Codes and Conventions


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Codes and Conventions

  1. 1. MUSIC VIDEOS There are different styles of music videos and each differ from one and another depending of the genre, however to begin my research I need to look at what all music videos include. What is a Code and Convention? its a technique, method or aspect that is used in all media forms, however I will be concentrating on codes and conventions in music videos. What is the Purpose? This allows audiences to know what to expect and to recognise what is being shown and the genre and type of media.
  2. 2. CODES & CONVENTIONS Camera Angles and Movements Camera Angles This area has lots of different techniques that can be used; certain movements can portray different emotions to the audience. However others can showcase the artist or band and focus on the performance with a close up, others can create a scene and setting to the audience with a long shot or crane shot. There are other camera angles such as, over the shoulder, mid shots, establishing shots, high angled, low angled, ect. Music videos try to be creative with the visuals of the camera angles to entice the audience and have a unique selling point (USP). Movements are used in music videos to follow the artist performing or the narrative, these can include, tracking, panning, tilting and arc shots. Music videos manly consist of a few scenes, and techniques like fast cut montage which allows the video to be exciting to the audience however this can mean it’s hard for the viewer to understand the scene so a method called multiple viewing is used meaning it cuts back to the same scene throughout the video. Eg. performance cut to narrative and then cut back to performance.
  3. 3. CODES & CONVENTIONS Editing & Sound This is the area of the production that creates interest and uniqueness to all music videos, this stage can include the transitions, special effects, split screens, CGI effects, diegetic and non-diegetic (non-natural/added) sounds and putting on the sound track. Effects like CGI meaning Computer generated imagery can produce graphics that are either the background or moving imagery. Sound is also a huge importance to a music video as this is the purpose of a music video therefore some videos only concentrates on the sound track of the song whereas others may have talking about the narrative or even the meaning. Parallel sound is where the sounds and music fits in with the feelings and emotions of the video.
  4. 4. CODES & CONVENTIONS Mise-en-Scene This establishes the location, pops used, lighting, costume and characters to the audience. This is used to allow the audience to know the theme and creates the right atmosphere. Therefore this will vary depending on the genre of the music and weather the music video is based on a performance, narrative or concept. Performance, will shown the artist or band singing the song, this means the audience feels connected and important to the artist. Narrative, this can include the artist within the story but sometimes not, therefore the Mise-en-scene needs a strong establishing shot to outline the style of narrative. Concept, can vary and will need to be creative and original to standout. Horror Mise-en-scene Beach Mise-en-scene
  5. 5. CODES & CONVENTIONS Genres Although music videos all have these things in common in terms of techniques within the production and construction, they vary in other ways as different genres have their own codes and conventions they follow. This allows genres to be recognised and appealing for their target audience. Music can be split into lots of different genres but to explain this and gives examples I have picked two very contrasting genres, which I have outlined their unique codes and conventions. Jazz POP R&B Indie Country Dance House Reggae Classica l Disco
  6. 6. CODES & CONVENTIONS Heavy Metal and Rock Representation Music videos with this styled genre have the theme of being dark, emotional and depressing. This is shown in the dark lighting, heavy and meaningful lyrics and a strong sound. Camera angles Normally long and wide angles are used to allow the hole band to be seen of scene. Performance Most videos show the band performing and playing the guitar or drums they are shown to be moshing and ‘rocking out’. Costume The band members are normally wearing black with heavy eye makeup which is associated with Goths. Piercing and tattoos are sometimes shown for the stereotypical band member.
  7. 7. CODES & CONVENTIONS R&B and Pop Mise-en-scene Is usually set in mansions, nightclubs, boats, beaches, streets. All these settings are associated with the good life and rich people. Props This also suggests the wealth of the artist with cars, chains, Jewellery, designer clothes, sun glasses. Costume Modern, stylish clothes which are normally designer especially on male artist. Representation A R&B or Pop music video showcases the artist throughout the video with performing the song. There are sometimes dancers in the video performing behind the artist mainly women as they are shown in a sexual way with revealing costumes and synchronised styled routines. The music is normally themed on the good things in life and this is shown in the bright editing.