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Upgrade & ndmp
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Upgrade & ndmp


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    • 1. Hana Shparber ,Ben-Gurion University Israel
    • 2. Ben-Gurion University of the Negev was established in 1969 with the aim to bringdevelopment to the Negev, a desert area comprising more than sixty percent ofthe country. The University was inspired by the vision of Israels first PrimeMinister, David Ben-Gurion, who believed that the future of the country lay in thisregion.Today, Ben-Gurion University is a major center for teaching and research withcampuses in Beer-Sheva, as well as in Eilat and Sede Boqer, where Ben-Gurionlived in his final years and is buried.
    • 3. Upgrade V 5.5.4 to V 6.1.3 toNew server using Replicated serverServer A Server B Server CV 5.5.4 Replica of New 6.1.3 A)) V 5.5.4
    • 4. Server A:1.Backup Database2.Halt TSM InstanceServer B Replicate and restore a new computer:1.Install Tsm (v 5) And Upgrade tool.2.Copy from A volhist.out , devcnfg.out3.Restore the Database to B: • Create new DB Dsmserv –k ServerX format 1 E:tsmdataLibserverlog1.dsm 2048 1 E:tsmdataLibserverdb1.dsm 10240 • Restore DB Dsmserv –k ServerX restore db todate=today ( p=y to preview ) OR Dsmserv –k ServerX restore db todate=today source=dbs4. Start the instance and make sure everything is correct
    • 5. Server C: 1. Install Tsm 6.1.4 2. Create new instance (With management console , choose minimal configuration) 3. Backup the new Instance to check that it works. 4. Remove the new (empty) database Dsmserv –k serverX –o c:program FilestivolitsmserverXdsmserv.opt removedb TSMDB1 Check that the archive dir is empty 5. Create empty DataBase Dsmserv –k serverX –o c:program FilestivolitsmserverXdsmserv.opt loadformat dbdir=”d:TSMTSM_LIBSERVER ACTIVELOGSIZE=4096 ACTIVELOGDIR=”c:....” ARCHLOGDIR=….. When creating new DB new file dsmserv.dbid is created in the instance directory.
    • 6. Upgrade:1.Server b C:program FilesTivoliTSMupgradedsmupgd –k serverX preparedb 1>>prepare.out 2>&1
    • 7. 2. Server CDsmserv –k serverX –o c:program FilestivolitsmserverXdsmserv.opt insertdbsesswait=60 1>>insert.out 2>&1ANR0408I Session 1 started for server $UPGRADESOURCE$ (Windows) (Tcp/Ip) forV6 Database Upgrade.ANR1379I INSERTDB: Read 19,773 bytes and inserted 216 database entries in0:00:00 (0.00 megabytes per hour).ANR1379I INSERTDB: Read 937,620,088 bytes and inserted 6,532,050 databaseentries in 0:05:00 (10728.00 megabytes per hour).ANR1379I INSERTDB: Read 1,315,456,389 bytes and inserted 9,169,137 database….ANR1379I INSERTDB: Read 6,277,318,329 bytes and inserted 43,395,277 databaseentries in 1:00:00 (5986.00 megabytes per hour).ANR0136I Table updating statistics performed successfully for 4 of 4.ANR1524I INSERTDB: Beginning database update phase.ANR1525I INSERTDB: Updated 0 of 13,534,917 database entries in 0:05:18.ANR1525I INSERTDB: Updated 13,534,917 of 13,534,917 database entries in0:14:53.ANR1395I INSERTDB: Process 1, database insert, has completed.ANR1397I INSERTDB: Found 61 database objects.ANR1398I INSERTDB: Processed 61 database objects.ANR1399I INSERTDB: Failed to process 0 database objects.ANR1517I INSERTDB: Processed 43,395,277 database records.ANR1518I INSERTDB: Read 6,277,318,329 bytes.ANR1519I INSERTDB: Elapsed time was 1:29:45.ANR1445I INSERTDB: Throughput was 4001.78 megabytes per hour.ANR1446I RUNSTATS: Table updating statistics started.ANR0136I Table updating statistics performed successfully for 117 of 117.ANR1528I RUNSTATS: Table updating statistics completed in 0:11:37.ANR0369I Stopping the database manager because of a server shutdown .
