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  • 1. How Stuff Works: Water Movie Viewing Guide Questions are in order. Follow along and answer the questions. 1. How much water is in the human body? 2. How much water is in the sky compared to the rivers? 3. How can you cut materials using water? Describe the process. 4. What is erosion? 5. How can you stop water that is moving very fast? 6. What the advantages to using water to cut? 7. How much water covers the planet? 8. What is a dipole? 9. What is a hydrogen bond? 10. Why does ice float on water?
  • 2. 11. What is heat capacity? 12. How has all water on Earth been recycled millions of times? 13. How does water dissolve salt? Hint: Talk about the atoms, 14. How is a plant cell like a water balloon? 15. How does water encourage chemical reactions to occur? 16. What does photosynthesis make as a waste product? 17. How much water does a single redwood tree release per day? 18. How much water is required to grow a single apple? 19. How much water is required for a single pound of meat? 20. Why do human make river dams? 21. What created Lake Meade?
  • 3. 22. Why was Hoover dam built? 23. What makes river rapids? 24. Why can’t water be compressed? 25. How can water make electricity? 26. What percent of hydroelectricity does the U.S use? 27. What is a problem of having a dam? 28. How can humans use steam to create energy? 29. How much water is used to push a train 30 miles? 30. Where is 20% of the world’s fresh water? 31. How are glaciers formed? 32. How much water is in the world’s glaciers?
  • 4. 33. What kind of water is in the atmosphere? 34. What is cloud seeding? 35. What is threatening the glaciers of the world? 36. What do you think is the coolest thing about water? Be specific and pick something from the movie.