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  1. 1. September--November VOLUME 1 Photo by: Laura Rivera
  2. 2. Me and my NEW SCHOOL 3 Shakespeare Amway 513 in Trouble ProductsThe word s Must The First World War Shocking •Russia Revolution 11 8 Disasters 9 Religions 2
  3. 3. Have you ever heard about The last headquarterRochester School? Do you accustom oneself to especialknow that this school have a places that with time wenew host country? Im a take care. Some of thosestudent and I study 11 years especial places are theago in Rochester . I want to talk soccer field, the buildingabout my experience in this that we like to walk aroundschool and how it and the little park I feel Changing that in childhood headquarters. we see as the sameRochester moves as "Salitre Magico.“like 60 streets The constructionto north. Sincerely was built so quickly.those streets Im in eight gradechanged my life. and they give us theWe started in notice that for thethis headquarters other year we have our newin September. I remember that headquarter. Im sincere andthe first day I was so nervous. I didnt think that this couldThe sensation, went to a new happen. We and manyschool but with the same promotions didnt think so.people, same friends, and same But Im happy that thisrules, is better than eat when occurs. This is not onlyyou were hungry. change the buildings also the systems that we used to satisfy needs. 3
  4. 4. The first day when I entered Ifeel lost and nervous. Theschool really looks as Ithought. I didnt know whereis my classroom, my friends ormy teachers so I started askingeveryone that I saw. Then weentered to the classrooms andsaw technology likes TV,computers. We need two daysand divide in groups tobecome acquainted theschool. 4
  5. 5. What are Amway Products? It is a Amway was founded in 1959company that is known globally by Jay Van Andel and Richardfor selling various types of DeVos. This product linesproducts. The principal include home carecharacteristic of products Amway products, personal careis the form to sell the products, jewelry, electronics,products, the Multi-Marketing. Nutrilite dietaryAmway are products supplements, waterconcentrated and 100% purifiers, airbiodegradable. The first product purifiers, insurance andis the LOC and is a multipurpose cosmetics. Amway expandedproduct. Major of people buy overseas to Australia inAmway products because if there 1971, to Europe in 1973, forare concentrated products they some parts of Asia inmix it with water and surrenders 1974, Japan in 1979, Latinmore. America in 1985, China in 1995, to Africa in 1997, IndiaAmway is an American multi and Scandinavian countries innational direct-selling company 1998, Russia in 2005 andthat uses multi-level Vietnam in to sell a variety ofproducts, primarily in the The first product LOC is anhealth, beauty, and home care effective cleaner for allmarkets. surfaces, without abrasive chlorine and acids, and 5 households are hygienically
  6. 6. This product is versatile andsafe for any washable surface.Safely removes tough dirtaccumulations, leaving noresidue. In this years isimportant to care planet andAmway products help theenvironment with the 100%biodegradable. Also Amwayhad campaigns to help kidswith disadvantages economicsin differences places. 6
  7. 7. 7
  8. 8. Are you a victim of regular killed, 300,000 injured, 1.3hurricanes? Do you million displaced, 97,294remember the catastrophic houses destroyed andearthquake in Haiti? The 188,383 damaged. Thecountry suffered a January 12, 2010 earthquakecatastrophic blow in January significantly damaged key2010 when an earthquake of infrastructure and greatly7.0 magnitude struck reduced the capacity of Haiti’ssouthwest of the capital Port- medical It was the worstearthquake in the region in The 2010 Haiti earthquake200 years. The earthquake was registered on January 12,leveled many sections of the 2010 at 16:53:09 local timecity, destroying government with an epicenter 15 km frombuildings, foreign aid offices Port au Prince, Haitis capital.and many homes. Haiti covers the western third"Parliament has collapsed. of the Caribbean island ofThe tax office has collapsed. Hispaniola. According to theSchools have collapsed. U.S. Geological Survey, theHospitals have collapsed," quake would have had asaid Preval the prime magnitude of 7.2 degrees andminister. According to official would have generated at a depth of 10 kilometers.estimates, 316,000 people 8