    • 8. 3. Server B Server CC:Program FilesTivoliTsmupgradedsmupfgrd –k serverX extractdb detaileshladdress= lladdress=1600 1>>extract.out 2>&1ANR1392I EXTRACTDB: Extracted 42,938,965 database entries in 2,552,644 pagesand wrote 6,218,866,238 bytes in 0:50:00 (7116.00 megabytes per hour).ANR0409I Session 2 ended for server $UPGRADETARGET$ (Windows).ANR1382I EXTRACTDB: Process 1, database extract, has completed.ANR1383I EXTRACTDB: Found 120 database objects.ANR1384I EXTRACTDB: Processed 61 database objects.ANR1385I EXTRACTDB: Skipped 59 empty database objects.ANR1386I EXTRACTDB: Failed to process 0 database objects.ANR1387I EXTRACTDB: Processed 43,395,277 database records.ANR1388I EXTRACTDB: Read 2,580,435 database pages.ANR1389I EXTRACTDB: Wrote 6,277,318,261 bytes.ANR1390I EXTRACTDB: Elapsed time was 0:50:20.ANR1391I EXTRACTDB: Throughput was 7135.63 megabytes per hour.
    • 9. 4. Server C • Bring up the Instance Dsmserv –k ServerX • Check that all is well
    • 10. Upgrade V 5.5.4 to V 6.1.3On the production server Server A V 5.5.4
    • 11. Server A:1.Preparing a disk for the upgraded data base andlogs2.Backup Database3. Halt TSM Innstance4.Cold backup of Tsm installation and database.5. If you have Mirror take one disk from the mirror and save it6. Install Upgrade tool.
    • 12. 7. Change the server instance in order to leaveserver1 instance free to version 6Example: changing server1 to server4 • Rename the dir from server1 to server4 • "c:Program FilesTivoliTSMupgradedsmupgrd" -k server4 update • Check registry keys with regeditHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWAER -> IBM -> ADSM -> CurrentVersion -> SERVER ->SERVER1rename server1 to server 4 • Check the new instance and then Halt it.Cd c:Program FilesTivolitsmserver4..serverdsmserv –k server4 –o C:Program filestivolitsmserver4dsmserv.opt
    • 13. 8. From the server4 directory prepare the databaseC:program FilesTivoliTSMupgradedsmupgd –k server4 preparedb 1>prepare.out 2>&1 check in the output file prepare.out the line Database upgrade completed successfully9. Uninstall tsm 5Uninstall the V5 server, server license, and device driver. Do notremove the database, recovery log, or any other related files ordirectories, such as the server options file.Do not remove registry entries for the server.Click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.Select the Tivoli® Storage Manager component, then click Remove.Repeat for the license and the device driver.10. Install Tsm 6
    • 14. 11. Create new instance and database • Create new instance • Backup the new Instance to check that it works. • Remove the new (empty) database Dsmserv –k serverX –o c:program FilestivolitsmserverXdsmserv.opt removedb TSMDB1 Check that the archive dir is empty • Create empty DataBase Dsmserv –k serverX –o c:program FilestivolitsmserverXdsmserv.opt loadformat dbdir=”d:TSMTSM_LIBSERVER ACTIVELOGSIZE=4096 ACTIVELOGDIR=”c:....” ARCHLOGDIR=….. When creating ne DB ne file dsmserv.dbid is created in the instance directory.
    • 15. 12. Extract and Insert Database • Dsmserv –k server1 –o c:program FilestivolitsmserverXdsmserv.opt insertdb sesswait=60 1>insert.out 2>&1 • C:Program FilesTivoliTsmupgradedsmupfgrd –k server4 extractdb hladdress= lladdress=1600 1>extract.out 2>&1 Insert and Extract lasted 20 hours for 90Gb database
    • 16. Upgrade V to V On the production server Server A V
    • 17. 1. Check the instance user and group Net user db2user1 */add Net localgroup Administrators db2users1 /add Net localgroup DB2ADMNS db2user1 /add Net localgroup DB2USERS db2user1 /add (You must create a User Id and Group that will be the owner od the TSM server instance)2. Before starting the upgrade, rename the instance file. The instance file (Instance.dat) is in the Tivoli Storage Manager server installation directory3. For every instance : db2bindb2idrop InstanceName3. Install with installation wizard Install the license from 6.2.1
    • 18. 5. For every instance:(If the instances is running whit different users logout and log in with the instance user before starting *5) • Open cmd cd c:Program FilesTivoliTSMdb2bin • Create the instance ( It’s DB2 instance ) db2bindb2icrt server2 -u user1,******** • Recreate the variables in the instance file DB2SET -i server2 DB2CODEPAGE=1208 db2bindb2set -i server2 "DB2_SKIPINSERTED=ON" db2bindb2set -i server2 "DB2_KEEPTABLELOCK=ON" db2bindb2set -i server2 "DB2_EVALUNCOMMITTED=ON” db2bindb2set -i server2 "DB2_VENDOR_INI=c:PROGRA~1tivolitsmserver2tsmdbmgr.env" db2bindb2set -i server2 "DB2_SKIPDELETED=ON" db2bindb2set -i server2 "DB2INSTPROF=C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataIBMDB2DB2TSM1" db2bindb2set -i server2 "DB2_PARALLEL_IO=*“
