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  • 1. EG Orientation English group_ YEC Date: April 3 rd , 2008
  • 2. Agenda
    • Host and Guest Introduction
    • Speeches
    • Presentation about EG’s future
    • Entertainment ( Game and Singing...)
    • Feedback from audiences
    • Good bye
  • 3. About EG
    • Established since Novemer 4 th , 2007
    • Participants: Key members and members of YEC
    • Place: NTC
    • Time: 1 and half hour
  • 4. EG’s structure EG C.O.E- Professors Key members YEC_ Support Members
  • 5. EG’s mission Find EG to study English
  • 6. EG’s goal
    • Becoming an English club in C.O.E
    • Enhancing English skills for every members
    • Having ability to assist our Professors
    • A house where every student can talk, listen, sing, read...English freely and professionally
    • English attached Economic issues
  • 7. EG’s organizing
    • Level to learn: Pre-Inter ~ Inter
    • Participants: Key members and students
    • Frequency: every Thursday
    • Time length: 2 hours
    • Place: NTC
    • Fee to join: 10.000vnd per person
  • 8. EG’s long-term plan
    • Providing EG ability to present topics in English
    • Practicing to speak with right pronunciation in English
    • Practicing to be able to translate documents into English and into Vns
    • Creating a more active English group
  • 9. EG’s short-term plan
    • Practicing listening, speaking, reading skills according to activities
    • Able to listen to speech or delivery from guests
    • Break the ice- Students will find confident to speak out
    • Expanding activities and members
  • 10. ...But what we’re actually gonna do...???
  • 11. Speaking
    • Discussion about a certain topic ( daily life, hot issues...etc)
    • Group presentation
    • Singing, Playing game
    • Giving your own opinion from an issue
  • 12. Listening
    • Seeing movies, songs, plays without subtitles
    • Listening to your classmates talking
    • Getting familiar with different accent and pronunciation
  • 13. Reading & Writing
    • Will be provided some materials to read through
    • Summarizing main points according to the documents
    • Developing “take-note” skill
    • Practicing write down lyrics and subscriptions
    • Games
  • 14. Step by step....
    • We EG find out that...
    • You should be patient but passionate to study English
    • You should cooperate to others to study English more efficiently and effectively
    • You should join us to build up our hope and achieve bigger success in the future!
    • Thank you!
  • 15. Quote for our efforts Practise Practise Practise make YOU PERFECT