030912 whap japan imperialism 50m


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030912 whap japan imperialism 50m

  1. 1. DRAW A LINE BETWEEN TODAY AND THE LAST LESSONRIGHT CORNER: 1) Write: Name: _, Period: _,Date: 03/09/12, Topic: Japan ImperialismLEFT CORNER: Write “Opener #10” and then:1) Write 1 high+1 low in last 24 hours2) Rate your comprehension for thisweek’s topic so far: lost<1-5>easy3) Respond to the Opener by writingat least 1 sentences about:Your opinions/thoughts OR/ANDQuestions sparked by the clip OR/ANDSummary of the clip OR/ANDAnnouncements: None
  2. 2. Agenda1) Introduce Imperialism in JapanWhat you will be able to do:1) How did Japan become sopowerful?Reminder1) Keep up with your reading: CH 26Quiz on Monday
  3. 3. Opener # Reminders Name2)Hi & Lo…………………………………………. Period2) Opinion, Question or Summary…………… Date3) # Rating Past Understanding……………… TopicCues/Topic Notes HereNavigation +Section Reflections & Responses HereHeading:# & Title + SIGNATURES + STAMPSMain Ideas +QuestionsSUMMARY/EXIT REFLECTION
  4. 4. Opener 1 Permission Slip Due Fri Bruce Lee2)Hi-talked with friends, Lo-Feeling tired Period 22) Why was Japan’s military modernizationturn out better than China’s? 8/25/123) 3 Asian ImperialismNotes #1a Meiji Emperor more symbol than powerMeiji Young, handsome, wore Western clothesEmperorActiv #1a 1) 3 because tradition is importantDebate 2) 5 because survival is most importantActiv #1b 1) The reason students returned was nationalism.Reading 2) I think people are more individualistic today.Military #1Ruso War?Closing your country to threats can weaken you.
  5. 5. Notes #10p, Title: “Imperial China Notes1) Wuchang Revolution (10/10/1911): Military officers and foreign educated Chinese bring back Eur. enlightenment ideas, and overthrow emperor.a) Sun Yat Sen: Leading reformer becomes president for 1 year, China then split by warlords & political groups: Nationalist/Capitalist vs Communist (1920s)b) Sun’s 3 Principles of the Ppl: 1) Chinese nationalism 2) End foreign domination 3) Strengthen Chinese economy (factories and redistribute land)
  6. 6. Notes #10p, Title: “Imperial Japan Notes2) Kuomintang (Nationalist Party): KMT was China’s founding political party.a) Sun Yat Sen: Leader of the KMT, wants the communist to remain part of the KMT.b) Chiang Kai-Shek: 2nd leader of the KMT, expels the communist, whom form the Chinese Comunnist Party (starting a civil war: Chiang’s KMT vs Mao’s CCP)
  7. 7. Notes #10a, Title: “Imperial Japan Notes”1) Admiral Perry-USA (1853): US sends “Black Ships” to open Japan2) Meiji Restoration (1868-1912): Ppl ashamed of their weakness to the West, overthrow shogun and place emperor in power. (Emperor Mutsuhitito takes name of Meiji Emperor “Enlightened”)
  8. 8. Notes #10a, Title: “Imperial Japan Notes”3) Fukoku Kyohei: Emperor’s command for the country: “Rich country, Strong Military”
  9. 9. Meiji Reforms: C.S.I.M.E.W.C) Copied German Gov + Constitution: Treat people equally, strong rule of law, but emperor in total control (like the German Kaiser)S) Send Students/Observers: To all western countries to learn and copyI) Gov Targeted Investments: Gov spent tax money to create biz in key areas, sell off laterM) Modernize Military: With strong economy, buy western weaponsE) Modernize Economy: Set up mail, railroads, telegraphs, banks, schools/colleges (esp. tech)E) Hire Western Experts: Goal of having them teach Japanese, then send experts away and have Japanese teach Japanese
  10. 10. Notes #10a, Title: “Imperial Japan Notes”4) Opening of Korea (1876): Japan opens Korea the way Perry opened Japan5) 1st Sino-Japanese War (1894-95): Fighting for influence of Korea, Japan wins Taiwan and Chinese ports near Taiwan (accelerates fall of Qing Empire)
  11. 11. Notes #3b, Title: “Imperial Japan Notes”6) Russo-Japanese War (1904-05): Fighting for influence of Korea, Japan wins Korea and parts of Manchuria, wipes out entire Russian fleet (1st Asian nation to defeat European in modern times, accelerates fall of the czar)
  12. 12. BATTLE OF TSUSHIMA (1905)
  13. 13. Notes #3b, Title: “Imperial Japan Notes”7) Korean Protectorate (1910-1945): Japanmodernizes Kor. and forces Jap. culture on them.Some Kor. independence fighters move to U.S.8) March First Movement (3/01/1919): Failed nonviolent protest against Japanese rule, 7,000 die.
  14. 14. Activity #10a, Title “Book: Naomi”1) Copy Source Title: JunichiroTanizaki2…) Discuss questions on the boardwith a partner. Summarize yourdiscussion (include their name at theend). Remember participation pointsare deducted if off task.5 Reading/Film Qs Come From These Journal SectionsTime Bookmark: 00:00
  15. 15. Homework:1) Ch 26 quiz on Monday