042312 whap end of cold war 50m


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042312 whap end of cold war 50m

  1. 1. RIGHT CORNER >: 1) Write: Name: _, Period: _,Date: 04/23/12, Topic: End of Cold WarLEFT CORNER <: Write “Opener #26” and then:1) Write 1 high+1 low in last 24 hours2) Rate your comprehension for thisweek’s material so far: lost<1-5>easy3) Respond to the Opener by writingat least 1 sentences about:Your opinions/thoughts OR/ANDQuestions sparked by the clip OR/ANDSummary of the clip OR/ANDAnnouncements: None
  2. 2. Agenda1) Post Cold War EuropeEnd Goal, you will be able to…1) What is Europe like today?Reminder1) Test Review
  3. 3. Cold War ReviewUSSR-Lenin>Stalin>5 Yr Plan>Sputnik>Afgh WarN Korea-Kim Il Sung>Kim Jong Ill>Kim Jong-unChina-Mao>Great Leap For>Cult Rev>Deng>$$$
  4. 4. Notes #25a, Title: “End of Cold War Notes”1) 1970s-1980s: USSR Weakens:a) Communist productivity stagnatesb) Warsaw nations ignore USSR morec) Arms race (Reagan: Star Wars) + Afghanistan bankrupting USSRd) Oppression unsustainable
  5. 5. 2) Mikhail Gorbachev: Reforms to save USSRa) Perestroika: Gov reform (embrace more capitalism and less oppression)b) Glasnost: Freedom of speech + poli critique(Lenin >Stalin >Khrushchev >Brezhnev>Gorbachhev)
  6. 6. 3) 1989: Gorbachev lets Warsaw nations set own futurePoland: Solidarity Party rises to oppose Polish communist partyHungary: Hungarians allow to travel to NATO AustriaEast Germany: Citizens tear down Berlin WallRomania: Communist leader Ceauşescu cracks down, citizens fight back
  7. 7. 4) 1991: USSR dissolves, Cold War over5) Boris Yeltsin: 1st president (Putin 2nd pres)6) Commonwealth of Independent State (CIS): Former USSR nations agree to work together, Russia strongest of CIS
  8. 8. 7) Results of Cold War:a) Unemployment, shortages, inflation as ppl adjust communism>capitalism (some make it, others going is slow, organized crime grows)b) Communist Party lives as a elected partyc) W. Ger pay heavy taxes to modernize E Gerd) Feeling of inferiority, esp. in Russiae) Nationalism + racism risesf) Rise of EU: European Economic Community (1958, Free Trade Org like NAFTA) > European Union > (1993) common currency > rejection of EU constitution (2005) > Greek Crisis (2009)NATO’s future role uncertain.
  9. 9. 4) World Today:Capitalist Democracies: USA, Japan, S KoreaCapitalist Dictatorships (rule by one)/Oligarchies (rule by few): UAE, Qatar, Russia (Putin)Socialist Democracies: UK, France, GermanySocialist Dictatorships/Oligarchies: ChinaCommunist Democracies: Never achievedCommunist Dictatorships/Oligarchies: North Korea, Cuba
  10. 10. Journ #41a, Title “End of Cold War”1) Copy Source Title: Billy Joel2…) Discuss questions on the board.
  11. 11. Activ #26a, Title “End of Cold War”1) Copy Source Title: Goodbye Lenin2…) Discuss questions on the boardwith a partner. Summarize yourdiscussion (include their name at theend). Remember participation pointsare deducted if off task.5 Reading/Film Qs Come From These Work Sections
  12. 12. Reflection #26 (place at the end of today’s work)Pick the 1 most important thing youlearned today to share with your partner.1) Write down the main idea oftoday.(include their name).2) Summarize Mr. Chiang’s closingremarks