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Powerpoint on the procedures for Mrs. Hohler's Science classes at Kalamazoo Central High School

Powerpoint on the procedures for Mrs. Hohler's Science classes at Kalamazoo Central High School

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Welcome to Your Success! A guide to being successful in Mrs. Hohler’s Classroom!
  • 2. You already have an A! Keep it that way!
  • 3. General Class Rules         1. Remember PRO. 2. RESPECT ! 3. Follow all directions. 4. Keep the room clean. 5. No food. Drinks with lids only. During labs, no drinks! 6. Raise your hand. 7. Use good language. 8. No backpacks or electronic devices. (electronics off and put away please!)
  • 4. P- Prepared     What does being prepared look like? Do I have all my materials for class? Did I do my homework last night? Did I put my phone/ipod in my backpack in my locker?
  • 5. R- Respect      What does respect look like? Am I following my teacher’s directions? Am I using good language? Am I bothering other students? Did I keep my hands to myself?
  • 6. O-Ownership      What does ownership look like? Am I keeping the classroom/school clean and orderly? Do I take pride in my class/school? Do I participate in school/class activities? Do I do my best everyday?
  • 7. What are your responsibilities in this class?      1. Do your work. 2. Be nice and respectful to everyone. 3. Go to class. 4. Help keep everything in order and clean. 5. Follow teacher directions!
  • 8. What are Mrs. Hohler’s responsibilities in this class?       1. To teach you science. 2. To respect you as a person. 3. To help you when you need it. 4. To try to motivate you as much as I can. 5. To provide you with a safe and nice class environment. 6. To discipline you when needed.
  • 9. What do I need to bring everyday?          Pencil or pen (available for a trade ) Paper Folder or binder (available in room) I.D Brain Good attitude Warm-ups Homework from previous day Book (chemistry)
  • 10. At the beginning of every class….even if there’s a sub…      1. If it’s the beginning of the week, grab a warm-up sheet from the box by the back of the room. Warm-ups are picked up every Friday. 2. Look at the screen for the warmup. 3. Do warm-up. It will be checked within the first 5 minutes of class. You get a stamp if it’s completed. 4. Get out your materials. 5. If it’s homework check day, get out your homework.
  • 11. At the end of class…even if there’s a sub…     1. Complete your SUM IT UP! Or POST IT UP! Put in clear bins by the door or on the poster. 2. Clean up your area and put stuff away. 3. WAIT IN YOUR SEAT! The bell does not dismiss you…I DO! 4. 5th Hour: Chairs up please.
  • 12. Homework and Test Procedures            Complete all homework on time. It’s due the next day unless I say different. Homework goes in the black bins at the front of the class. Late work accepted for ½ credit until a date to be given by Mrs. Hohler. If you are absent, you have 3 days to turn in the work. Past assignments are found in the box by the window. Test retakes must be taken within 3 days of the original date. I take the best score. You will be informed of tests and quizzes about one week ahead of time. Check lessons online if you are absent or if you want to work ahead. All tests and quizzes are taken on scantrons. Folder checks are random and will be counted as quiz grades. Anticipation Guides for the next unit should be completed after each test.
  • 13. Attendance/Tardy/Passes    No passes the first 30 minutes or the last 15 minutes of class. Ask permission before you do anything. You are allowed 9 absences before you lose credit for the class.
  • 14. Tardies        1st tardy: Reminder 2nd tardy: Reminder (warning) 3rd tardy: Detention, phone call, referral 4th tardy: phone call ( gonna remind you again.) 5th tardy: phone call (and again) 6th tardy: second referral-possible in school suspension 7th tardy and above: referral issued with possible suspension
  • 15. The bad part..        What happens if you aren’t doing what you are supposed to be doing? 1. You get a warning. 2. You may be removed from class for a bit and detention. 3. Another detention. 4. Go to SRC with a referral. Keep in mind, it depends how serious the situation is whether this is followed exactly or not. Violations of any kind are documented to determine if they become habits. (Class Dojo)
  • 16. Things that Annoy Mrs. Hohler….           1. Talking while she is talking. 2. Putting trash in the sink. 3. Playing with the sink or the drawers. 4. Asking questions that you know aren’t really questions to waste time. 5. Messing around on your phone. 6. Not cleaning up after yourself. 7. Stuffing your face with food in the middle of class. 8. Being dishonest or disrespectful in general. 9. DRAMA! 10. People that are too needy or lazy! (I help people that will help themselves.)
  • 17. Lab Agreements    Lab agreements must be signed by a parent and yourself. You cannot participate in lab activities without the agreement signed. You will be given an alternate assignment in a different location if necessary.
  • 18. Lecture Procedure    Make sure to bring your lecture notes daily or keep them in your folder in the class. You are expected to take notes during lectures and pay attention. After each note section, there will be a SUM IT UP or a POST IT UP.
  • 19. SUM IT UP   SUM IT UP slips are on your table in the pencil box. Complete the question and turn into the clear bins by the door.
  • 20. POST IT UP Post its are in the boxes on your table. Please use them only for POST IT UPS. These generally happen at the end of lectures. OT IG IS! TH IN EE D HE LP !
  • 21. The Good Part…     You will be rewarded for doing well in class. You can be rewarded two ways in class. Club Hohler tickets can be put in a drawing for prizes at the end of the week. Class Dojo good behavior points can be redeemed for prizes or extra credit. Class Dojo will also be used to assign participation points for activities.
  • 22. How do I get points or tickets?          They are assigned randomly. You can get tickets or points by: 1. Doing the assigned behavior. 2. Being nice and respectful. 3. Being on task. 4. Being helpful. 5. Participating. 6. Turning in homework. 7. Good test grades.
  • 23. How do I lose Class Dojo Points?        1. Being off task. 2. Not turning in homework. 3. Being disrespectful to the teacher, students or classroom items. 4. Talking too much. 5. Not cleaning up after yourself. 6. Using your phone or ipod. 7. Getting sent out or a detention.
  • 24. Lab Safety        We will be working with chemicals, glass and flame. Be sure to think twice before you do anything. Look around before you get out of your seat during labs. Secure all loose clothing and hair. Do not wear open toed shoes on lab day. Avoid contact lenses on lab days if possible. Inform the teacher if you are injured or don’t understand the safety rules.
  • 25. I expect you to be good students. Don’t let me down.
  • 26. Important Resources     Check lesson plans online: Notes online: