Vietnam Travel Guide
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When they are riding the motorbike on road, they are very easily turn right or left
at any places they like without ...
In Hanoi: Take the electric car or Xich Lo cycle to visit Hanoi Old Quarter as this
means are bettervisibilityand safetyto...
Vietnamese food is also very much structured, and has its very own characteristics: short
marinades, no butter, no cream n...
Vietnam travel guide
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Vietnam travel guide


Published on share Vietnam travel guides to introduce some need to travel in Vietnam.

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Vietnam travel guide

  1. 1. Vietnam Travel Guide About us: VIETNAMAIRPORTTRANSFER.COM offers wide range of transportation services from over Vietnam especial Vietnam car rental service. We specially take care from your moment of arrival until leaving. In VIETNAMAIRPORTTRANSFER.COM. we pay attention to detail and understand your expectation. Do not simply provide transportation services, we aim to be your travelling companion. Therefore, we have been working dedicatedly for your experience exceptional. We do not promise the cheapest price for careless services but undertake for the best quality at reliable rates. We well know your life has been giving for us by your trust and our duty is done to deserve your expectation. We share this guides for you to travel in Vietnam to help you choice and understand some basic knowledge before you start to travel in Vietnam. Tranport in Vietnam TrafficinVietnam is"crazy" through the eyes ofmany visitors. It seemsthere are no rulesand regulations to following. However, if you know the"law" thenyouabsolutely can"survive"and safely walk onbusystreets. In this article, we will identify thecharacteristics oftraffic inVietnamand principles to participating Vietnam trafficsafely. Vietnam traffic features There are 03 main reasons to explain about Vietnam traffic nowadays; Means of transport, urban structure and local’s awareness. Motorbike is very familiar in Vietnam as its mobility and suitable cost. However, motorbike’s advantage is also one of thefactors causingtrafficchaosby running severaldirections that depend on the operator’s inspirationasfreelymovinglane, turning, honk…. Besides that, roadsin Vietnamare mostlysmall, narrow and unsuitable network. Most of the roads at the crowded area are small but it is opposite at thinly population. Besides,there are manysmallalleysandroads that intersecting with majorroads as well as dozen intersections in a short distance. Houses are adjacentstreets, alternatingwithsmall alley and closes tointersectionsbut it is too small to arranged traffic light. Therefore, the structure of roadsis generallyheterogeneous. Due to reasons above, the traffic in Vietnam operates in themulti-direction instead of two directions as regulation and making Vietnam traffic chaos. Moreover, participants’ awareness are not very good,theyoperate their vehiclesunderthe subjective sensationrather thanprescribed bylaw. There are some samples for this action;
  2. 2. - - When they are riding the motorbike on road, they are very easily turn right or left at any places they like without observations. When encounteringobstacles, people find any waysto pass over it it,no matterwhetherencroachmentline or not instead of stopping and standinginline toturn awayrelease. Whenever meeting the intersections, people normally speed up to passing instead ofslow down to observation. Riding on the sidewalk. Stop or parkwhereverandwheneverneeded. SOME NOTICES FOR SAFETY TRAVELING IN VIETNAM Alwayslooking around when cross the road,whether youare at therightlane andrightsignals. However, you should hold hands, slowly passing together instead oftryingto pass quickly.The vehicles on road will activelyavoidyouwhenyou"definition" thanthem. Take a walkon the sidewalk(if possible) or on your right-handline. Don’t worry if the vehicles shortly close around you, that is normally distance in Vietnam. Take a lookeven ifyou walking on the sidewalkasmotorbikes andbicyclescan stillclimb upthe sidewalkto passing. Should you pay attention to avoid the vehicles when wondering as in Vietnam, the pedestrians normally avoid vehicle initiatively. Using thehornisVietnamese’s habit, so if yourhotel located in densely populatedareassuch asHanoi Old Quarter. Be prepared suffering from noiseorrequestyour room atquiet area How to transfer in Vietnam Domestic airline has been fastest growinginrecent years that has madetravel easily among the provincesand citiesin Vietnam with 04airlines: Vietnam Airlines,JestaPacific, AirMekongandVietjetAir. It is also very easy to take Vietnam airport transfer from some international airports like Hanoi airport transfer, Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) airport transfer… However, you should pay attention to quality of taxi and also driver’s experience. Sometimes, they try to get money by travelling around for over kilometer or put you in unexpected hotel for commission. Vietnamstill maintainsand develops therailway system that builtby the French in mid-20th century with two main routes: Hanoi – Saigon and vice versa, Hanoi to Lao Cai (Sapa) and vice versa. Because of being major transportation for the route Hanoi - Sapa so, the service quality of the route is various from economy to luxury to meeting all expectation. The most convenience and flexible Vietnam transfer services is Vietnam car rental. Thank to heavy investmentby the government, the road network has been improving that help traveling around Vietnam easily. There are also many kind of car for multiple purposes of travelers (visitors or businessman). For your most safety, you should check carefully with providers about service’s quality whenever taking car rental in Vietnam. Make surethe drivers are full of license, experience and also the car for rent with full facilitiesof good qualitywarranty. Some clues for the best Vietnam transfer service in main Vietnam destination