  9. 9. even hours later, it was been contaminated byreported that a tsunami was the feces of an infectedrecorded minimum person, including one with noproportions and killed 4 apparent symptoms.people. This earthquake wasthe strongest recorded in the The country was thrust intoarea since happened in 1770. further chaos after theThe quake was felt in nearby November presidentialcountries such as election. There were numerousCuba, Jamaica and the reports of irregularities,Dominican Republic, which including ballot box stuffing,caused fear and preventive multiple people casting votes,evacuations. this country spoiled ballots, pollingdevastated by the earthquake destroyed and intimidation ofquickly faced another voters. Opposition candidateschallenge: cholera. In called for a new vote, but theirNovember, the Haitian requests were rejected. On 7government said the death toll December 2010, the countryshad reached 1,034, with electoral commission16,799 people treated for announced that Mirlandecholera or symptoms of the Manigat, the top vote getter,disease. The cholera disease is and Jude Célestin, thean infection in the small candidate val Pré finger, willintestine caused by the meet in the second round ofbacterium. The main voting. These results seem tosymptoms are contradict what electionprofuse, watery diarrhea observers conducting exit pollsand vomiting. Transmission expected.occurs primarily by drinkingwater or eating food that has 9
  10. 10. Michel Martelly, a popularsinger, was a favorite amongthe urban poor results andprinciples had coming insecond behind Manigat. Theresults set off proteststhroughout Haiti. Destroyed buildings are seen after a major earthquake hit the capital Port-au-Prince January 13, 2010. Reuters quake/haiti-quake-02.htm 10
  11. 11. The First World WarWorld War I and the RussianRevolutionIn 1914 began World War also Therefore the Austro-known as The Great War for Hungarian Empire declaredreasons socioeconomic, war on Serbia small statepolitical, ideological and where it enters Germany todiplomatic. Although the war support the Russian Empirebegan in 1914 years ago had and go to defend Serbia. Forshocked the interests of the poor preparation of theEuropean states in the late Russian army, Russia scorednineteenth century. early and severe defeatsParticipating countries had a Germany such as the Battle ofsystem were the triple alliance Tannenberg.and the triple entente alliance.The Triple Entente consisted of Between 1915-1917 formedFrance, Britain, Russia, Britain, trench warfare, in April 1917among others, and the Triple to join the U.S. enters theAlliance of Germany, Austro- triple entente and the end ofHungarian and Ottoman 1917 Russia withdrew fromEmpire. the confrontation that caused discontent in the political and social sectors and signed theOne of the events that Treaty of Brest- that sealedtriggered the conflict was the Litovsk peace with Germanyassassination of Archduke of and that was when thethe Austro-Hungarian Empire Bolsheviks instituted the(Franz Ferdinand) by The Black Soviet government.Hand (Serbian extremist group)on June 28, 1914. 11
  12. 12. Russia years ago began his supported by the imperialrevolution of 1905 and the military and why the liberalRussians fought the parties and the MensheviksJapanese for control of established a provisionalKorea and Manchuria. This government headed bygreatly displeased political Prince Lvov. In the Octoberand social sectors by the Revolution the Petrograddefeat of his troops. The Bolsheviks occupyMensheviks were moderate yourselves, the Wintersocialists who sought to Palace and Kerensky takeimplement a constitutional the throne and couldregime and the Bolsheviks establish the Sovietwere a socialist government. Then becauserevolutionary group led by of many changes in 1922Lenin. Increasingly they created the Union of Sovietwere increased peasant and Socialist Republics (USSR).worker protests, andmilitary uprisings andprotests in major Russiancities. Russias participationin the First World War wascatastrophic and reiteratethe problems exhibitedduring the war with Japan.This led to the February 23will make the strike calledby the workers in Petrogradwhich was also 12
  13. 13. DH DH DH 13
