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    Film poster research Film poster research Presentation Transcript

    • A film poster includes the basicinformation. It doesn’t inform theaudience much about the plot, butmay have a picture of the stars,and the name of the film.
    • • Posters promote an issue, the objective of a poster isto promote the information on the trailer, in our case itwould promote our film, so it would encourageindividuals to watch our film.• Film posters help promote a film similar to a film trailer.• Film posters are displayed in many different place suchas bus tops, billboard and underground stations.Because a film poster is a physical thing, it can bepromoted literally anywhere.
    • Analysis of Posters.(variety of genres)
    •     At the bottom of the poster the film title Leap year is written in white with the green background which could denotates the white and green that is in the Irish flag since the film is based in Ireland. The main colour that is used in the film poser is the red text; this connotes passion, romance and love.  The shot type that is used is a two shot; this is used because it shows emotional reactions between the individuals. The main symbol used in the poster is the ring box the female is holding with her right hand, the audience automatically know that romance is key in this movie. The main figure is the female who is in front of the male character, who looks rather dazed whereas she knows exactly what she wants. This tagline works to produce a humorist/sweet happy ending feeling. The message in the posters primarily visual is a relationship. The target audience for a romance film like this is females. The persuasive technique that are used by the poster is the little messages above both characters that state that she is going to propose to her boyfriend and the male behind her isn’t her boyfriend. The genre conventions that are used are the romantic relationship between two characters, conflict between the hero and heroine but they get together in the end. On the females face she has a expecting/knowingly shocked facial expression while the male character looks surprised. An on-coming romance is completely predicted by this poster and this reflects the narrative. 
    • The colours used in the film poster of Law Abiding Citizen are dark dull colours like grey, dark blue, black and white this is gives us an idea that the film isnt going to be an happy one. The shot type in the film poster is an extreme close up of the main characters face, he looks angry with cold expressionless eyes. In the background within the title a picture of a man looking up towards the main character is visible and behind him are many buildings. The messages in this film is obviously visual because the poster foreshadows an unhappy ending. The deaths in "Law Abiding Citizen" are designed for a target audience that wants to see bad guys get what they deserve as terribly as possible. Their are two well known stars used in this film, the main star was Gerard Butler and the second was Jamie Foxx, people have already watched most of their previous films so they definitely want to watch one which they are both in. The film contains three genre conventions that is crime, drama and thriller. The crime conventions would be that the good guy tries to get the bad guy to stop his wrong doings. The drama conventions in this film is the fact that the law doesnt help this man so he takes the law in his own hands. The thriller conventions are presented by the crimes the good guy commits trying to get justice he then ultimately becomes the bad guy.Jamie Foxx was probably used as the USP as he is very well known in the filming industry. The promise that this poster holds is a good thrilling justice and that may be through deaths. The tagline  They killed his family now justice is his vengeance is a cold shocking sentence, it aims to interest people. The narrative shows slightly through the poster as the tagline states that he is defiantly going to get his revenge but we as the audience yet dont know how. 
    • At the bottom of this film poster The Expendables 2 is writtenin Grey block letters, also there is a strong use of red, the colourof fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger,strength. In the film poster their are many characters that arepresent but their is one man standing right at the front to showthat hes mainly in control of the whole group or maybe of themost importance. Symbols like the guns that most of these mencarry shows us that this film will involve a lot of violence. Themain background of the poster is the burning buildings and burningairplane, this shows that the men may have caused the damage orthey may be trying to stop people from causing it. The messagethis poster presents is extremely visual its showing us action,death and anger. I think the intended audience for a film like thisare people who hunger for adrenaline, action and destruction. Themain persuasive technique used i think would be the stars namesat the top of the poster, all of these male characters are wellknown for their successful films in the action/crime genre, thiswill definitely attract all their fans and band together andultimately the film will succeed. The action in this poster ispresented by the mass destruction, guns, black/army outfits andexplosions. Stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, JetLi , Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger were probably usedas a USP since their all very well known. Bloody deaths andviolence is promised by this poster, the tag line Back for warshows that they have done this before and are back again to fightonce more, it works to make the audience feel as if their may besome unfinished business in this movie. The narrative is shownslightly through this movie since the audience already know thatthis film contains an all-star cast of old-school action heros .
    • Analysis of poster (withinhorror/supernatural genre)
    • The movie title is presented at the bottommiddle of the poster it is in bold italic misty greyfont. The title ‘the’ is writing in the middle of thelarge ‘O’ in the unborn. The colours of theposters are misty blue/grey and white &black.The shot type is an over the shoulder shot fromthe young boys point of view, this puts thefemale at an vulnerable position. The design ofthe movie poster contains a large image of afemale in her underwear looking in the mirrorand in the mirror an image of a young boy ispresented. The reflection of the mood is rathermysterious and fearful because mostindividuals have a fear of looking in the mirrorand seeing another person looking back at you.The other image would be the backgroundsettings, that is the bathroom, that is where thetagline is and that is ‘Evil will do anything tolive’. This show that this ‘evil’ will attempt toharm many others just to stay alive at all costs.The tagline makes you feel as if you shouldexpect the unexpected and be alert. As thewoman is in her underwear this tells me she isin a exposed position. The intended audiencewould be individuals who have a preference forhorror and psychological thrillers.UNBORN
    • THE INVITEDThe main colors used in this filmposter are grey, black and white thesesort of colors are seen as aconnotation of a bad omen. The titleis the invited’ it is a misty grey font,and it looks wonkily written as ifsomething is already wrong. Theposter is mostly visual. The image ofa female looking in the window fromoutside the house as if she wanted tosee if anyone was inside refers backto the title. The sense of danger, fearmay be because of the fact that wecannot see the woman’s face. In thebackground of the woman we noticemany tall trees, we assume we are ina cabin and this would mean that theposter was set in a remote area, themistiness of the surroundings makesthe person stay indoors. This movieposter encourages is audience to gosee this movie because it makes uswonder who is trapped in and why dothey fear the outsider and if theoutsider is the ‘uninvited’ and will itforce itself into the house. The taglineis ‘Fear moves in’ ‘Get invited.’ ‘Canyou believe what you see?’ thefeelings it evokes in an individual isfear and nervous.
    • The silence ofthe lambs•  The movie title was in a worn out red colour at the bottom on the poster, it’s very easy to read. The colour red connotes passion, blood and danger. The main actors are also shown on the bottom of the page they are Jodie Foster, Anthony Hopkins and Scott Glenn.  If actors are well known this encourages people to go watch their movies or if they have previously stared in previous movies that have been successful, this will also encourage individuals to go watch the movie. The main image of the poster was the vulnerable looking woman who has a butterfly on her mouth, this stops her from talking. On the butterfly there is an image on a skull this could connote death. This reflects the mood of the film because the design on the poster makes us as the audience think that this woman is being forced to shut her mouth because of what she knows so she is not allowed to talk out. The framing of this young woman’s face is used in a form of a close up, why they have used this shot is because we can then understand what sort of character she is but her face looks rather expressionless and the only image that makes us think that she is the one that needs help is that fact that something is keeping her mouth shut.. The whole picture is in black, grey and white apart from the woman’s eyes and the butterfly that covers her mouth, they are both a hypnotising gold. The mood  that is created when looking at this film poster is sympathy and mystery because we want to know what is going to happen next. A tagline  is used is at the bottom of the poster and it’s just below the film title ‘’from the best seller’ this tells us that this movie was from a book, this means that already many people will go to watch this movie , if not for the film itself but also to compare the book to the movie.