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    Innovation Dinner Amarillo Innovation Dinner Amarillo Presentation Transcript

    • Heath Naquin 06.14.2010
    •  Topics for Discussion ◦ Who is this Heath Person ?? ◦ What is this Innovation you Speak of ?? ◦ How does Innovation=Economic Development? ◦ Resources To Support Innovation ◦ What Next ?? H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    •  Heath Naquin BBA, MSTC, PMP ◦ Program Manager for Technology Transfer and Commercialization @ Ic2 Institute ◦ Part of International Innovation Team for 7 Countries ◦ COO and Founder of the Green Technology Alliance ◦ Commercial Reviewer for NSF and EPA ◦ Principal Advisor for Larta Institute ◦ Featured Presenter/Contributor for Forbes, TechNet and PMI H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • “the act or process of inventing or introducing something new” H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    •  Commercialization  Patents/IP  Invention  Entrepreneurship H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • “Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.” Peter Drucker “Innovation is the central issue in economic prosperity” Michael Porter H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • “An Invention is Innovative when I can get someone to buy it…” H. Naquin H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    •  Product  Process  Concept  Curriculum H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • Silicon Island Silicon Orchard Silicon Rain Forest Silicon Sandbar Dot Commonwealth Silicon Mountain WebPort Cyber District E-Coast Silicon Forest Silicon Glacier Silicon Tundra/ Silicon Plains Silicon Valley North Silicon Vineyard Silicon Necklace Silicon Snowbank Silicon Mountain Silicon Village Silicon Hill Automation Alley Silicon Island Silicon Gulch Silicon City Silicon Alley Silicon Valley Telecom Valley Silicon Valley Forge Multimedia Gulch Silicon Island Philicon Valley Silicon Holler Silicon Beach Silicon River Silicon Mesa Silicon Prairie Silicon Seaboard Digital Coast Media Del Rey Silicon Hollow Silicon Dominion/ Silicon Triangle Silicon Plantation Silicon Desert Cyberchella Valley Telecom Corridor Silicon Freeway Silicon Gulch/ Silicon Swamp Biotech Beach Silicon Hills Silicon Bayou Silicon Beach H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    •  Texas is home to over 4,100 biotechnology, biomedical research, business and government consortia, medical manufacturing companies, and world-class universities and research facilities.  These facilities and institutions employ over 104,400 workers at an average annual salary of over $67,300.  Biotechnology manufacturing establishments are in the Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, and San Antonio metropolitan areas.  Direct Investment in Innovation ◦ ETF and EDF H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • Creating the Technopolis, 1988 (R. Smilor, D. Gibson, and G. Kozmetsky) H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    •  Yes Innovation Can Happen Anywhere Even Amarillo. ◦ Case Study Reference India  The Goal of Innovation from an Economic Development Standpoint?? Wealth Creation H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    •  EntrepreneurialTalent in Region  Access to Technology  Community Support/Perception  Funding  Success H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    •  Attract and Provide Opportunity for Youth  Provide Educational Pathways  Create Culture Supporting Innovation ◦ BP Competition ◦ Invest in Training, Development and Small Business  Not Business Plan Writing, but Skills Development  Make Sure Everyone Knows About Successes  Leverage Existing Industry Investment in Region towards Innovation H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • ◦ Job creation ◦ Training ◦ Develop smart infrastructure ◦ Enhanced quality of life ◦ Space utilization ◦ Capital creation H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • Economic Development in the 21st Century is Contingent upon Innovation H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • New Technology + Entrepreneurs + Community Support + Funding New Ventures Increased Jobs+ Increased Salaries + Increased Talent Base H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • Increased Jobs+ Increased Salaries + Increased Talent Base Increased Tax Base + New Corporate Attractiveness and Creation Within Region Real Economic Development via Wealth Creation H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    •  Austin Return on Investment ◦ Kiplinger top city for the next decade ◦ Forbes #2 most Innovative City ◦ In Top 10 for most friendly for Entrepreneurs ◦ Significant Investment by Employers ◦ Number 2 in Country for Patents Filed ◦ Top Youth Magnet City H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    •  Direct for Companies ◦ Emerging Technology Fund/RCIC ◦ SBIR/STTR ◦ Others??  In Support of Region ◦ Governors Office ◦ Dept of Commerce/DoE/EPA/EDA ◦ Foundations H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    •  SBIR/STTR Increase  Increased Government Initiatives in Research tied to Economic Development-i6  International Collaboration  Increased Commercial Joint Projects and Shared Resources H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • So if Innovation is Important to Regional Economic Development what are some things that Amarillo can capitalize upon/leverage to drive real and sustained economic development and change?? H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    •  Creation of Regional Fund for Innovation ◦ City/Region gets Equity Stake in New Ventures ◦ Acceleration vs. Incubation Model  Leverage Wind Energy Status to Focus on Next Generation Energy Venture Acceleration Magnet  Promoted and Specialized PhD Program with WTAMU focused on Commercialization and Innovation  Establish International Landing Pad for International Ventures H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • Heath Naquin 512-294-1405 H.Naquin 6/14/2010
    • H.Naquin 6/14/2010