E.	  Martynov	  Bogolyubov	  Ins3tute	  for	  Theore3cal	  Physics	  	   Na3onal	  Academy	  of	  Sciences	  of	  Ukraine	...
Organiza3on	  of	  science,	  scien3fic	  coopera3on	  and	  communica3on	                                                 ...
Levels	  of	  collabora3on	                                                                 Communica3on	  tools	         ...
Communica3on	  tools	  (as	  they	  are	  using	  in	  Ukraine)	         Personal	  contacts	  (visits,	  phone,	  e-­‐mai...
Role	  of	  the	  global	  infrastructure,	  communica3on	  projects	  and	     organiza3ons	  (Tier-­‐0,	  Tier-­‐1)	  is...
Coopera3on	  of	  Ukraine	  with	  European	  grid	  projects	   Coopera3on	  of	  Ukrainian	  scien3sts	  with	  European...
Current	  state	  of	  UNG	                                                                                             IL...
Ukrainian	  Na3onal	  Grid	  hierarchical	  structure	  	  (with	  elements	  of	  central	  management)	                 ...
Network	  providers	  UARNET	  -­‐	  Ukrainian	  Academic	  Research	  Network	  (NASU	  ins;tutes)	  URAN	  -­‐	  Ukraini...
High	                                                                                            Energy	                  ...
Interna3onal	  coopera3on	                                                                                                ...
Collabora3on	  with	  NorduGrid	                                 Collabora3on	  Agreement	  concerning	  the	  NorduGrid	 ...
Interna3onal	  Educa3onal	  Grid	     We	  have	  inten3on	  to	  extend	  this	  infrastructure	  in	  Ukraine	  11/9/11	...
Problems	           Not	  sufficient	  funding	  of	  science	  in	  Ukraine.	  	           	  	  	  	  	  In	  accordance	 ...
11/9/11	     Scien;fic	  collabora;on	  	     15	  
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Eastern Europe Partnership Event - 003 yevgen martynov


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Eastern Europe Partnership Event - 003 yevgen martynov

  1. 1. E.  Martynov  Bogolyubov  Ins3tute  for  Theore3cal  Physics     Na3onal  Academy  of  Sciences  of  Ukraine   7-­‐8  November  2011  Bucharest  
  2. 2. Organiza3on  of  science,  scien3fic  coopera3on  and  communica3on   Huge  interna3onal     projects     (CERN,  JINR,  WLCG,   Videoconference   XXI  Centuty   Internet   Cosmic  projects,  ITER)   E-­‐mail   Communica3on  tools   Un3l  middle  of     Big  na3onal  projects   Journals     (nuclear  projects,   (interna3onal)   XX  Century   Conferences   accelerators)   Phone  T    i    m    e     Small  groups,   Journals     laboratories   (na3onal)   Individuals   LeCers   books   Ancient  age    (+  their   pupils)   11/9/11   Scien;fic  collabora;on     2  
  3. 3. Levels  of  collabora3on   Communica3on  tools   Video  conference,  lectures   (passive,  ac;ve)  Tier-­‐0,  Interna;onal  centers   Mee3ngs  (face  to  face   seminars,  workshops,   conferences)   Papers  (ArXiv.org,  Tier-­‐3,  Individuals  and  small  groups   0   na;onal  and   Interna;onal  Journals,   electronic  and  paper   The  task  of  higher  level   master)       structure  is  to  support  all   groups  at  lower  levels  and   their  transforma;on    when   Personal  contacts  (visits,  phone,   projects  or  VO  are  crea;ng   e-­‐mail,  skype,  …)   or  finishing   11/9/11   Scien;fic  collabora;on     3  
  4. 4. Communica3on  tools  (as  they  are  using  in  Ukraine)   Personal  contacts  (visits,  phone,  e-­‐mail,  Skype,  …)   No  problems   Papers  (ArXiv.org,  na;onal  and  Interna;onal  Journals,  electronic  and  paper  master)       ArXiv   Journal  online:  too  expansive   Colleagues  who  have  free  access  help  us   Mee3ngs  (face  to  face  seminars,  workshops,  conferences)   Problem  for  Ukrainian  scien8sts  is  to  have  financial   support  (especially  for  young  scien8sts)   Some%mes  it  is  possible  but  it  is  not  a  regular  prac%ce   Video  conference,  video  lectures,  e-­‐learning   Dream:     •  all  events  are  networking  online;     •  special  web-­‐site  gives  informa8on     about  all  forthcoming  events   Enabling  Virtual  Organiza;ons   11/9/11   Scien;fic  collabora;on     4  
  5. 5. Role  of  the  global  infrastructure,  communica3on  projects  and   organiza3ons  (Tier-­‐0,  Tier-­‐1)  is  increasing  strongly!     Examples:       Ukraine  was  involved  at  the  design  stage   EGI     Informa;on  about     e-­‐infrastructure   Ukraine  is  almost  absent   Ukraine  is  outside  of     ESFRI     membership   Some  Ukrainian  ins;tutes     and  organiza;ons     EUREKA   take  part  in  projects   WLCG   …..  11/9/11   Scien;fic  collabora;on     5  