  14. 14. October 31 when I went with Shakespeare was born on April 23classmates to the Agustiano of 1564 in Avon Stratfordon. HeTheater to watch this play studied at the local school. hadwhere I meet students from studied for about six yearsdifferent schools. There were grammar school or elementarypeople from the Tierra Nueva school, whose basic material wasand San Bartolome de La Latin. The play is acting by 4Merced. All Rochester high people. There were good singersschool went to see the play and with a good english. ThereNinth, tenth, eleventh and performance was good most oftwelve graders, the school the times, there was only onewants that anybody misses scenario but with different stories.the new play. Shakespeare is This play is about some theaterone of the biggest poets. students that want to hear stories.People might only know There were 2 girls and 2 boys. Firstabout his works but in some One boys starts to tell a love storyplaces people have and by the time passing we realizeincorporate 3 in one theater it was Romeo and Juliet a classic ofplay. “Shakespeare in trouble” Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet theis one of the new plays classic one man one woman with ainspired in some of the most family fight, so they couldn’t beimportant play of lovers. At the end of the story forShakespeare. love they suicide because was worts to be without the other. 14
  15. 15. Then continues with Macbeth part of it. One daughter wasthe story is different but also of simple and the other only wanta man and a woman but in the the bigger part. At the end ofwoods with witches, wizards the story both of themand magic. The man has a disappoint him.prediction of his future he will The dynamic of the story was abecome a king, but his wife bit slow, in some parts they losemake him kill people for no it emotion. I think that only usereason. The story didn’t end up one scenario help that peoplebecause continues with get bored, but is a system thatMacbeth the story is different characters implement to use allbut also of a man and a woman the material properly and notbut in the woods with witches, waste time changing. Ifwizards and magic. The man someone likes a lothas a prediction of his future he Shakespeare this might be awill become a king, but his wife new way of see his play. Thismake him kill people for no play have new things but notreason. The story didn’t end up taking out the real script.because 1 girl scares and they change the story up to King Lear. This story is about a king with two daughters and he needs to divide the empire to give theterritory to both daughters buthe want to know which lovehim most to give her a biggest 15
  16. 16. Satanic Sects, Mormons, and Even thought the terribleVoodoo are some of the things they have beenreligious groups we talked through, Jehovah’s witnessesabout on religion class. But are are still nowadays athem all satanic? Do they all go consolidated group that hasagainst God? Well, there is a gathered people all aroundgroup I was very interested in the world.that is called the Jehovahs It all begun with the idea of aWitnesses. In contrast to the man called Charlesothers, they follow the exact Russel, who gathered a groupwords of the bible and plenty of people on 1870, for makingbelieve in God. But there are some biblical studies. Alongsome controversies against the years they had a lot ofthese particular group. The leaders, like Aldemscience has improved a lot and Adams, who has been thethe transfusion of organs and president since 2000.blood is one of it’s greatest Although the idea started inadvances. Although it can save Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, thesesomeone’s life, the Jehovah’s group had spread all aroundWitnesses refuse to use this the world, specially in Canadamedical treatments even if a and Cuba. In some parts it isperson’s life is in danger prohibited to be part of thembecause they say it goes , like Singapore and otheragainst God. These group has countries where militarysuffered from persecution service is mandatory. During(during the Nazi period) the history of Jehovahsleaving hundreds of deaths, Witnesses, there has been athomeless, and orphans. various times persecution of this group 16
  17. 17. 1962 Marilyn 1962 The cars continued to Monroe August 5th is found evolve as more compacts dead on after apparentlyappeared and sold well in the overdosing on sleeping pills US. Brazil beat 1962The New York Czechoslovakia 3-1 Yankees win The World to win the 1962 Series. World Cup 1987 Fox Broadcasting 1987 in history astronomers Co. made its prime- at University of California time observe the birth of a galaxy 1987 The first woman was The first heart-lunginducted into the rock and roll transplant was in Mayhall of fame - Aretha Franklin. 1987 17
  18. 18. Amazing Story 27 Respiratory The Grey 1821 System Movie Computer VIDEOGAMES 29 Devices •Advantages •Disadvantages 23 ONU 25 (OMS) 9 Guinness Records 18
