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Pond hockey invitation 2013
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  • 1. An Invitation …
  • 3. The Story• The game of ice hockey once was pure... on the frozen ponds. Far away from NHL millionaires locking out players. Without overpriced beer at concession stands and without the steady drone of techno music.• We are taking hockey back! Back to the pond were it all began. True, were limited. We dont have the same sub-zero temperatures as our Canadian stickbros. So, we decided to bring the game indoors but the food outdoors.• Thats why on Sunday April 28th, 2013 we invite you and your best mates to participate in the 1st Indoor Pond Hockey Classic at the Ruggeveld Ice Rink in Antwerp (Deurne), Belgium. Face-off at 11h30!• Register your team at http://www.hockey- community.com/antwerppondhockey to enjoy a day of hockey fun and great buddy times (cf. below).• See you there! – Chilly Pete
  • 4. The Pond• We are going to turn the Ruggeveld ice rink into an indoor hockey pond!• Games will be played on two hockey fields (end boards to blue line – playing cross-ice) and a genuine wooden beer hockey shack in the neutral zone with wooden flooring for the fans!• No ice fishing though... so dont drill any holes into the ice! Address: IJsbaan Ruggeveld, Ruggeveldlaan 488, 2100 Deurne, Belgium
  • 5. The Tournament• Teams (6 players +1 goalie) will be divided into several pools, playing round robin games of 15 minutes running time.• Top seeded teams will play for the tournament title.• A maximum of 20 teams can register... (with a minimum of 10)• So, be quick to enter your team! http://www.hockey- community.com/antwerppondhockey
  • 6. The Award• Pond Hockey is pure hockey. No Cups, No Medals. The glory of victory is enough ...• But hey, don’t worry. If you win, we’ll give you a prize ...Rock on Buttercup!
  • 7. The Rules• Some rules were meant to be broken... but NOT these. Respect em and play the game right. Youll be rewarded knowing youre a good sport.1. Teams consist of maximum 6 players & 1 goalie and minimum 4 players & 1 goalie2. Each game goes 15 minutes without stoppage – that will be enough ...3. 4-on-4 format: 3 players & 1 goalie on the pond – only your best hockey buddies ...4. Substitution of players: made on the fly – you will get tired ...5. Teams wear the same color jerseys – cause you dont want to pass to the wrong guy ...6. No slapshots – No body checks – hey, we have to work on Monday!7. No fights! – You fight, youre gone, out, finished! We just wanna have fun!8. All participants have proper insurance (RBIHF or private) – Safety first!9. After a goal (or infraction) mid-ice face-off – Thats only fair …10. There is no icing and no offside. Goals can be scored from anywhere on the ice – All right!
  • 8. The Food• BBQ Meat! The genuine pond hockey grub!• Of course you will be hungry after an intense hockey scrimmage on the pond. So we arranged an outdoor BBQ grill with a crispy piece of meat covered by a juicy BBQ sauce, some bread to dip and a cup of hot home made soup. Youll love it!• For the hungriest hockey heroes, there is lots of extra meat for a little cash (2 €/dish). Yummies!
  • 9. The Souvenir• And after the games you can get out of your wet clothes and dress up with the official pond logo T- shirt* to drink that last beer in the Phantoms Clubhouse...• At least youll have something to prove you survived the 1st ever pond hockey tournament in Antwerp, Belgium of all places... Legendary! *Free T-shirt for all entries before March 15th – Possibility to purchase after that date
  • 10. The Fee• A whole day of playing hockey with your mates, free food and a vintage pond hockey T-shirt* for only 25€/person**.• Thats a treat! *If you register before March 15th, 2013 **Teams consisting of maximum 1 goalie and 6 players pay 175€/team **Teams consisting of maximum 1 goalie and 5 players pay 150€/team **Teams consisting of minimum 1 goalie and 4 players pay 125€/team.• http://www.hockey-community.com/antwerppondhockey
  • 11. How to Register? Surf on the internet to http://hockey-community.com/antwerppondhockey and follow the instructions Pay the amount due via the following bankaccount: Fortis 001-4978513-64 Dont forget to mention your Team Name andN° of participants Registration* closes on April 1st *The Organizing Committee may modify the format of the event depending on registrations.
  • 12. See you there…… BUTTERCUP!