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  7. 7. *Study details: “Fashions change but tattoos are f orev er: time to regret”; A Aslam and C Owen, Burnley General Hospital, Burnley UK Don't be among the 33% w ho regret their tattoo. Read on to find out how ... Study: Close to 1 in 3 Regret Their Tattoo* Option 1: Keep it and live with it Obviously no fun at all. Option 2: Cover it up Getting a cover up tattoo might be your best shot but it's expensive and often difficult to make it to turn out good. If you end up regretting your tattoo you will be faced with three really bad options... Option 3: Remove it Painful, extremely expensive and may leave scars. Here's How to Get a Tattoo You'll LOVE for the Rest of Your Life... Find inspiration by looking at TONS of tattoo designs and photos...this will give you a clearer picture of what you want. Make it unique. Even though TattooMeNow consists of a database of "ready-to-be-tattooed" designs we don't necessarily advise you just pick one and go with it. Add your own unique "twist". Talk to people with tattoos. Get to know the story behind their tattoo, who the artist was and ask for feedback on your own ideas. In TattooMeNow's discussion forums you'll find 1000's of tattoo enthusiasts just like you willing to answer questions and give feedback. With 8000+ tattoo designs & photos, TattooMeNow will inspire you.
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