  19. 19. The GreyI want to tell you about a John Ottway is the one thatmovie that we saw in Spanish want to kill him self. Is theclass. Is a story that we leader and works inanalyze romantic and Alaska, when the airplane havedramatic ways. This story that the accident they have to killedI would narrate is about a man wolves that threaten an oilthat it want to kill him self drilling team. On his last daybecause it is not satisfy with on the job, Ottway writes ahis life. But he didn’t count letter to his wife Ana in whichthat minutes later he need he explains his plans to commitmake a travel to Alaska suicide. While holding thebecause he has worked in a barrel of a rifle in hispetroleum company. So in mouth, Ottway hears the howlthat travel occurs a terrible of a wolf and does not pull theaccident that would change trigger. Ottway sets thehis life. This movie as you can survivors to task collectingsee is not really a romantic material for a fire. He sees astory buy next you would have woman ask for help and shean idea of this. Also in this starts to cry but that noises itsmovie the scenes, when making the wolf that is eatwolves appears and kills one she, after then Ottawa decideof them in different to live the area of the accidentscenes, make you have a and start to walk with theterror. So the appearance of survivors.the wolves are cut but theyonly want to eat you. 19
  20. 20. Wolves continue eating the Now there are four members and then The walk and walk anotherOttawa make a campfire to wolves appears and they havemaintain the wolves far away. to run and run the skip butThe cold, hunger and they have to cross to anotherloneliness are the factors that mountain so one of themmost of the survivor can not throw a rope and pass to thesupport so one of them try to other side one of them don’tkill Ottawa but then start to like the height but he have tocry. Next of that another wolf cross because the wolves comeappears and they have to kill it and eat him. He start to crossand eat the wolf to survive and in the middle of the ropebecause there is nothing to he felt down an when Ottawaeat. In a moment they feel near to him the wolf star to eatcomfortable and saves so start him. Then the other to die oneto talk about region and god, stop walked because his leg itsOttawa read a poem and gives not worked properly and thesome stories that he lived. other die drowned. OttawaWhen there are sleep Ottawa was the last survivor and thenremember his wife. She die is confronted with a Wolf. Ifbecause have a disease so you want to see what happendangerous. It is one of the with Ottawa and the wolf youreason Ottawa wants to kill have to see the movie.him self. But this experiencegive him reasons to live. Atmorning a blizzard approachesand they do anything toprevent hypothermia when theblizzard stop. Ottway findsBurkes frozen lifeless body inthe morning. 20
  21. 21. Give to your hair a NEW LOOK with this special brushes that maintain your hair smooth and silky!!!! 21
  22. 22. Breathing is so vital to life that The pharynx is part of theit happens automatically. Each digestive system as well as theday, you breathe about 20,000 respiratory system because ittimes, and by the time youre carries both food and air. At70 years old, youll have taken the bottom of the pharynx, thisat least 600 million breaths. pathway divides in two, one forThe respiratory system includes food (the esophagus, whichthe nose, throat, voice box, leads to the stomach) and thewindpipe, and other for air. The epiglottis, alungs. Everything starts with small flap of tissue, covers thethen nostrils that act as the air-only passage. when weair in take, bringing air into the swallow, keeping food andnose, where its warmed and liquid from going into thehumidified. Tiny hairs called lungs.cilia protect the nasal The larynx is the uppermostpassageways and other parts of part of the air-only pipe. Thisthe respiratory tract, filtering short tube contains a pair ofout dust and other particles vocal cords. The trachea, orthat enter the nose through the windpipe, extends downwardbreathed air. Air can also be from the base of thetaken in through the mouth. larynx. The walls of the tracheaThese two openings of the are strengthened by stiff ringsairway (the nasal cavity and the of cartilage to keep it open.mouth) meet at the pharynx, orthroat, at the back of the noseand mouth. 22
