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  • 1. RIGHT CORNER >: 1) Write: Name: _, Period: _,Date: 03/27/12, Topic: End of WWI 1919LEFT CORNER <: Write “Opener #19” and then:1) Write 1 high+1 low in last 24 hours2) Rate your comprehension for thisweek’s material so far: lost<1-5>easy3) Respond to the Opener by writingat least 1 sentences about:Your opinions/thoughts OR/ANDQuestions sparked by the clip OR/ANDSummary of the clip OR/AND
  • 2. Opener # Misc Notes Name2)Hi & Lo…………………………………………. Period2) # Rating Past Understanding……………… Date3) Opinion, Question or Summary…………… TopicNavigation NotesSection Notes HereTitles:Notes orActiv #A Activity Write Ups“Title” + SOMETIMES SIGNATURES + STAMPSMemoryCues +QuestionsREFLECTION #: CLOSER HERE
  • 3. Opener 1 Permission Slip Due Fri Bruce Lee2)Hi-talked with friends, Lo-Feeling tired Period 22) 23) Why was Japan’s military modernization 8/25/12turn out better than China’s? Asian ImperialismNotes #1a Meiji Emperor more symbol than powerMeiji Young, handsome, wore Western clothesEmperorActiv #1a 1) 3 because tradition is importantDebate 2) 5 because survival is most importantActiv #1b 1) The reason students returned was nationalism.Reading 2) I think people are more individualistic today.Military #1Ruso War?Reflection #1: Closing your country to threats can weaken you.
  • 4. Notes #19a, Title: “End of War Notes”1) German Revolts (9/1918): Shortages + near defeat, gov negotiates end/surrender2) Armistice (11/11/1918, 11am): Kaiser flees to neutral Netherlands, war ends.
  • 5. Official Radio from Paris - 6:01 A.M.,Nov. 11, 1919. Marshal Foch to theCommander-in-Chief.1. Hostilities will be stopped on theentire front beginning at 11 oclock,November 11th (French hour).2. The Allied troops will not gobeyond the line reached at that houron that date until further orders.MARSHAL FOCH5:45 A.M.
  • 6. Activ #19a, Title “Treaty of Versailles”Roles: Your goalsa) US: You want to ensure lasting world peace and freedomb) France: You want to make sure Germany SUFFERS!!!!!!!c) Germany: You want ensure Germany dignityd) Colonies: You want freedom from all Western (+Japan) powerse) England: You want to make money!Data:UK: $55 billion spent, 3 million casualties(Colonial India: 114,000 casualties)France: $50 billion spent, 5.9 million casualtiesRussia: $25 billion spend, 6.7 million casualtiesUS: $35 billion spent, 260,000 casualtiesGermany: $60 billion spend, 5.7 million casualtiesInstructions: Create a peace treatyIn Your Workbook:1) Write your role (nation) and their goals
  • 7. Notes #19b, Title: “WWI Wrapup”3) WWI: 1914-1918, total casualties: 37mil (16 mil dead) Allies 5.7 mil dead, Central Powers 4 mil dead, 6.8 mil civilians dead.
  • 8. Notes #19b, Title: “Treaty of Versailles”4) US: Wilson: Fights for honorable peace and self determination for all5) France: Clemenceau: Fights to ensure Ger. never strong enough to fight again6) Treaty of Versailles (1919): 11 months long, terms dictated to Germans (Russia NOT invited).a) Germany accepts full blameb) Germany cedes it’s western land back to Francec) France access to Ger. coal depositsd) German army reduced to 100k, 0 planes/subse) Germany pay $30 billion ($2 trillion)f) German + Ottoman colonies given to allies
  • 9. Germany lost 13% of its population, 15% of its coal, and 50% of its iron ore.
  • 10. Title: “Treaty of Versailles”7) Weimar Republic:a) Ger. ppl feel gov surrendered, giving up too muchb) Communism growing (Soviets/clubs spread)c) Solders esp. feel lost and angry
  • 11. 8) League of Nations: Europe creates Wilson’s world organization to collectively resolve conflicts (Ironically, US Senate rejects the treaty, and the League of Nations will fail b/c of lack of US)9) Lost Generation: War left a whole generation broken in body+spirita) Distrust in govt (poor handling of war)b) Distrust in capitalism (companies got rich of war)c) Distrust in religion (horrors of war)
  • 12. Activity #19b, Title “Video: Treaty of Vers”1) Copy Source Title: Indiana Jones2…) Discuss questions on the boardwith a partner. Summarize yourdiscussion (include their name at theend).Remember participation points are deducted if off task.5 Reading/Film Qs Come From These Activity SectionsTime Bookmark: 00:00
  • 13. Activity #19c, Title “Treaty of Vers Scene”Role 1-Actor 1: Presents which side your country fought, andwhat they did during the war (30 seconds)Role 2-Actor 2: Present what they want from the peace treatyRole 3-Textbook Researcher: Looks up info (Ch 13, Pg 424)Role 4-Web Researcher: Looks up info in iPods (google)Countries: UK (George), France (Clemenceau), USA (Wilson),Germany, Italy, Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), Iraq (Prince Faisal)In Your Workbook:1) Write down your person and explain whatyour role does2) Write down a outline of your script or thetext of your script
  • 14. Homework:1) Complete your 5+ sources with work cited page for them, 15+ quotes/facts/ideas in MLA in-text citation format.Works Cited Page:use citation machineIn-text Citation: (web article title).
  • 15. Reflection #20 (place at the end of today’s work)Pick the 1 most important thing youlearned today to share with your partner.1) Write down the main idea oftoday.(include their name).2) Summarize Mr. Chiang’s closingremarks
  • 16. Activity #20a, Title “AV Prep: Test Review”1-2 Min Cartoon: Explain your termRole 1-Leader: Improves/edits the script, rehearses scriptwith the presenter, directs the presenter during therecording, maximizes group contributions, and holds largerresponsibility (+-1 EC point). Runs iMovie post editing.Role 2-Actor: Writes the script, is the primary voice of thecartoon, but assigns voices to other group members.Role 3-Researcher: Works with the textbook to do research,looks up extra info online (shares the iPod with the Animator)Role 4-Designer: Runs the design app, snaps photos from theInternet and textbook to use. Conceptualizes the design.1) Write down your role and what it does2) Write down your section prep.Remember: Indiv Project Grade + Participation Grade
  • 17. White Board ReviewTake turns explaining the topic (don’t be afraid to be wrong!):1) Say and draw your answer2) Group members say and write edits/ additionsFor each concept, switch people.You get points for trying and listening, not for being right!
  • 18. World Grading PoliciesEveryone must use a spiral notebook!Daily Notes Quizzes: Unannounced quizzes onclass notes from just the day beforeUnit Test: Any test you get below a 60%, you canretake for a max of 70%.Participation: Same, but be warned will be takingoff for talking out of turn/delaying the classNotes: We don’t have reading/much HW, inreturn, there are day class notes are heavy.Notebook: Follow the format, make sure to haveopeners/closing reflections. “Activ” must have!If You Are Failing: Each time you come see me atlunch for review, you will earn back 10 points.