    • 19. • Upgrade databasedb2cmdset db2instance=server2Db2startdb2 catalog db tsmdb1db2 upgrade db tsmdb1Db2stop• Run and checkcmdcd "c:Program FilesTivoliTSMserver2"..serverdsmserv -k server2
    • 20. TSM Server & Netapp Computation center in main campus DRP buildingScalar I500 TS3500 Network infrastructure is at .MByte (1Gbit) per second 128 Tsm The main task of the Drp filer is to get the volume’s .copies Fiber switch Fas3050 Fas3140HA 1Gb Dark fiber
    • 21. • Netapp volume’s become very large:  Large size  Large number of files• Want to save as much as possible history• Want to save Backup space• Want the backup duration will be short• Want to backup DATABASES with Downtime as short as possible We use / implement Tsm ndmp backup to get as close as possible to our desire
    • 22. Backup netapp with NDMP (Network Data Management Protocol) How to backup ?1.Filer to attached library OR (and?) Filer to tsmserver2.Full + DIFFerential OR (and?) Snapmirror TSM 6 gives a variety of backup options for NDMP. we have to decide which option best suits us.
    • 23. charts from Administrators Guide 6.2. We need to decide between NDMP:filer to server or NDMP: filer to attached library.This chart show us the filer attached to Library
    • 24. With Ndmp backup over the net you can backup remote filer’s. For us it wasa significant advantage. The workload is on the backup storage.
    • 25. These are some of the features of NDMP backup.Administrators Guide 6.2 page 253-254 Features that had the most weight are: Migration and Reclamation. Migration and Reclamation Possible only in filer to server.
    • 26. Full + DIFFerential Snapmirror• Full backups are done on a regular basis, SnapMirror to tape dumps all current for example, weekly file data and all snapshot file data from• In between Full backups, Differential the filer to local tape or filer-to-Tivoli backups copy only files that have Storage Manager Server changed since last Full backupTOC (Table of content) No TOC supportCan restore singe file (with or without TOC) Enables the restore of all Snapshot copies back to the destination system • Backup with TOC have the benefit of restoring single file without knowing the path of the file. But TOC take place in TSM database’s. Volume with many file’s on it take long time and database grow. • Over timeThe DIFFerential file backup grow in size and backup time
    • 27. Example the difference of month backup with full + differential OR snapmirrorDate Full+differntial Snapmirror01.01.2011 Backup full Take snapshot02.01.2011 Backup differential Take snapshot03.01.2011 Backup differential Take snapshot………31.01.2011 Backup differential Backup type=snapmDifferential  File levelSnapshot  block level At the end of the month the last differential file will be larger then the snapshot from the beginning of the month. In one backup operation you get the all month backups and the backup size will be the volume occupancy size.
    • 28. In the tsm we see (occ) of the volume+snapshots.When we have to restore we need the volume size on the netapp.
    • 29. The backup speed is between 44MB to 30MB per second
    • 30. Snapmirror:•Continuous period backup for historyrestore.•Large file systems•Large amount of files• You can combine this method other backup methods. o Ba client for small /medium volumes for the short time backup o Snapmirror for history backup
    • 31. Setting up ndmp filer backup to tsm server•Create storage pool Type = Primary , Format: Native•Create policy domain Copy Destination: NAS-STG Table of Contents Destination: NAS-STG•Reg node Type=nas•Define datamover node_name type=nashla=filer_name(or ip) user=root password=*****dataformat=netappdump•Backup & Restore
    • 32. Backup & Restore ExamplesBackup node node_name /vol/dataBackup node node_name /vol/data type=snapm tsm: CC1>restore node eon_sm /tbone_data/vol/restore1filelist="/ready/copy/20101215/07/smtp-23933-5885E75E-C51A-70F7-02CF-753901C9310F.3"pitdate=12/26/2010tsm: CC1>restore node eon_sm/vol/hawk2_stg5 /vol/hawk2_stgRestore1PITD=11/30/2010 type=snapm(The target volume has to be in restricted state and the size has to beat least as the source. With “q fil” we can see what was the originalsize.)