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Me Magazine

  1. 1. <:0 !cf} <l .' ~ ~~ ~. ~ ~ '" ~ III c!) " ,'j) ; "' ~ ~ <:J -~ t!J <.,. 'j'(t ~... ~ ~--~ ~- -11,.~<. w ) .~ "I, ,,~ <J ~ ~, c:!!) <) ~ f~_J ~~~ampbell .' ... 1(1;--- ",," .,;?: C!) 1J
  2. 2. C0 '@; ~ @ " 'c:',.: ~ ik. This magazine is all about me! Who am I? Well you are going to need to read @; iii . the rest ofthe magazine to find out. In this magazine you will find out a little bit about who exactly I am. I will be talking about my home away from home, and one of the only sports I've been able ~o stick with for more than three years. @ I wrote about these topics because they are both very impof1:ant to me and '8~ have been a great influence on me. Myfirst article is about my second home; . @ Scotland. I've been going whole life, but each time I go i:;always a new. . . III experience. The other topic I chose to write about was volleyball. I started it in fifth @ grade for an after school program,.and I am now play volleyball outside of school in trf' a club. It was a fun experience putting together the magazine. I hope you epjoy {~I ;. reading a little more about me in my Me Magazine! @ Sincerely, f(. "" @ 1-t~n """;''''fl~1:*;i;~,,'~''',~'''~f''N.' .- ~ " V . e . >!; - {G, e @ ,. @) (€J @ @ @ '.. f ~ .. '" ~ ~ (~" l' ,. ~ @) i I 1118 k. '... I:' '." , . . '. . ... II .. @) . """, ~ Ji< @) ..' ~ 'gp. . ~ l1::li == I
  3. 3. ~ - ~. ~ a "-, -- ,-'~-. ~ r~ "'I t' Scotland ~' r '" Q5- "'!I " My Home Away From Home '" -, --- " " I've been going to Scotland blue window frames and door, and a ," since I was very young~ The very first bJack slanted roof, with ,a large garden '" time I ever traveled out of the country with a big hedge bordering it. The - to Scotland wa~ when Iwas one year house is located in a little virrage just. . ~' old. I was going to Scotland to visit '" outside of Sterring. Visiting my famHy !i' my dad's famHy, and I have been is a-big part of why we go to Scothmd !;j traveling ever since. ' every year. I love visiting my -; Going to Scotland ha~ become grandma, aunties and undes, and aU , " III~ an annual visit that I look forward to my cousins! They aU live in different "' ",iii! every year. I've been going there for places in Scotland, but my -,~ so long that it has become my second grandmother's little house is where ',home; My dad was born and raised in , we usuaUyaUcome together to catch Scotland and he came over to the up with each other. United States. Because only my dad "There are always emigrated from Scotland, we go to . Scotland to visit my Dad's side of the funny new stories" famHy. For this reason, I am not only Onething I always like about ", an American citizen, but a British Scotland is that there is always citizen as weU. something new. Whether it is walking t When visiting Scotland my down Princes St. in Edinburgh and dad, mum, sister, and i always stay seeing aUthe new fashions, or with our grandmother. My meeting new people in Perth. There grandmother lives in a little one-story are always funny new stories or at house, with a white exterior, with least a new variation of a story that " 'ii!.-. -~ '!~. ..,- '-' Ii> ~ "'-' "" .~
  4. 4. - .,2 ... --- i'" ""'=, my grandmother is ~ager to tell. Or going to our friends house to watch a I hilarious TV show about a bookstore. Comingto Scotland, is likea fresh of . breath air! ~ . . .. Ultls my home away. . I from home!" Scotland is has changed my . . . point of v~ewof things. It has made me more of an accepting and flexible. person, than I would be if otherwise. ~ .. It is my home away from home! . ~ - '" ~-;; . . I ~~ "" ~ t Kingdom III J I , I .. I:' ~ i I , % I I ~ '" I . '" ~ . I I -- ~ I I ,0: 1~1 I~ I I ... - - -
  5. 5. e.. , ." ... .~ '3 ~
  6. 6. ,c- _c-"- ". "" '!;'< ,"'" .. "':- ~ '" . -<Ii !!!i ... "'"'"' ;;> s Volleyball It's Not Just a Sport It's a Passion 1am walking into the gym, on grade, 'Idecided to jign up for the scIJool § ~ a Thursday right after school, waiting volleyball team. "" '" - for the first day ofthe volleyball "When you gave a g'ood program to begin. 1was with a few other fifth graders in my class, but pass, everyone could see it!" ~ - everyone else was in the middle Playingfor the sch901team was school. They have aU played before, fantastic. We would get out of school at3:20 and 1was comp!etely new to the with everyone else, and head up to the gym. '" sport. Finally after what seemed like a Once'our coach came, we would get i'na , , century, the middle-school volleyball huge circle and stretch. O~e ofthe eighth coach, came into the gym. Little did 1 graders on the team wou"ldcount out all the .. ~ know that at that moment, a door odd numbers up to teli, and everyone else ~ .." '" opened that led me to where 1am would fill in with the even numbers. As a '" .. - today. sixth grader that was new to the team, 1 , , thought this was one of the coolest things in "I didn't really want <! the world. After all the stretching and to play volleyball" counting, wewouJcI get in a long line and one , 1started playing when 1was in by one, our coach would toss the ball to us ,fifth grade, as a part ,of an after school and we would pass it back. I loved this drill II program. 1didn't really want to play because when you gave a good pass, .. volleyball, but since 1wasn't a part of everyone could see it! We practked drills to Ii: any other after school program, my improve our passing, setting, and serving, mum decided 1had to pick one. After from 3:30 to 5:00. Bu~during that time, ,our ~ that volleyball program, in sixth, coach also always made time for us to play . ~ ~ ~ II It'", -, ~ ' "~ ~ < . w. .~-- ..,";''!' ..tac~1~~';. -. a-~ ";'''. - .",...- . ", . 'f " .' =' " "II, III ill .. Ii. .