  23. 23. At this point, the trachea through the nose or mouth.divides into left and right air When we breathe out, thetubes called bronchi, which diaphragm movesconnect to the lungs. Within upward, forcing the chestthe lungs, the bronchi branch cavity to get smaller andinto smaller bronchi and even pushing the gases in thesmaller tubes called lungs up and out of the nosebronchioles. Bronchioles end and tiny air sacs calledalveoli, where the exchange ofoxygen and carbon dioxideactually takes place.Alveoli arelike the most important part ofthe respiratory system theexchange of gases occurs bythe process of diffusion so thelow quantity of molecules isthe carbon dioxide and the lowquantity of molecules is theoxygen this means that carbondioxide exchange to oxygenand then the blood absorb thisoxygen which flows around thebody.The diaphragm separates thechest from theabdomen, It moves downwardwhen we breathe in, enlargingthe chest cavity and pulling airin 23
  24. 24. Do you like to play video As all things that happen in lifegames? What do you know also video games haveabout video games? Video advantages and it’s a n electronic dame The advantages that had tothat gives you a image or a play video games its that yoursequence of images, like a hands gains motor functionvideo and you can interact and if you know playing, makewith a user interface. User moves with your fingers tointerface is a design of human control the game at faster asmachine interaction, is the you can its better. The playersspace where interaction need a nice control with thebetween humans and fingers to be the best playermachines occurs. This video and also knowledge they are categorized into In video games, not at all butgenres based on many factors in some games the reaction itssuch ad method of game play. very fast so the player canWe can see the disadvantages improve time that spend toand advantages that had a think what to do in anvideo game. Can we perceive emergency cases. So anotherthat video games cant give us advantages is that people caninformation but we can learn improve the reaction in aand play with them. As a situation. Laze eye is a diseasehobby boys and girls play video of the visual system and occursgames and then those people during early childhoodcant stop playing so became an resulting in poor or blurryaddiction of video games. vision. This affect only one eye 24
  25. 25. And people use eye patch to There are many solutions, tocure this disease. In one hour haves a healthy body you canthe video games can do what play but the time you spendan eye patch does in 400 doing exercises has to be morehours. So the best treatment that playing, also if youreto achieve the lazy eye is by addicted to video games try toplaying video games. do another activity to have fun. I consider, that violentVideo games also have games give a big problem todisadvantages for examples society so a solution is tosome games have a lot of prevent those games.levels and make more interestthat another activity, like dophysical exercises or spendtime are important to maintaina body health and a goodcommunication with parents.Video games can giveinformation but the knowledgeof parents not. The mostdisadvantage of play videogames is that some peoplebecame addicted. Kids areviolent because they playgames like call of duty, god orwar, halo wars ans othergames that dive a education soviolent. 25
  26. 26. ONU (OMS)Saudi Arabia in the subject more serious about the safetyA; basically is neutral as it of the construction of therealizes that processes that plant and monitoring. In theproduce radiation to violation, violators should behumans that are neutral, prosecuted and penalized inand talking about nuclear their respective countries, andplants, is also a risk that should receive the maximummust be taken to progress, penalty is life imprisonment orand if all done with high whether deathsecurity measures, there will penalty, because those arebe no problem in these the people who should notplants. In item B is totally walk freely in the world.against these inhumane acts Radiation is an unavoidableand selfish. These acts are factor in the natural cycle ofthose that would erase the the earth, produced byhuman history, and it would natural processes ofbe great progress to remove decomposition, but nowall traces of these monsters, radiation is not entirelyfor a better world. The natural as it should be. Thussolutions proposed by Saudi the position of Saudi Arabia, isArabia is that nuclear that the radiation in humansradiation (caused by is caused not by itshumans) should be takenmore into account, 26
