 Entrepreneurial and Professional Opportunities in the Green Tech Space

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This presentation was presented to the OPEN Network.

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  • 1. The GTA
    Evaluation, Validation and Opportunity
  • 2. Introduction
    Heath Naquin
    Founder-Green Technology Alliance
    International Commercialization Consultant
    Consultant with NSF and EPA for SBIR/STTR
  • 3. Perspective
    "Power and machinery, money and goods, are useful only as they set us free to live. They are but means to an end.
    Henry Ford
  • 4. Growth creates need
    while resources dwindle
  • 5. Topics
    Trends in Green Technology
    Funding Sources for Green Innovation
    Where to find Green Technologies?
  • 6. What is Green?
    Environmental in Focus
    Sustainable in Nature
    Provides Efficiency in Operation
    Socially Responsible
    Complies with values of 3 P’s or TBL
  • 7. Waves of Green Innovation
  • 8. Business Definition of Green
    Green Technology allows for equivalent or increased output with decreased resource usage.
  • 9. Verification of Theory
    “Properly designed environmental standards can trigger innovations that lower the total cost of a product or improve its value. Such innovations allow companies to use a range of inputs more productively—from raw materials to energy to labor—thus offsetting the costs of improving environmental impact and ending the stalemate. Ultimately, this enhanced resource productivity makes companies more competitive, not less.”
    Michael Porter, Harvard Business School
  • 10. What Really Makes Green Matter to Business
  • 11. Important Points forGreen Innovation
    Intellectual Property
    Enterprise Financing
    Value Proposition
  • 12. Green Technology IP
  • 13. What Does this Mean
    US is falling behind the
    Innovation Curve
    IP Can Prevent Implementation
    IP is critical for Start Up companies to ensure competitiveness in the Global Marketplace
    Those without solid IP will be left Behind
  • 14. New Business Innovation Needs
  • 15. Business Financing Sources
    Business Loans
  • 16. Venture Capital 2008
  • 17. Reality of Today
    Little Money from Traditional Sources
    Unlikely to See a Resurgence for Several Quarters if Not Years
    Boot Strapping is a Necessity
  • 18. What Happened??
  • 19. Bright Spots in Financing
    SBIR/STTR Increase
    Increased Government Initiatives in Research
    International Collaboration
    Increased Commercial Joint Projects and Shared Resources
  • 20. Where Do You Find Green Technologies??
  • 21. Typical Origin of Green Tech
    Tech Transfer Licensing from University Sources
    Office of Technology Commercialization
    National Labs Licensing
    International Licensure
  • 22. Value Proposition
    Remember what Business Really Cares About
    Focus on Efficiency as Competitive Advantage
    Don’t try and Charge a Premium above your Savings
    Rapid ROI
  • 23. Case Study in Opportunity
    WS Energia…aka Double Sun
    Origin: Portugal
    IP: Solid protection internationally with application and process associated patents developed
    Financing: Government Grant Funding
    Original Research Area: Robotics
    Competitive Pricing to Existing Standards
  • 24. What Do they Do??
  • 25. Industry Results
  • 26. State of Enterprise
    Expanding into new markets including US
    Extensive Usage in Europe
    Growth in Downward Economy
  • 27. Why are they a Success?
    Double Sun didn’t start by setting out to be Green
    The set out to provide a clear and distinct Value Proposition.
  • 28. Final Thoughts
    Make Sure You are Selling Something Unique…or at least better
    Protect your IP
    Financing Will be Tough
    Look towards Collaboration
    Eye on the Bottom Line for you and your Customer
  • 29. Contact Information
    Michelle Naquin– CEO & CSO
    • Michelle.Naquin@GreenTechnologyAlliance.org
    • 30. Cell: 512-484-8573
    Heath Naquin– COO & CTO
    • Heath.Naquin@GreenTechnologyAlliance.org
    • 31. Cell: 512-294-1405