Rajesh's 40th Birthday


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Rajesh's 40th Birthday

  1. 1. A bouquet full of wishes from all of us
  2. 2. Hi Rajesh,Wishing youmany manyhappy returns ofthe day. *
  3. 3. "Whether its in a satirical take on politics, ourin the sarcasm on competing technologies -sometime its in the subtle but witty commentsmasked under @krisheyes observations and allother things you notice about Ciggy - its theexuberance that catches the eye. And I guessthats one word that describes Ciggy as a person"And now that he crosses a milestone in life(entering the class midlife).....hope so see himas exuberant as ever !" *
  4. 4. Rajesh has been both a mentor and a friend to me- someone whom I have fallen back upon fromtime to time when it came to those “sitting on thefence” type of decision making scenarios.He has an excellent analytical capability whichcoupled with his strong passion and hard workingnature makes him a true professional. I have known him as a person who loves travelling(a true globe trotter!), experiencing new culturesand capturing those moments in his camera.A true family man, I will always remember Rajeshfor his wit and occasional humor and for thoseamazing tweets and facebook status updates thathe so religiously carries out! Happy BirthdayRajesh! Wish you all the best for the future! *
  5. 5. I wish him a Blessed & Happy 40thBirthday and years ahead. God Blesshim.I also wish it be a memorableoccasion for him and you and also toall your family members. *
  6. 6. Known him since college;and apart from other things ;wonder how this homo-sapien has 48hours in one day(& extendable);while the rest of us have 24.To SUM it up;Rajesh dear ; Are you for real ? *
  7. 7. Rajesh,One thought comes to mind whendescribing you:“Why join the Navy if you can be aPirate”These words were famously expressedby Steve Jobs, and it epitomes yourinspired witty and unconventionalpersonality.Wishing you a memorable 40thBirthday ahead, Cheers & Beersbuddy! *
  8. 8. Many many happyreturns for thebirthday...Wishing youa great year ahead... *
  9. 9. Rajesh is one the most unique people god created, with someunmatched characteristics that amazes people around him,whether it be his family or friends, everyone loves him for whathe is!He is so full of life and energy that even Redbull folks will neverbe able to crack that formula.His overflowing creativity makes me wonder how his mindworks in seconds to come out with most out of the box ideas(ifhe went to get copyrights, he may have more than anyone cancount).His amazing adaptability, for every kind of situation and person,to the extent that I have seen this Tam Bram behave like aPunjabi………imagine!His over-passionate love for his camera and what he createswith it is mind blowing!Has a great sense of humour too!And most of all, a wonderful wife, who is probably the only onewho matches up with him on all the above.He is a wonderful colleague and a great friend too.I wish him a very-very Happy 40th Birthday. May this year bespecial and every year that follows…!! *
  10. 10. The IT man extraordinaire,Photographer extraordinaire,Most of all,Someone who has a great senseof humor and is kind :-)Happy naughty forty ciggy! *
  11. 11. Ciggy is passionate and enthusiaticabout everything around him.Be it the i-series or clicking picturesor being a parent, he seems to beloaded on gyan on how to do it rightand better.I was super impressed by hisphotography (took initial gyan onwhat camera etc. from him) and hewas one of the starting points of mynew career: freelance photographer.Here s wishing him all the very bestin life!" *
  12. 12. Here’s to those chats, coffeesand exchanging of books.Not to forget the discussions(horribly boring ones ) on Iseries which u were sopassionate about and I had topretend to be interested.... . Wishing you a fabulous 40thbday. Love always.. *
  13. 13. ciggy to me means someoneyou can bank on, someone thatnever says no, you can trustand feel connected thoughmiles and years away... andbtw ciggy-have you found the wipers toyour GG307" --- just say thisand he should know who saidit!love vishu *
  14. 14. Dear Ram Singh,On this 40th milestone which milestoneare u planning to conquer!The golden quadrilateral! Let me knowand i will be there to wipe the windshieldclean, call out the speed breakers which ucould never spot, feed u the biscuits,share the cutting chai and teach u todownload behind the bushes and not toforget to take the wheel when u takethose 15 min naps every 24hrs.Have a great birthday and gift urselves adriving holiday being the truck driver thatu r.... *
  15. 15. I still remember the good old days whenyou me and Santu went for movies at ten.Speed racing in your maruti omniacross the flyovers in geminiYou are just impossible in most things you doand update everything in FB tooYou are a proud father of twoAnd the eldest in the family crewLets take a look back at your forty gr8 yrsYou clearly deserve atleast forty sweet cheers
  16. 16. Forever impatient... needs to be on his toes -never seen relaxedEver keen to help others... been my LocalGuardian in Singapore, ensuring I settle downcomfortably - from receiving you at the airport- help you through mundane things like Bankaccount, Phone and all the way to getting thevisas for your kids. The Service also extends tosetting up your furniture and fittings!Our Gods have many arms - to indicate theirversatility - One can visualise Rajesh with iPad,a tool kit, a phone and a camera - allinseparable from him like Karnas KavachaKundalam.He has a distinct thought process and has anopinion on everything and is fearless in statingthat... in FB. He provokes/encourages people to counterhim thereby leading to a healthy dialogue andmaking room for alternate views to be broughtout. Contd..
