Analysis Of Existing Products.

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  • 1. Analysis of Existing Products.
  • 2. Film Magazine Front Cover The character within the background is overhsawed by the lead character which suggests sheis a character to keep an eye out for. I like the way kick ass is written as if someone has stamped or imprinted the words in an aggressive manner which suggests action in the film. As this particular charcter is prodominatly in the front of the magazine suggests he has a large role, the image is looking directly at us which is eye catching. The title is written in blood which suggests danger, this is also refelted in the lead character.
  • 3. Film Magazine Front Cover The title is very eye catching, it suggests that the fire is linked with one of the acepsts within the film, and also implies danger. The barcode is in a clear space as well as the name of the particular film being advertised . The image makes direct eye contact which will contect with the general public as it's quite eye catching. The image is in the centre of the magazine which is very effective as it standing out from the plain black background, the red is also a very mancing and an attention seeking colour.
  • 4. Horror Film Poster The title of the film is made clear within the poster, but the SI which are written in red connotes danger maybe in the film. The background shows a stereotypical suburbun home in America, which are usually assoisated with the horror genre . The dark and overcast clouds suggests stereotypical weather where something is bound to take place which is another convention linked with horror. The dark and drained skintone is very effective, it suggests that the character is puzzling and vague, this is also seen through the whites of eyes as they are clear compared to the rest of his body. Yet again the image is in the centre of the poster making him the direct focus. Mentioning of other horror related films suggesting this film fits into the same genre as the others mentioned.
  • 5. Horror Film Poster I likethe way this short message at the top of the poster makes you think, this is very effective as the audience will want to know what is wrong with her. This image very simplistic but strinking the fact that her face and hair are clear compared to her blurred surroundings which suggests something bizarre about the character. This is a very simplistic poster but yet very effective. The image is in the centre of the poster and also makes direct eye contact with the audience . The word 'ophran is handwritten this is another signal which suggests that this film is based on children.
  • 6.
    • I have then went to anaylse products from previous students from last year. I picked out the positives and negatives from the two products I chose.
  • 7. Previous Year Film Magazine The title of the mamazine has been made clear, and also the font is read which suggests connates danger and horror. I like the way the titile of the film looks like its blood splattered, this is very effective as it fits into the horror genre. I think this image is very effective as it leaves the injured character unknown, which will make the audience think what's happened. The only thing I would change is to make the image more central to the magazine making it more attention seeking. There are many different types fonts used within the front cover, if I could change anything I would used less font sd it deters away from the image behind .
  • 8. Previous Year Film Magazine I like the way the title of the magazine is very prominent, as well as how it advertises the giant poster heading above. The image is in the centre of the magazine which draws attention to the audience, I like the way they've paid atttention to the costume as well as the make-up . The only thing I dislike about the magazine is the font title of the film, I think they style of it doesnt seem to fit with the horror theme. Overall I like the ideological features as the colour schemes stays consistanr within the fron cover.
  • 9. Previous Year Film Poster I like the way the slogan at the top makes you think, what's happened in thw film, I also like the way the title of the film looks like the font has been splattered by blood. I like the way the character is surrounded by trees showing vunrabilty, the only thing I dislike about the image is that it seems vague ad abit simplistic. Overall I think the film poster is very effective, I like the way the poster is in black ans white as it draws more attention to the red font which connotes aspects of danger and also fits in the horror genre. It also covers all the ideological features such the age certificate, the date, sponsors and the film characters.
  • 10. Previous Year Film Poster I love the way the image doesn't give away the characters identity as you're only seeing the back of her. I also like the way the poster is mainly in black and white with only the red font which links with the genre of horror. The date of the film has been made clear within the film poster. The poster is very ideological as it contains all the features from the age certificate, film actors, website the cast members. The theme of blood stanined font has been used again, which is very effective as it has many conatations of what may of happened in the film . Overall I like this poster the most, as I feel as though it has many conatations and this would draw the audience towards it.