  6. 6. Coopera3on  of  Ukraine  with  European  grid  projects   Coopera3on  of  Ukrainian  scien3sts  with  European  colleagues  became  more  intensive   since  the  grid-­‐infrastructure  was  build.      There   was   in   BITP   a   need   to   do   our   physics   and   corresponding  tasks  with  CERN  (in  par8cular  to  par8cipate  in  grid  collabora8on  WLCG  for  high  energy  physics).  However  from  the  beginning  we  have  realized  a  high  importance  of  grid-­‐technology  not  only  for  HEP  but  as  well  for  many  branches  of  science  and  generally  for  society   Ukrainian  grid  systema8c  building  was  started    in  2005  due  to  ini8a8ve  of   physicists  from  the  Bogolyubov  Ins8tute  for  Theore8cal  Physics.     Now  the  Ukrainian  Na3onal  Grid  have  been  created.   Moreover,  the  State  Program  for  implementa3on  of   grid  technologies  in  Ukraine  has  been  accepted  by  the   Government  in  2009   11/9/11   Scien;fic  collabora;on     6  
  7. 7. Current  state  of  UNG   ILTPE, Institute for low temperature physics and engineering ISMA, Institute of scincilating materials IRE, Institute of radiophysics and electronics KIPT, Kharkiv institute for physics and technology RI, Radioastronimics Institute IAP, Institute of applied physics  ICMP, Institute of condensed matter physicsIPM, Institute of physics and mechanics IEP, Institute of electron physicsResources:  CPU  cores  ~3000,  Storages  >300TB   ТНЕІ, Tavrida humanitarian ecological institute  Capacity  of  fiber  op3c  lines  between  clusters  –    300-­‐1000Mbps  (end  of  2011:    10Gbps  for  some  sollabora;on     11/9/11   Scien;fic  c ites)   7   MHI, Marine hydrophysics institute  
  8. 8. Ukrainian  Na3onal  Grid  hierarchical  structure    (with  elements  of  central  management)   Coordina;ng  Commiee  of  the   Ukrainian  Na;onal  Grid   Basic  Coordina;on  Center  at  BITP   (services  are  distributed)     Regional  Opera;ng   Center   (in  coopera;on  with  EGI)   Cer;fica;on Monitoring  and   Center  for  VO   Training   Autority   registra;on  of   registra;on   center   grid-­‐sites     Icyb  Compu;ng   KPI  Compu;ng   Virtual  Organiza;ons   center   center   Grid  cites   Grid  cites   (with  ARC)   .  .  .  .   (with  ARC   and  gLite)   11/9/11   Scien;fic  collabora;on     8  
  9. 9. Network  providers  UARNET  -­‐  Ukrainian  Academic  Research  Network  (NASU  ins;tutes)  URAN  -­‐  Ukrainian  Research  &  Academic  Network  (Educa;onal  ins;tutes                  and  universi;es)     GÉANT   “The  major  difference  between  NRENs  in  Ukraine  and  in  the  Western  Europe  lies  in  the   fact  that  NRENS  are  subject  to  (almost)  the  same  market  condi3ons  as  any  other   enterprise.  There  are  no  regula3ons  that  would  put  them  in  a  privileged  posi3on  towards   serving  educa3on  and  research  users.”     More  details  one  can  find  at        Michal  Przybylski     hp://www.ceengine.eu/newsleer/issue2/   11/9/11   Scien;fic  collabora;on     9  
  10. 10. High   Energy   Physics   Molecular and cell biology Astrophysics   Astronomy   Radioastronomy   Medicine Nano-­‐   technology   Economics   Engineering   New  materials   electronics   Earth   Solid  state  physics   Sciences   Environment  11/9/11   10  
  11. 11. Interna3onal  coopera3on   EGI   EGEE   European  Grid  Infrastructure   WLCG   Enabling  Grids  for  E-­‐sciencE   Agreement  for  technical  and   Worldwide  LHC   Compu3ng  Grid   opera3on  collabora3on     is  in  a  progress   ALICE  physics  +  grid   CMS  physics  +  grid 2007   2006   2007-­‐2011   RDIG   Russian  Data  Intensive   Grid   NorduGrid   Informal  rela3ons.   Middleware   Advices,     help  in  forma3on  of  UNG,     2011   Grid  services   training,  seminars  and   User  interfaces   conferences     Other  projects  and  VO   Earth  sciences   Astrophysics  &  astronomy   Life  sciences   11/9/11   11  
  12. 12. Collabora3on  with  NorduGrid   Collabora3on  Agreement  concerning  the  NorduGrid   Collabora3on  have  been  signed  on  05.05.2011     Norway   Sweden   Subjects  of  collabora;on:     Denmark   Middleware   Finland   Grid  services   Hungary   User  interface   Slovenia   Switzerland   Slovakia   NorduGrid  Workshop  in   Ukraine   Kiev,  5-­‐8  October  2011.   Lithuania   11/9/11   Scien;fic  collabora;on     12  
  13. 13. Interna3onal  Educa3onal  Grid   We  have  inten3on  to  extend  this  infrastructure  in  Ukraine  11/9/11   Scien;fic  collabora;on     13  
  14. 14. Problems   Not  sufficient  funding  of  science  in  Ukraine.              In  accordance  with  the  low  on  science  it  must  be  1.7%  of  the            na3onal  produce            but  in  reality  it  is  only  0.4%  of  the  na3onal  produce   As  consequence    there  is  a    low  salary  in  science  and    for  budget  IT  experts.     Interns  prefer  to  find  posi3on  either  outside  of  science  or  even  outside  of  Ukraine       A  quite  complicated  procedure  (for  non  EU  countries)  for  obtaining   grants  in  Europe     many  Ukrainian  scien3sts  in  fact  refuse  or  ignore  this  opportunity   Counter  mo3on  in  the  both  direc3ons  (from  Ukraine  to  global   European  projects  and  from  European  projects  to  Ukraine)  must  be   essen3ally  intensified       11/9/11   Scien;fic  collabora;on     14  
  15. 15. 11/9/11   Scien;fic  collabora;on     15  
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