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Manual muy general de Twitter

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Twitter en general

  1. 1. TWITTER<br />Poderosa herramienta de comunicación<br />
  2. 2. Comenzar en twitter<br />
  3. 3. Clic acá para ver un pequeño video introductorio<br />Ingresa a desde tu computador o desde tu celular y pulsa en SIGN IN<br />Escoge un usuario y contraseña y coloca los datos solicitados y cliquea en JOIN <br />Te mostrará la posibilidad de colocar tu login y clave de correo electrónico para localizar cuáles contactos de tu libreta de direcciones se encuentran en Twitter<br />Followers=Gente que ve tus actualizaciones / Following=Gente a la cual tú sigues (necesariamente unos y otros no se ven hasta que son seguidores mutuos)<br />Comenzar en twitter<br />
  4. 4. Twitter<br />
  5. 5. Clientes de escritorio<br />Permiten mantenerse en Twitter sin necesidad de estar en el navegador. Debe bajarse primero Adobe Air. Luego se descarga el cliente deseado y se configura.<br />
  6. 6. En el celular<br />Programas que permiten mantenerse en Twitter sin necesidad de estar en el navegador del celular. Debe bajarse según la plataforma y configurarlo<br />
  7. 7. A complete bio and avatar pic (I like people’s faces, but do what you will) is always a good idea. We want to know who you are. <br />It’s helpful to be transparent about your work/employer in your profile, if your use of Twitter has any implications for your day job. <br />Be yourself. It is ok and welcome to be different on twitter. <br />It’s okay to follow people you don’t know on Twitter. They can choose whether or not to follow you back. <br />It’s okay to unfollow people on Twitter. Unfollowing doesn’t automatically mean “I don’t like you.” There are many other reasons. <br />It’s okay to @reply someone a question or comment vs direct message, especially if it’s an idea where others might weigh in or add a perspective.<br />It’s better to direct message someone if you’re making 1:1 plans or having a very focused, personal conversation. <br />Breve guía de etiqueta y usos<br /><br />
  8. 8. Most folks don’t like seeing those “I just used to gain 300 new followers right now!” services. <br />Promoting others and talking with others is a great way to show your participation to the community. <br />Only blurting out your information and links doesn’t usually come off as friendly or community-minded. Tim O’Reilly suggests that @replies have lots of detail in them, so that others picking up the conversation can understand the response (example: turn “yes” into “Yes, I really love the new G.I. Joe movie.”) <br />You don’t have to read every tweet. <br />You don’t have to respond to every @mention. You aren’t obligated to reply to every direct message. <br />If someone direct messages you and you find that you cant message them back because he or she isn’t following you, a simple @reply stating, “I went to send you a direct message back but you’re not currently following me” is good manners. <br />NOTE: Twitter sometimes loses follower relationships during clean ups. It doesn’t always mean that someone actively unfollowed you.<br />Breve guía de etiqueta y usos<br />
  9. 9. However, the more you can respond, the more people tend to stay with you and build relationships. <br />When retweeting other people’s works, it’s okay to truncate a bit to be able to retweet. Please preserve the link and also the original person’s Twitter name<br />When retweeting someone else’s retweet, it’s sometimes okay to drop the secondary source and just retweet the original poster of the information<br />Make your retweets more retweetable. <br />It’s Ok to have multiple twitter identities <br />If you’re running a customer service Twitter account, it’s polite to follow back the people following you. <br />Swearing/cursing might well be bad etiquette, and feels like swearing loudly in a public place. <br />People might unfollow you if you tweet excessively <br />It’s OK (heck, it’s recommended) to actively BLOCK followers you don’t want following you.<br />Breve guía de etiqueta y usos<br />
  10. 10.<br /><br /><br />Etiquetas para compartir<br />#FreemediaVE #CienciaVE<br />#FollowFriday #MusicMonday #CharityTuesday<br />Tips para activarse en la protesta en twitter (<br />Para continuar<br />