  27. 27. most natural processes of the rights of people to meet theirs.Earth, but by excessive human There have also been cases ofprogress. Nuclear accidents are mass rape in U.S. troops in Arabthe most affected by the land, threatening the villageradiation of a human being. In women, and these have not yet2011, the earthquake in Japan been sentenced. Been at war,Fukushima nuclear plant the minds of the soldiers mayexplosions followed by three be affected by several factors,plant, reactor 3 and 2, were influencing the acts committed,estimated around over the lack of support, trauma,100muertos and several climate, among other factorsdisappeared and no tsunami,but by the explosion thatejected so much radiation thatcompared to the power of theChernobyl incident.The rape and murder ofinnocents has been so far oneof the worst humiliations thatcan make a country or armedgroup in armed conflict. Thereare cases in which the NATOarmed forces have abusedtheir power within anoccupation of a country. Theposition of Saudi Arabia, is tojudge and condemn those whodo these despicable acts andunpleasant, violating
  28. 28. Have you ever known would achieve his disease. Butsomeone who overcame a in couple of weeks he die. Mydifficult stage of his life? I ant where so depress and thatknow cases of people that the was the reason she starts tomost of the time felt down drink and became addicted. Atand then cant wake up but work she had political enemiesfortunately my aunt have and finally she was separatedalcoholism problems and then from her husband because heis a professional with drank too much. She goes to ascholarships at universities. psychiatrist and beganShe was a role model, have a providing powerful drug. Mynice house, beautiful dogs and father and my uncle went toshe was married to a Chilean. brazil and have to return withBut when she lived on brazil my aunt. Here in Colombiabecame addicted to alcohol another psychiatrist give someand members of my family drugs that make a reaction sohave to travel immediately and power full. and said she wasreturn with my aunt. Then very ill . A doctor friend sawhere start a terrible live the drugs she had been givenbecause have to suppurated and said that my aunt wasthis problem. But with the poisoning. When they realizedfamily everything can be more they were looking for places toeasier. Rehabilitative and had one called Fundar.When my grand father wasalive he said that my aunt 28would have a baby and he
  29. 29. On December 20 She escapedand in the morning on 20thwas my grandfatherbirthday, and that day in theevening a strange thinghappened and showed shehad been cured. She wasslowly resuming his life thanksto treatment andrehabilitation. Continued livein Colombia, and she resumedwork in Llanos. Long after shecame a request for aconference in Mexico topursue his doctorate.Nowadays she is in Mexicowith a scholarships and veryhappy. She don’t continuedrinking and when she goes toColombia visit Fundar and giveteachings to people that havethe same problems. No all thepeople have the save luck thatmy aunt have but if peoplewants to achieve problems likealcoholism can do it if get acompromise and positiveactitude. 29
  30. 30. Fashion ColorNowadays 30
  31. 31. Example of a Network In aUniversitySecurity: The network of theuniversity should be safe as anetwork of students requiresthat documentation can notleak because the informationis confidential students orteachers. Reliability: Thenetwork must be reliablecollege students as a studentin any unforeseen problemscan be solved using theuniversity network for thisnetwork should be useful asthe informationreaches, without antecedents.reliability of use. For thisinstallation must be perfectand legal. A computernetwork, or simplya network, is a collectionof computers andother hardware interconnected by communication channelsthat allow sharing of resourcesand information. 31
  32. 32. Where at least one process To have more speedin one device is able to network using optical fibersend/receive data to at is recommended as it is theleast one process residing in fastest one of the level ofa remote device, then the other networks. The wifitwo devices are said to be cost is high but the cost isin a network. A network is a reflected in the of devices connected Macro computer thatto each other. Networks supports large databases inmay be classified into a large enterprise networks.wide variety ofcharacteristics: the mediumused to transport thedata, communicationsprotocol used,scale, topology, benefit, andorganizational scope.The WAN would be the bestgeographic coverage andthat is best for a universityOutreach has increasedconnectivity and dare tomedia such as optical fiber.The network geographicalcoverage and reaches thebandwidth is high incomparison to others. 32
  33. 33. 33