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Online technológie, Eva Veisova (Synovate), LOTE 2011
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Online technológie, Eva Veisova (Synovate), LOTE 2011


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Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • These days campaigns exploit the plethora of choices afforded by digital. This schematic sums up the options well, sometimes the brand is still in control and is still very much pushing things at the consumer, sometimes it is all about dialogue and building relationships by nurturing open and collaborative discussion, with the consumer in control of the agenda and how they interact with the brand. Of course campaigns need to flexible and work across all dimensions, which means that fundamentally a great idea founded in a powerful consumer insight that connects brands to consumer needs and motivations is still paramount.
  • Q. Which of the following would make you forward a video? Base: Males (784), Females (789)
  • Really important to mention brand buzz tracking. We see it as a key part of our offer We know you’ve already got something in place but we think our offer is not only more comprehensive but, dare I say it, more attractive too! Small text in corner = Radian6 = world’s leading independent provider of buzz tracking So what can it do to help us? Remember this is about helping us understand what’s going on out there in the digital sphere and helping us bring context to the broader tracker data Volume of content by brand Source of content (type of website) Monitor this over time You can see key influencers if you really want that level of granularity (most influential tweeters, news blogs, tech blogs) Can view the actual blog posts, tweets, public facebook comments so we can assess the sentiment (positive or negative) Important to say that YOU have access to this in real time! 5 minute updates! Speed comes thorough loud and clear in the RFP and this is going to help immensely on that front Early warning system for any issues (e.g PR wins or disasters for you or competitors!) What you get = an option for monthly reporting Otherwise we’ll be integrating the knowledge that comes out of here into quarterly debriefs! New topics can be added to the list and we can search and break the data down by any level
  • All the while: 1.2 m views of anti-Nestle Greenpeace views 95k Nestle fans see Facebook storm News media take story national and global
  • Posh, stingy, horrible, yummy, awesome.......this is how people speak....
  • Transcript

    • 1. Modern on-line technology in the consumer market research • Prepared for: Marketing a komunikacia 2011 • Prepared by: Eva Veisová, Managing Director Czech & Slovak Republic • Date: April 20, 2011, Bratislava © 2011. Synovate Ltd. All rights reserved. The concepts and ideas submitted to you herein are the intellectual property of Synovate. They are strictly of confidential nature and are submitted to you under the understanding that they are to be considered by you in the strictest confidence and that no use shall be made of the said concepts and ideas. Synovate does not, in providing this report, accept or assume responsibility for any other purpose or to any other person to whom this report is shown or in to whose hands it may come save where expressly agreed by our prior consent in writing.© Synovate 2011 | |
    • 2. Content • Buzztracking • Online comunity panels • Data Quality Update© Synovate 2011 | | 2
    • 3. Buzztracking
    • 4. building relationships digital in a world© Synovate 2011 | | 4
    • 5. The way brands communicate has changed Communications then Communications now TV Broadcast Consumer Ongoing dominant messages interaction dialogue Guaranteed Campaign Highly Highly reach focused targeted fragmented © Synovate 2011 | | 5
    • 6. There are new (better) ways to build relationships
    • 7. It’s no longer about shouting theloudest
    • 8. We were the greatest marketer of the But if we are to be the best of the 21st 20th century because we were the century, it will be because we are the loudest shouters. best listeners. A.G.Lafley, CEO, P&G,
    • 9. the importance of listening Synovate’s approach to delivering actionable insight from online conversation© Synovate 2011 | | 9
    • 10. why listen?© Synovate 2011 | | 10
