021712 world otto russia 50m


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021712 world otto russia 50m

  1. 1. DRAW A LINE BETWEEN TODAY AND THE LAST LESSONRIGHT CORNER: 1) Write: Name: _, Period: _,Date: 02/27/12, Topic: Russians + OttomonsLEFT CORNER: Write “Opener #4” and then:1) Write 1 high+1 low in last 24 hours2) Rate your comprehension for thisweek’s topic so far: lost<1-5>easy3) Respond to the Opener by writingat least 1 sentences about:Your opinions/thoughts OR/ANDQuestions sparked by the clip OR/ANDSummary of the clip OR/ANDAnnouncements: None
  2. 2. Opener # Reminders Name2)Hi & Lo…………………………………………. Period2) Opinion, Question or Summary…………… Date3) # Rating Past Understanding……………… TopicCues/Topic Notes HereNavigation +Section Reflections & Responses HereHeading:# & Title + SIGNATURES + STAMPSMain Ideas +QuestionsSUMMARY/EXIT REFLECTION
  3. 3. Opener 1 Permission Slip Due Fri Bruce Lee2)Hi-talked with friends, Lo-Feeling tired Period 22) Why was Japan’s military modernizationturn out better than China’s? 8/25/123) 3 Asian ImperialismNotes #1a Meiji Emperor more symbol than powerMeiji Young, handsome, wore Western clothesEmperorActiv #1a 1) 3 because tradition is importantDebate 2) 5 because survival is most importantActiv #1b 1) The reason students returned was nationalism.Reading 2) I think people are more individualistic today.Military #1Ruso War?Closing your country to threats can weaken you.
  4. 4. Agenda1) What happened to the countriesthat didn’t industrialize quickly?Why am I learning this?1) These power dynamics set upWWI, WWI shapes modern EuropeReminder1) Follow Hogan’s HW schedule
  5. 5. Participation (10 points a week)Negative Mark: Minus 2 Points Each0 Check: 6 Points1 Check: 7 Points2 Checks: 8 Points3 Checks: 9 Points4 Checks: 10 Points5 Checks: 11 Points (+1 EC)6 Checks: 12 Points (+2 EC)7 Checks: 13 Points (+3 EC)8 Checks: 14 Points (+4 EC)
  6. 6. 7 Events Review1) Industrial Revolution: UK becomes #1 power2) French Revolution: Republic (Robespierre) > dictatorship (Napoleon) > Eur wars > general mistrust of liberalism (Congress of Vienna)3) Latin Am Rev: Win own indep, but mo problems4) Industrial Reforms: Cities > powerful unions > political reform (labor laws) > fear of socialism > more pol reforms (welfare laws). Women wait WWI5) Imperialism: Increased need for raw materials + customers, and tech to force places to be both6) 2nd Industrial Revolution: No longer steam, led by electricity, leads to change is culture: inventions, consumerism, women’s freedom from housework7) USA: Becomes industrial power, asserts power over LatAm (Monroe Doc) + Cuba/Phil (Sp Am War)
  7. 7. 7 Isms Review1) Enlightenment: Spur science=industrial revolution (Newton) and liberalism/indiv rights = political revolution (Locke, Rousseau, Mills, Bolivar)2) Conservatism: Mistrust of ppl power, desire for status quo (monarchist/Metternich/Bismarck)3) Capitalism: Unrestrained business will lead to thehighest national wealth/productivity (Smith)4) Utopianism: Bus and worker can work together to create perfect/prodcutive society (Owen)5) Socialism: Gov must protect workers from biz (Engles, Marx adds history is nothing but a series of class conflicts, who controls production)6) Communism: Upper class will fight redistribut, so must disband rich, gov manage the wealth (Lenin)7) Anarchism: All gov bad, no gov, free ppl grouping
  8. 8. Timeline up to now: 1800-1900:1600-1750: 1750-1800: NationalismEnlightenment Political Rev. Imperialism 1600-1750: 1750-1900: 1900-X: Agric. Rev. Ind. Rev. 1 Ind. Rev. (Factories/Steam) 2 (Corporati ons/Electri city)
  9. 9. Review1) Napoleon Conquers Europe: Being under French control awakens nationalism.2) Congress of Vienna (1814-1815): Meeting of all the nation’s leaders (incld. French rep). 2 Goal: 1) Picture 3 Restore old monarchal system to pre-revolution 2) Surround France with strong but balanced nations (merged 300 nations into 38)Metternich: Austria’s foreign minister led the Cong. of Vienna, organized monarchs to help each if ever a revolution breaks out (Holy Alliance)
  10. 10. Notes #4a, Title: “Russians + Ottomans 1800s”1) Russia’s Mongal Legacy: Left in not quite European + hungry for buffer land/conquest2) Russia: Csar depend on upper class (no real mid class), up class dep on serfts (not factories)3) Catherine the Great: Seeks to make gov more scientific gov but not more liberal4) Egypt: Muhammad Ali breaks from Otto, tries to modernize, UK break local fact w cheap gds5) Greece (1821): Eur helps Gr win indep from Ott6) Ottoman Reforms (Tanzimat > Young Turks)a) Reduce religious power (room for modern govt)b) Eur style military (enough to linger on till WWI)7) Crimean War (1853): Rus v Otto, Eur fear RusFirst use of industrial weapons and journalism
  11. 11. Review1) Nationalism: Pride in your own people, culture,history, language. Grows during 1800s, helped by:Political Revolutions: Self Determination + RightsIndus Revolutions: Mass transport + communication
  12. 12. 2) 1830 French and Flemish Revolt: People take over Paris, king flees. Flemish (Belgium) inspired by France successfully rebels against Netherlands (Holy Alliance allows as long as Belgium stays neutral in future).3) 1830 Poland Revolt: Also inspired by France,Polish revolt against Russia, Russia crushes revolt
  13. 13. 4) France 1848 Revolt: Poor revolt (socialism spreading), king flees. 2nd Republic born, bourgeoisie use violence to control the poor, but do reinstate male suffrage.5) French 1848 Presidential Election: French vote for Napoleon’s nephew, Napoleon III (rule until 1870) to be new president and then vote for him to be dictator.“When France sneezes, Europe catches a cold.” - Metternich
  14. 14. 6) 1848 Revolts Spread: Europe engulfed in revolt:a) Inspired by Frenchb) Wave of nationalismc) Rise of socialism (Com. Manifesto written this yr)d) Poor harvest (Irish start mig. to US this year)All fail, but mass attempt is a sign of enligh change!All fail except
  15. 15. Notes #4a, Title: “Balkans Notes” 7) Austrian Empire: Hapsburg monarchy, mostly Germanic ppl, but multiethnic pop each wanted to indep from the Cong of Vienna setup Austrian Dual Monarchy: Gives Hungary indep, co-equal status (other regions want same)
  16. 16. 8) Balkans: Diverse area between Austria, Russia, and Middle East, mixed Christian, Muslim. Controlled by the Ottomans, but Holy Alliance take control (1st with Greece)4) Europeans Slice the Balkans (1828–1908):a) Serbia: Win their independenceb) Bosnia: Austria takes, angers Serbs who wanted Bosniac) Northern Balkan: Russia informally controls.Pan-Slavism: Russia feels this region is theirs.
  17. 17. Activ #4a, Title “Balkan Cartoon”1) Read and explain what is going on in this image. STEPS 1) What are the words (esp small captions) 2) Any small things that are clues 3) What’s basically going on in the img 4) Look for the use of comedy, symbolism, feeling, exaggeration, etc.
  18. 18. Homework:1) Follow your HW reading schedule