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Talk at next12, Berlin about the Future of Mobile as it changes from the App Economy to a Lifestyle of Mobility.

Video of the talk available here:

Mobile is changing all aspects of our lives, all industries and the society around us. This creates massive change, disruption and opportunities at the same time.

Mobile is certainly a catalyst for great change ahead: for society, individuals, tribes and local communities – but also for brands, agencies and incumbent industry leaders.

While we enter into a Lifestyle of Mobility, collectively we have the chance to capitalize on the huge opportunities but at the same time help empower new generations and parts of society that have been less fortunate to this point in time.

If you stop for a second and not indulge in a new app you just downloaded for fun, you notice something profound is happening around us.

People are glued to their smartphones 24/7 and we need to put up street signs to remind people to look up from their busy connected lives.

While disruption is running rampant in all industries touched by mobile devices, citizens demand faster and leaner services from governments as well as brands.

The “Internet of Things” is another term coined to bring understanding to the speed of change that is happening around us.

Mobile is a catalyst or change and with connected sensors and “things” Mobile will become the new computing hub and intelligence source that will become the re- mote control to our lives.

The automobile industry is next to become an “experience hub” with embedded smart mobile technologies and sensors.

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Lifestyle of Mobility by Harald Neidhardt at Next12

  1. 1. Lifestyle of Mobility. Singularity, Quantified Self & The Remote Control to our Lives Harald Neidhardt Founder & Curator, MLOVE Co-Founder, Smaato
  2. 2. Are you ready tochange the World?
  3. 3. Are You?“Are you working on something that can change theworld? Yes or no?The answer for 99.99999% of people in the world is‘no.’ I think we need to be training people on how tochange the world.” - Larry Page, Google Co-Founder at SU founding conference
  4. 4. Singularity is Near.Singularity occurswhen humanity createsan artificial intelligence(AI) that is moreintelligent, not onlythan a humanintelligence, but moreintelligent than allhuman intelligencescombined.
  5. 5. Singularity is Near. 1. Artificial Intelligence & Robotics 2. Nanotechnology 3. Biotechnology & Bioinformatics 4. Medicine & Neuroscience 5. Networks & Computing Systems 6. Energy & Environmental Systems
  6. 6. Perspective.
  7. 7. Fasten your Mind.
  8. 8. Cross-Pollination. Music Auto MediaHealth Fashion Education ... Retail
  9. 9. Remote Control to our Life. Voice & AI Embedded Sensors TouchlessInternet of Things Ambient Conscious Computing
  10. 10. Payment & Currency.
  11. 11. Quantified Self.
  12. 12. mHealth.
  13. 13. I AM YOUR FATHER.
  14. 14. Design Thinking.The $1 Billion unfair advantage & The War for Talent
  15. 15. Fasten your Mind.
  16. 16. Stop & Breathe.Cathy Brooks performance,MLOVE Monterey 2012
  17. 17. Risk: Email Apnea. “Email apnea,” or “screen apnea” is temporary cessation of breath when we’re in front of a screen, especially when texting or doing email. - Linda Stone, “Continous Partial Attention”
  18. 18. New: Calming Tech.
  19. 19. 160
  20. 20. Team Projects 109+Environment
  21. 21. SU EPO11 Participant FeedbackGrand Challenge1.4 billion in extreme poverty1 billion with no access to all-season roads
  22. 22. SU EPO11 Participant Feedback
  23. 23. SU EPO11 Participant FeedbackSolutionThe Matternet:- autonomous, electric, flying vehicles- automated ground stations- AI-driven logistics software
  24. 24. How will you change their Future?
  25. 25. Abundance & Opportunity vs.Apocalypse & SkyNet?
  26. 26. So, where do you sit?
  27. 27. 160