    • 11. What people say and hear about your brandaffects how they perceive you Online, TV, In-store Cinema, Press, experience Outdoor, Radio Customer Sponsorship service Events & PR USE / PLANNED EXPERIENCE COMMS Service Social media experience Brand relationship Word-of- Marketing mouth activities COMPETITOR INCIDENTAL ACTIVITY COMMS Unplanned PR & media coverage Strategy Share-of- Social media Voice © Synovate 2011 | | 11
    • 12. Today’s communications are a dialogue –it’s not just about advertising anymore Open Dialogue Communication Collaboration Monologue Controlled © Synovate 2011 | | 12
    • 13. What do people share?© Synovate 2011 | | 13
    • 14. buzzhelp? tracking how can© Synovate 2011 | | 14
    • 15. Buzz tracking can help us to make senseof the content of online conversation© Synovate 2011 | | 15
    • 16. There are many ways in which buzz trackingcan add insight Campaign Brand equity management monitoring & evaluation Trend Buzz Competitive spotting tracking intelligence Identify PR & crisis influencers & management brand evangelists© Synovate 2011 | | 16
    • 17. Buzz offers different insight to “traditional”research Research Buzz Fieldwork Speed Real-time dependent Sample sizes Small Massive Representativity High Low Questions We set the Consumers set answered agenda their own agenda Buzz works best when used in-conjunction with traditional research to give us real-time insights to the things that matter to consumers© Synovate 2011 | | 17
    • 18. buzz tracking how can deliver insight?© Synovate 2011 | | 18
    • 19. Buzz can be an early warning system that gives immediate feedback into how your brand is perceived and how people are reacting to things you do© Synovate 2011 | | 19
    • 20. This level granular understanding isn’t possibleusing traditional research methods – buzzreports in real time, meaning you can act faster Nestle – Greenpeace protest 2010 Nestle terminates supplier contract National Reports that news report Nestle still using Greenpeace Facebook an alternative protest storm supplier © Synovate 2011 | | 20
    • 21. © Synovate 2011 | | 21
    • 22. Buzz tells you where the conversation is taking place© Synovate 2011 | | 22
    • 23. Most of the conversation for Innocent smoothiestakes place on microblogs like Twitter Innocent : Sources © Synovate 2011 | | 23
    • 24. The brand doesn’t make children’s food but almost halfthe forum conversation happens on mum’s sites Innocent : Forums © Synovate 2011 | | 24
    • 25. Buzz shows how people express their feelings about your brand - language they use and emotions they attach© Synovate 2011 | | 25
    • 26. Do you talk to your customers the way theytalk about you? Pizza Express Pizza Pizza Express is Express is too posh no free awesome! refills. Pizza Express thin The only thing we find is Pizza pizza is yummy lots Express are stingy on the of veggies! toppings and without cheese they really dont fill you up. I got some pizza express ones from the supermarket last week, never again. Tasted horrible and I didnt even want to eat them. They were really bland.© Synovate 2011 | | 26
    • 27. how does buzz tracking work?© Synovate 2011 | | 27
    • 28. Synovate’s 5 stage approach Monitor & Take Listen Identify Predict action! understand © Synovate 2011 | | 28
    • 29. buzz matters!© Synovate 2011 | | 29
    • 30. And what about Online Qualitative Research?© Synovate 2011 | | 30
    • 31. Overview of @Life Digital Qualitative Options  @Life Online Bulletin Boards (OBBs); asynchronous discussion over 3 days  @Life Online Focus Groups (OLFGs); synchronous chat over 90 minutes  @Life Online In-Depth Interviews (OIDIs); use either OBB or OLFG foundation  Additional @Life Digital Qualitative Offerings o @Life Digital Storytelling: an online ethnographic approach that enables respondents, using digital media in workshop settings, to tell meaningful stories about different events/parts of their lives and record highly personal viewpoints/information which might not otherwise be obtained using traditional qualitative research methods. Each respondent begins with a personal story and then uses digital techniques and professional support to transfer the personal story to media. o @Life Online Interactive Panels: tools for continuing and dynamic interaction with communities of respondents with particular interests or profiles. They may continue over months or even years, for efficiency and/or conducting longitudinal research. The sale of this method is being restricted for the time being. More information will follow at a later date. © Synovate 2011 | | 31