  3. 3. In Hanoi: Take the electric car or Xich Lo cycle to visit Hanoi Old Quarter as this means are bettervisibilityand safetyto help youenjoyand exploretheold town. Ifyou take a walk, you will spend most of your time to avoidthevehicles, looking around…in the crowded streets. In Hoi An: Bikes will be ideal choice for discovering the countryside or suburb, whereas, walking around Hoi An Town would be great. Require for off-road vehicle such as: Land-cruise, Ford Escape…..for traveling to mountainous area. It’s impossible or unsafe to discover the Vietnam Mountain (Northwest, Northeast…) by 4 seats car or any type of car over 15seats For a little adventurous, Jeep will be nice for off-road trails or sigh-seeing along the way during trip. Althoughthere aresomelimitations, Vietnamis still the safest destinationin the world withthe spectacular sceneries, friendly peopleand uniqueculture. Take a littlenote, you will have agreat holidayin Vietnam. How to get Vietnam Visa Vietnam visa is required for most of nationalities, except for citizens from Southest Asia (Asean group). For other nationalities, it is very easy to apply Vietnam visa online. You can apply for Vietnam visa at the embassy in your country or through travel agency. Vietnam visa on arrival is very popular nowadays, that is best way to save your expense, time and be very easy to do. You just complete your detail in application form, submit and pay for the fee, then waiting for 2 or 3days to get the letter of approval. You print out the letter and bring with you to Vietnam to get your visa on arrival Vietnam airport. However, Vietnam visa on arrival can be executed for enter Vietnam through International airports only (Tan Son Nhat airport in Saigon &NoiBai airport in Hanoi). Please, check with your respective travel agent on the entry requirement and remember for holding passports valid for at least 6 months. Visa may be refused without explanation to those the authorities consider a proscribed profession. It is also a good idea to carry 2-4 passport-sized photos with you when traveling to Vietnam, as sometimes, these are asked by Immigration officials. Those who travel overland from Cambodia will be crossing at MocBai border gate, from Laos at Lao Bao and Cau Treo border gates, from China at Hakau, HuuNghi and MongCai border gates. You must ensure your visa specifies entry “international border gates". Furthermore your visa must be “multiple entries “If you want to fly out from Hanoi or Saigon after your extension trip to Angkor Wat or Luangprabang. For more information about Vietnam Visa, you can check at: or contact e-mail: Feature of regional Vietnamese food Vietnam isan agricultural country with hot, tropicalmonsoon climate. The territoryis divided intothree regionsmarkedly as North, Central and South. The difference features about geography, culture, ethnicity, climate have been defined the specific characteristics ofeachregional’scuisine.
  4. 4. Vietnamese food is also very much structured, and has its very own characteristics: short marinades, no butter, no cream nor spirits, no oil for salads. Very little salt is used, sometimes non at all. The herbs used for each dish are indented at the last moment, they are not cooked and thus retain all their flavours. Vietnamese cookingtimes are short and fast, and vegetables are served crisp. There are three different cuisines in Vietnam. In the South, which enjoys a tropical climate, coconuts, lemongrass, chilli, pineapple and the beautiful fruit of the Mekong delta will be found. Southern cuisine is often sweet and sour, as for instance the famous tart fish soup. Southerncuisine, ismuchinfluencedbyChinese cuisine, Cambodia or Thailand with more saltwater seafood usage than Hanoi. However, some rustic dishes like bakedmulletin bamboo, grill hamsters… areuniquely in Mekong Delta. In the central part of the country, it will often be spicy, with fish and shellfish, vibrant colorful with mainly natural red andbrown. Thecentralprovinceslike Hue, Danang, BinhDinhare famous forshrimpsauceand theshrimp paste. In particular,Huecuisine is very pickyin processingand decoration as the influence fromthe royalcuisine. The North, with its four seasons, will offer a country-style cuisine, using vegetables and herbs and freshwater fish. All the three are connected by a common thread- nuoc mam. This cuisine has its own theories and ingredients, which make it quite different from Western or other Asian cuisines. In general,northerndishes are traditionalandtypicalofagriculture. Hanoi offers a culinary style of tradition, not altered by time and weather while dining in other regions of Vietnam have changed a lot due to climate changing so Hanoi’s cuisine considered to be the mostrepresentativeofelitecuisinein northern Vietnamwiththepho (Noodle with beef or chicken), BunThang,Bun Cha (grill meat) and some typical snack Thanh Tri Pancake, Vong green rice flakes....Evenly, Hanoi’s cuisine has affected other regions. With 54 ethnic groups living in diverse geographic regions across the country, the cuisines of every ethnic minority are separately identity. Most of these dishes are little known in other ethnic groups, however, some others are widely known and became the specialty of the country such as Hoc sauce (in the South), egg rolls (Cao Bang, Lang Son), CoongPhu bread (Tay minority), sour noodles, glutinous sticky rice (Thai minority), sour meat in Thanh Son, PhuTho province, etc. Vietnamese Recipe is alwaysa balance amongtheingredients. This meansVietnamis verymodest, healthy as medicine. This isin contrast tothe U.S., Mexico orother countries from American bythese countriesin terms ofquantity. Vietnamese recipe is also involving a lotof vegetables, spices that increasesthe attractivenessforVietnam food compared to somecountries such as China, Thailand. Enjoying the best typical Vietnamese food and also learning more about Vietnamese culture and cuisine by joining Vietnam food tour will be great experience for traveling in Vietnam instead of taking normal tour. Vietnam food tour will be inclusion some hand-on Vietnamese cooking class with detail recipe, demonstration, market & garden or farm visiting, exchange with local people…. It is real chance for those whom love Asia or Vietnamese food.