The Social Marketing Roadmap


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The Social Marketing Roadmap - Social Marketing Advice for Today’s CMO

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The Social Marketing Roadmap

  1. 1. The Social Marketing Road to Success Social Marketing Advice for Today’s CMO
  2. 2. Social Marketing has evolved into a strategic discipline. Social Marketing converts social interaction into actionable and monetizable customer relationships.Social Marketing is one of the most important channels of the future -your own media that will position you to spend less resources overtime - for marketing, customer service, and product development.
  3. 3. Passion is ContagiousDon’t think of social only as a way to drive leads and sales, Social is about passion.
  4. 4. Have a Plan, A Realistic OneSocial channels are likeother marketing channels- treat them with thesame diligence.
  5. 5. Integration is The KeySocial marketing cannot exist in a vacuum, integrate social with your product development, customer support, marketing and business initiatives.
  6. 6. Select the Right Tools Focus on a limited number of tools initially and build your portfolio by selecting where you see tangible traction.
  7. 7. Learn from Mistakes, Yours and OthersDevelop a center of social marketing expertise toavoid repeating the same mistakes you or otherbrands have made.
  8. 8. Don’t forget about search Smart companies know what their prospective customers are searching on. Create social content that leverage key words to improve search engine rankings. In social world, companies need to think like publishers.
  9. 9. Its About CustomersSocial is not media-centric, it is customer-centric. Once you have gained experience, work towards integrating social deeper within your business.
  10. 10. Know Your GoalsStart with understanding your goals with social. Whereand how you want to participate is a business decision. Look at your industry and beyond for best practices.
  11. 11. Have a budgetAllocate your social marketing budget based on your levelof social marketing maturity. You must always know what it is costing you. ROI is important in long run.
  12. 12. Go in for the Long Haul– Social is not getting things done overnight, it is about nurturing a community, to seed success for future today.– One must understand social is just not marketing, it touches every aspect of business.– Start with answering why you want to run social programs and what success looks like.– Social is relationship-based its a long term investment in your brand.– Focus with your existing customers - they will spread the word for you. Welcome to the world of mouth.
  13. 13. Keeping an Eye on Social world for You For More Info Contact – Monica Kate, +91 9712719297