    • 32. Why Use Online Qualitative Methodologies?Online Bulletin Board (OBB), Online Focus Group (OLFG),Online In-Depth Interviews (OIDIs) and Online Interactive Panels  All are especially useful for geographically dispersed targets • OBBs, Online IDIs, Online Interactive Panels: for in-depth, detailed information and/or where need for the most accurate information outweighs the client’s need to view respondents; especially good for over-scheduled professionals or business decision makers • OLFGs: for top-of-mind reactions to concepts where little probing is required  Images and concepts can be presented on the computer screen/‘whiteboard’  Recruiting, reporting are virtually identical to other qualitative methodologies  Transcripts easily generated online; tie every remark to a specific, named respondent  Client reporting needs may be satisfied with quicker, less expensive reporting options  No travel involved for respondents, clients, and/or moderators • No direct and/or labor costs associated with travel However, online methodologies carry some inherent limitations • Inability to probe on body language, facial expressions, voice inflections • Clients may expect bids to be less than for traditional qualitative methods, but costs are actually similar © Synovate 2011 | | 32
    • 33. 2 billion people are online -including most of your target market! Europe: Asia: 475m (58%) 825m (22%)NAm: 266m (77%) Oceania: 21m (61%) Africa: Middle LatAm: 111m East: 63m 205m (35%) (11%) (30%)Source: (June 2010 data) © Synovate 2011 | | 33
    • 34. In most countries, the internet is the mostimportant channel in most people’s lives –more than TV % agreeing with statement “I can’t live without it” Australia Brazil China India Netherlands Spain UK USASource: Synovate In:Fact study (December 2009) © Synovate 2011 | | 34
    • 35. Community Panels
    • 36. Successful marketing in the future will be less about shouting and more about listening. A multitude of platforms exist to engage and listen, allowing us to be closer to consumers than ever before – truly living in and amongst our customers.© Synovate 2011 | | 36
    • 37. What is a Community Panel?• A Community Panel is a dedicated group of existing or potential customers you engage with and learn from over time through interactive surveys and discussion forums.• Community Panels typically include anything from several hundred to many thousands of members that you’ve profiled, pre-screened and invited to join.• Like an exclusive club of your customers, the Community Panel provides insights on everything from product concepts to ad testing to purchase intent. Build deep profiles on your customers and track their attitudes and behaviors over time.• Members can also be non-customers or any other relevant stakeholder group.• Community Panels are also often referred to as: - Advisory Panels - Custom Panels - Proprietary Panels• A Community Panel is different from an Access Panel such as Viewsnet where any client can access and ask questions of the panel.© Synovate 2011 | | 37
    • 38. Critical Success Factors: Synovate’s Comprehensive ApproachSynovate believes there are three key competencies that must be delivered onto ensure the success of a custom panel. These are: • Research Design Respondent • Multimedia Platform • Project Management • Advanced Analytics Engagement/ • Custom Portals • Reporting Deep Data • Panel Administration • Survey Development and Research Collection • Panelist profiling Programming Expertise (Platform/Software) • Sampling Administration / management • • Data Capture and integration Data Quality 3 1 • Data Collection/Storage • Local teams knowing your • Reporting and Data Processing tools business and issues – not 2 just programmers Ongoing Panel and Recruit Management • Panel Recruitment • Panel Quality • Panel Maintenance • Panel Profiling • Sample Selection • Retention/Rewards © Synovate 2011 | | 38
    • 39. About Vision Critical© Synovate 2011 | | 39
    • 40. Who are Vision Critical?• Canada based Vision Critical is the world’s leader in technology and support services to help clients engage with and learn more from customers using interactive surveys and discussion forums. The Sparq platform is currently used by over 250 companies and engage almost 2 million respondents worldwide. For more information on Vision Critical visit© Synovate 2011 | | 40