  7. 7. ~. ~.~ ","" and intense game of queen of the' "I got to spend my time J I court or a scrimmage. , with my friends, playing ,,, Mi~dle school volleyball, was a '~,' ' fantastic start, I learned all the basics volleyball!" e;1I'iii' 41 'andru;lesofplaying volleyball. But it , , '- ... ' There were only seven other girls 0'1 Ii was enough to satisfy my need to the team. Because there were so few of U$iat play. In eighth grade, Iwent to a try- t out for The Outsiders Volleyball Club. It was a long ,and anxious wait for me, practices we all got the help and attention we needed. At games we all got ~ nice amount of time to play, and we all got to ~I" , I I , till Ifound out whether I made the 'know each other very well. We spent many team or not. When I found out that I good times together and became very good made the team" I was practically, tll~ ~ friend with each other~ The friendship I made , bo~ncing ofthe walls. The Outsiders with the girls on my volleyball team Vl(o~ld vbc taught me so muchmore, than I have never existed if we all didn't share the ill"" ' IIlI'a , could have ever imagined at the time. love we have for the sport. Waking up,at 5:30 I learned how'to control a pass, that a.m. to drive to a volleyball tournament that would have been impossible for me to lasted from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. was the have had passed before, to an over If, best part of the whole season" because I got ~ hand serve that I have been previously to spend my time with my friends, playing ..-w- II. working so hard to do. The practices Iii volleyball! ., where very late at night and tiring, by . Playing in a volleyball game is nothing .. the time you got in the car and was , . , '~ " , like playing at practiee. The gyms are huge, ~~ " half way home, you would already be and loud, with tons of other teams,who all sound asleep. But we learned so have the same hope of wining. The fi(st much, and my teammates and game is usually the hardest; be,cause you are coaches were so great, that leavi~g a~ still tired from waking up'at a ridiculously- 6:30 to drive to the gym, only to leave ): early time to sit in a car for two hours to get two long hours later, never seemed so there. You have thirty minutes to warm-up' bad. and practice before the game~ Then you line W a 'I.. l
  8. 8. ?a up with the referee and walk tothe the setter who prepares the ball for the middle of the court and wave to all, point, but it is the back row passers job, to the adoring fans a.k.a the volleyball keep the other team from getting any points '"I moms and dads, and the occasional off of your team. I played back row for 'The sibling who got dragged along. The Outsiders team, and that position 'is where I , first few seconds of the game are the feel most comfor,table. It doesn't always , , most important,,!>ased off the first seem like it from watching a volleyball game,. serve, it decides whether you team is but just as mllch relies on the back roW, as it' going to start of behind and does on the,setterand the,hitter. From eventually lose the game, have a playing back row, I learned a great deal more strong start and slowly have,your about responsibility"and how anything you downfall, lose the first few points and do affects the team, for better or for worse. come back inthe end to win the "Volleyball has been by game, or remain Strongthe whole, game, waiting for you to collect your ,far my favorite." ""'" prize. I started , to p,layvolleyball to keep'me '. Watching volleyball and occupied after school., And I have tried , , playing it are two very different , almost every sport and activity possible, but things. You can watch the ball come volleyball has been by far my favorite. I ha,ve to the passer, who passes it to the made many friends through it, and have had setter, who sets it up for the hitter, to , tons of fun. Sometimes, when I am playing hit it down onto the ground on the volleyball, I don'teven realize that I am other teams cqurt. Or you can stop getting exercise and learning important the speeding ball from hitting the lessons! It is almost impossiblefor me to be ' gro.,md, by digging it up high to the sad while playing volleyball, which is yet setter, forthem to give a quickset to ~nother reason why I love it so much. ' the hitter, so they can slam the ball I have been playing,sincefifth grade, down into the, other teams court. It and I hope to continue playing for a very long ,the hitter who gets, the points, and time. '- "'''i,a,, "J(~- I.. "IIi .lflii!' &,~ '. . "' "II arm. ... ,~ I.. . -- , ,.r . ... ...... .", .. .,.. ... .. ... ... ,<ii, II" .
  9. 9. ~t;! """j;Ii~I~~ii~~jf!' lit t I ,; , C ,~ ,. , fi ' , ,'" ,;. tr -." I ~" II "1'; ~ ","'",',-, II , .~ ~
  10. 10. f ~'/ ~ ~1i ~ I ! ~ III ... .., 'I ~ ~II'III <iI , ." II II .11 II III".r .. III .c::: ~ '" Ii ~ I ... .. t ". ~ .~. II I III ." I II, III II II II III t. - 'iI "'" II tI I & II "1111 11111 Oii l1li II ". ~ . ~ I!I If! I " "" !!1 !ff ~ I.. II ~ " ~ "'...,. - - --- .... I . II "'....- - ~~I t ~ ~ .. II II . ~. ~". .. " .ri" II ~ ... II1II I .. !- t "'I... .II' II ~I II1II ~II .. .~ II It.. .. , II III ,. I Ii; ... !II i'. I II iii: ..... l1li -'I.. III .~ II a:: III 'tI II II :;t~ I jjfI' .. II~II III ill I'i "',1 III II.., II 11 II ~ ~ .."..-......-.