. 2. Supply Chain Operations Our Customers’ Extended Arm Thought Leadership
    3. 3. 3 Aligned with your business objectives
    4. 4. 4 “What is good for my customer?” “How do I keep it Simple?” “Trust” to be Trusted “How can we make it better?” Built on Values Customer Centric Respect for Individuals Simplicity Knowledge & Innovation
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. www.holisollogistics.com Case Studies
    7. 7. 7 Logistics Setup for an Online Lifestyle Retailer Logistics Strategy & Planning Warehousing & Distribution Set-up Process Design & Implementation ERP Implementation Manpower Recruitment & Training
    8. 8. 8 Warehouse Layout Design Detailed Warehousing Processes Design Developed and supported relocation/transition action plan Bin 2 Bin 1 Bin 6 Bin7 Manifest Bin12 Bin11 Bin10 Bin9 Bin8 Weighing , Docket Assignment & Invoicing Weighing , Docket Assignment & Invoicing QC Shipment ID Packing Bed & Bath, Furnishings Pick Registration Bin 3 Bin 4 Bin 5 Pallets for Storage Pallets for Storage Pallets for Storage Pallets for Storage Rack 1 Rack 2 Rack 4 Rack 3 Packing Home Décor/Kitch en/Lighting Packing Home Décor/Kitch en/Lighting Packing Home Décor/Kitch en/Lighting Packing Home Décor/Kitch en/Lighting Physical Pick (Zone Wise) Pick Register Packing PUT-AWAY NPO - Buyer to take call on 'excess' quantity; send NPO. Repairable - Repair & Add to INV RTV Confirmed QC - Parameters: Image Check/ Price Check/ Size Check/ Code # Check/ Description Check/ Color Check/ Type of fabric/ Quantity check (in case of set) - Use of different color stickers post QC (like yellow for QC Pass and red for QC Fail) Products procured and brought to the WH Box count by Security Guard - Inward RegisterDetails: Date/ Time/ Invoice#/ PO#/ Box Count/ From Party/ Sign - Physical Vs Invoice Qty Check Bar-Coding Receive material as per PO/ ASN in NaV - Try searching the same in inventory for that day (D/ D+1). - If product is found, go to PICK REGISTER . Else, do negative adjustment for inventory in NaV. OUTBOUND FAB FURNISH: AS-IS PROCESS MAP Weigh packet and record the same in NaV Assign Courier & Generate Invoice Handover the packed shipment to Courier/ Self Manifestation - Pick from the different location and fulfill the order. - Update the same in NaV and go to PICK REGISTER . Outbound QC Parameters: - Product should be in mint condition - Image verification: Color & Specifications Sales Order Pick Generation INBOUND RTV GRN Material hand-over to RTV Buyer confirmation Segregation 1.CategoryWise 2.StyleWise PASS FAIL A A B B Locationallotted throughNaV Is the locationempty? YES Place the productat the shelf location and registerthe same inNaV NO Place the productin differentlocationand change the same in NaV All products found at the desired location P N A Product found at different location
    9. 9. 9 Hong Kong Singapore India NEW DELHI KOLKATA CHENNAI MUMBAI BANGALORE Warehouse Picking Warehousing Distribution
    10. 10. 10 Mumbai Chennai MH MH MH Delhi Multi Modal Transit Hubs Connected By Rail & Road Plan :It envisages building 4 multimodal hubs at 4 strategic locations – North, West ,South and South based on (i) where the demand is – both for inbound as well as outbound and (ii) the extent of demand-Feasibility of making Full Train Loads In Future (iii) superior connectivity – both through Road (Golden Quadrilateral) & Rail (Proposed Freight Corridor) Geographic Locations : Delhi Mumbai Chennai Calcutta Feasibility Study on a PAN India Integrated Cold Chain Network . A Thorough Research Methodology Production/Consumption Area Mapping Multi Modal Rail Linked Hubs Connected With Respective Spokes
    11. 11. 11 www.holisollogistics.com