    • 41. What features does the Vision Critical system have?Synovate uses the Sparq platform (powered by Vision Critical) for its custom communitypanels. Sparq is used by over 250 companies and engages almost 2 million respondentsworldwide. Features include: Panel Survey Sampling and Discussion Reporting/Data Management Authoring Deployments Boards Management •Built in panel health •Advanced Sampling •Multi-segment • Real-time live reports and statistics •Visual Questions based on any communities reporting •Search and Purge (Card Sort, Magnetic previous question – •Private and public • Participation, panelists based on boards, Highlighter, allows for longitudinal topics with Topline, Verbatim filters Page Turner, based targeted moderation reports and outputs •Customized HTML Allocation Sliders) surveys •One-on one or group • Advanced cross-tab newsletter and •Advanced scripting •HTML and text email communities functionality with sig general including piping, designer and custom •Photo upload testing, RIM communication Branching, quota templates abilities weighting and templates management, •Unlimited sample •Discussion Analysis recoding •Management of Rotations and per study tools (filters and • Multiple output portal content and Masking •External sample highlighting based on formats including OBBs •Question Libraries, deployment quant info) SPSS including past studies •Invitations, reminder management © Synovate 2011 | | 41
    • 42. What type of research is suitable for aCommunity Panel? Ideation/ innovations Monitoring Concept generation/ trends testing Customer Bulletin board Consumer evaluation discussions Sentiment/ Product Buzz development Community Surveys Panel Collecting pictures Pack development Customer satisfaction/ showing Focus groups retention audio/ video Shelf/category management Strategy Ad creation/ development testing© Synovate 2011 | | 42
    • 43. 5 Reasons Why Companies Love Community Panels 1. Fast and Flexible - Collect insights quickly, always on/direct access, digestible results, quant & qual 2. Deep Profile of Customers - Longitudinal, avoid tedious duplicative q’s, go back to people & iterate, sniff trends over time, pinpoint sample, shorter surveys 3. Engaged Participants - Insiders = less straight lining/more thought, high response rates (avg. of 46%), customer voice 4. Bake Customer Voice into Company DNA - Bring VOC into every decision, inject research across org, segments come to life 5. More Research for Less Money - Supplemental research at minimal extra cost, say “yes” more, sample costs decrease with every study© Synovate 2011 | | 43
    • 44. thanks for listening© Synovate 2011 | | 44
    • 45. Data Quality Update
    • 46. Industry Data Quality Trends A fundamental issue in contemporary market research is whether the results from surveys using samples selected from online panels will provide reliable results from which marketing and business decisions can be made with confidence. An equally important and related question is whether the quality of online studies can be raised to an acceptable level through the development and application of a set of procedures dealing with the recruitment and management of online panels. To this end, a number of important industry initiatives have been put in hand with the intention of providing answers. These initiatives include: • ARF – Foundation of Quality Initiative – ARF Quality Enhancement Process V1.0 • ESOMAR 26 Questions • RFL Data Quality Guide© Synovate 2011 | | 46
    • 47. ARF – Foundation of Quality InitiativeSynovate Online has participated in the ARF Initiative as a major online paneloperator. With respect to online consumer samples, the ARF FoQ Initiativedetermined that among the first areas it would investigate are:• The replication and the reliability/consistency of results across waves• The comparison of online survey results with relevant benchmarks• The degree to which duplication occurs in samples when multiple sample sources (panels) are used• The effects of multi-panel membership on survey results• The effects of respondent motivation and engagement on survey results• The connections between proposed or commonly used metrics and data quality• The effects of survey length on survey results and on respondent survey- taking behaviorThe initiative brought together 17 online sample providers who allowed theirpanel members to participate in the study. Preliminary results werepresented at the ARF conference on April 1st, 2009.© Synovate 2011 | | 47
    • 48. ESOMAR 26The ESOMAR Guide to Conducting Research on the Internet, aspublished in 2005, now contains a section with 26 reformattedquestions. The questions were designed to help end-users discuss online access panel research methodology by creating a framework and language for dialogue with online vendors and research agencies.Since the ESOMAR Guide was published, the growth in online researchhas been enormous. In particular there has been a large increase in thenumbers and types of online sampling sources and currently, multiplesources are frequently used to provide sample for a single project.ESOMAR therefore revised the questions to reflect current issues and toprovide an explanation of the reasons why the questions should beasked. A copy of Synovate’s answers to ESOMAR 26 is available uponrequest.© Synovate 2011 | | 48
    • 49. What else you should know about ourpanels…: • ESOMAR defined 25 questions on panel quality, it will answer questions on: Recruitment These are the questions you sources should ask yourself when Recruiting selecting a research partner for procedures online research…. Privacy Policy …. Synovate is proud to provide Response Rates you with a copy and share with you our answers on online panel Incentives quality. Frequency of use (in “normal view” : click on icon below to obtain the Quality Control document) “straight liners” Profile Panel Maintenance © Synovate 2011 | | 49
    • 50. Synovate’s Data Quality MarkSynovate online is committed to providing reliable online surveyinformation to their clients through the application of a rigorousQuality assurance program. This program addresses threeaspects of Synovate’s online research offering:2. Procedures and principles governing the recruitment, classification and selection of samples of panelists using an online platform (sample quality)2. Procedures governing the composition and reporting behavior of online respondents to specific research studies (quality of survey results)3. Advice and assistance provided to users on the inherent strengths and weaknesses of the online panel platform (methodological issues).© Synovate 2011 | | 50
    • 51. Our Proprietary Consumer Panels… Augmented with access to GMI panels • Synovate is committed to continuing the development of proprietary panels in strategic markets: recruited, managed and maintained by Synovate ViewsNet. • The exclusive partnership with GMI offers us global coverage and access to more than 7 million consumers globally.This gives us competitive leadership in theonline business: We can offer access tothese panellists at an exceptional discountover market rates. © Synovate 2011 | | 51
    • 52. Our Proprietary Consumer Panels… Augmented with access to GMI panelsSynovate PanelsGMI Panels© Synovate 2011 | | 52
    • 53. What types of research work best online?© Synovate 2011 | | 53
    • 54. Why go online and for what?• The secret of good online research is to play to it’s strengths and not to stretch it beyond it’s usefulness just on the basis of cost as the risks for our business are disproportionate. The key benefits of online remain: - Speed (e.g. 7 days in total for sample size n=200) - Price (cheaper by 30-40% than standard research) - Interactivity - Multimedia - Longitudinal comparison - Pre profiling of respondents• The most common studies clients go for: - Packaging test - Concept testing - Advertisement pre/post testing (TV, Radio, Printed...) - Music advertisment test - Pricing tests - Web pages tests• Areas of our experience: - FMCG - Finance - Motoresearch - Governmental sector © Synovate 2011 | | 54
    • 55. Chart of types of research done most onlineThis chart is a rough visualization of the Online Researchhierarchy of suitability of various projecttypes to online research. Product Testing Concept TestingDepending on the sample source, the Advertising & (conjointnature of the questions and the length Communication etc.)and complexity of the survey the viability Effectivenessof an online approach may varymarkedly to that suggested by this chart. U&A Employee/ Trackers Customer Satisfaction Infancy Omnibus Maturity B2B Multi-cultural (U.S) Traditional Research © Synovate 2011 | | 55
    • 56. About Synovate
    • 57. Synovate Czech RepublicMeteor Centre Office park „B“, Sokolovská 100/94, Prague 8About usSynovate, the market researcharm of Aegis Group plc,generates insights to help clientsdrive competitive brand, productand customer experiencestrategies. A truly borderlesscompany with offices in over 60countries, our approachcombines best in class global Our Team Our Capabilitiesresearch capabilities withpersonalised service, local • 20 full time employees • CAPI (Computer Assisted Personalknowledge and the flexibility to • 4 Focus Groups and In-depth Interview)create teams and processes that interviews moderators • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephonemeet clients specific • 4 Fieldwork department employees Interview)requirements. At Synovate, our • • PAPI (Paper Assisted Personal Interview) 1 qualitative research recruiterclients sit at the top of our • Censydiam certified moderators • Focus Groupsorganisational chart, driving us tocontinually develop more • Own network of interviewers (8 • In-depth interviewsinnovative research solutions regional supervisors, more than 250 • Central Location Tests around Czechthat predict actual business interviewers) Republic (Synovate CLT studio in centre ooutcomes. • Internal data processing department Prague) and 150 analytics available in • Online research (35,000 panel members iWe are member of: regional DP centre in Sophia Czech Republic) © Synovate 2011 | | 57
    • 58. Our reference• AmRest s.r.o. • Lactalis CZ s.r.o.• AmRest Coffee s.r.o. • McCANN-ERICKSON PRAGUE s.r.o.• Bauer Media v.o.s. • Nestlé Česko s.r.o.• Billa s.r.o. • Philips Česká republika s.r.o.• Česká spořitelna a.s. • Pivovary Staropramen a.s.• Českomoravská stavební spořitelna a.s. • Plzeňský Prazdroj a.s.• Československá obchodní banka a.s. • Provident Financial s. r. o.• Emco spol. s r.o. • Red Bull Česká republika s.r.o.• Ferrero Ceska s.r.o. • s.a. Coca-Cola Services n.v.• Fotex Česká republika s.r.o. • Sociologický ústav AV ČR, v.v.i.• Globus ČR k.s. • ŠKODA AUTO a.s.• Heineken Česká republika • Telefónica O2 Czech Republic a.s.• HSBC Bank plc • Tesco Stores ČR a.s.• JT International,spol. s.r.o. • T-Mobile Czech Republic a.s.• KRAFT FOODS CR s.r.o. • Vitana, a.s.• Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech s.r.o. • Vodafone Czech Republic,a.s.© Synovate 2011 | | 58
    • 59. Synovate SlovakiaDunajská 4, 811 08 Bratislava, SlovakiaAbout usSynovate, the market researcharm of Aegis Group plc,generates insights to help clientsdrive competitive brand, productand customer experiencestrategies. A truly borderlesscompany with offices in over 60 Our Team Our Capabilitiescountries, our approachcombines best in class global • 9 full time employees • CAPI (Computer Assisted Personalresearch capabilities with • 4 Focus Groups and In-depth Interview)personalised service, local interviews moderators • CATI (Computer Assisted Telephoneknowledge and the flexibility to • 2 Fieldwork department employees Interview)create teams and processes that • Own network of interviewers (8 • PAPI (Paper Assisted Personal Interview)meet clients specific regional supervisors, more than 250 • Focus Groupsrequirements. At Synovate, our interviewers) • In-depth interviewsclients sit at the top of our • Internal data processing department • Central Location Tests around Slovakiaorganisational chart, driving us to and 150 analytics available incontinually develop more regional DP centre in Sophiainnovative research solutionsthat predict actual business We are member of:outcomes. © Synovate 2011 | | 59
    • 60. Our reference• Heineken • Ikea• • Kika Kraft Foods • Hilti• Procter & Gamble • Shell• Unilever • Bayer• Bongrain • Pfizer• Palma • Gedeon Richter• • Provident Financial Vitana • GE Money• Nestle • ČSOB• Tchibo • mBank• Coca Cola • ProfiCredit• Karloff • MasterCard• • Slovenská Sporiteľňa Imperial Tobacco • Orange• Adidas • HBO• Grotto • TNT• Tesco • Renault• Shopping Palace • Microsoft• • Probugas Lidl • Východoslovenská energetika• Kaufland© Synovate 2011 | | 60
    • 61. Questions?Please, don’t be hesitate to contact me. Eva Veisová Managing Director CZ&SK Phone: + 420 242 480 901 Mobil: + 420 603 194 057 Synovate Czech Republic Meteor Centre Office Park „B“ Sokolovská 100/94 186 00 Prague 8© Synovate 2011 | |
    • 62. Thank you!Our curiosity is all yours!© Synovate 2011 | |