  17. 17. He will never miss an opportunity to share your joy - and will fly 3000 miles to be part of the celebration. A live wire and will be noticed in the crowd and everyone wondering who the bundle of energy is! A loving father who dotes on his kids and a caring son. A successful professional and Great friend. We wish him a Wonderful Birthday with his family - will miss him on the 28th November 2012 - Will offer special prayers that day, for another 60 more such celebrations!*
  18. 18. Cant claim to know Ciggy very well, but the first thing that comes to mind is his "enthu"- zest for life. Good to see that it hasnt waned a bit since XL. If the FB fraternity thinks of him as a showman, we (his old friends from XL etc -I know that at least a few others share my views ) remember him as a techie of course, but also as a kind and caring person. I was fortunate to see more of this side to Ciggy when he visited us (Ajay and me) in Kl. He was a big hit with the kids -ours and LP s Ciggy is fortunate to have an equally enthu and loving wife like you. here is wishing him a very happy birthday. Also wishing your lovely foursome all happiness, always. (Lavanya, Ciggy has fondly mentioned you often- your commitment to humanitarian work, how you managed to pick up some dance-salsa? Cant remember-in notice while he was struggling...*
  19. 19. Rajesh, Although, in theory I have known you since sometime in 1992-1993 through Vinodh, I think facebook helped me more in the recent years. I feel ours is a story facebook can use to tout its strength in not just maintaining relationships, but in also building one. I really enjoy your facebook posts and pictures... they not only give us a peek into your life, your interests and your thought process, but intrigue me enough to go dig a little deeper, enough at least to engage in a worthwhile virtual conversation.. Thanks for raking my interests in this way. Also, at times, although your posts seem "all over the place", I can sense a common thread going and can definitely see some method to your madness :) Btw, when (when and not an if) you become the President of India, please train one of us to be your social media person to manage your online persona. 40 is just the new 20s Rajesh.. Have a wonderful birthday, keep those facebook posts coming and keep your dreams alive and kicking since a lot of people draw inspiration from you !*
  20. 20. We became better pals through a shared experience, but what the heck..good friends are a rare find! Happy birthday to one of the most decent, honest and affable people I know. Have a bright and happy year ahead!*
  21. 21. He is a greatleader andcoach *
  22. 22. Wishing Rajesh all the Very Best. I stillcherish my memories of our associationand working together. Rajesh is a greatLeader with a terrific sense of Humour. Regards Swarup ChoudhuryHeres to Rajesh, the tireless achieverthe innovative futureshifterthe photographer, philosopher and presidentialleader with Mensa-approved brain powertomorrows technology turnaround transformeran inspiring man who is never naughtybut then again, theres still time,youre only forty! 😊As they say, the best is yet to be. Don Bosco
  23. 23. Ciggy was an honorable member of theOldies Club at XLRI, of which yours trulywas also a member. The remarkable thingabout him was his enthusiasm fortechnology, when dinosaurs like mestruggled to find the on/off button on thecomp.And I of course remember disturbing himat all odd times in the hostel, to find outwhere boss was.Our friendship has strengthened andmatured over the years, like goodwine..HBD to a fellow BhopaliRajat Misra
  24. 24. Rewind Life to the early half of 90’s…. There was a little boy who never used to stay at his home… TEJASWI MAKKAPATI C/O Mr.T.G.SOUNDARARAJAN C-304, Santosh Apartments, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad – 48 !!!! ;-) Unarguably, it was the BEST part of my life.  Now, it’s a memory gone by! During those very years, I spent more time with Attatta and Tatayya than you did! ;-) You were studying @ Bhopal, Vinodh anna was studying @ Warangal.. I took care of Attatta and Tatayya ! ;) it was exactly the other way though ! ..A FEW SWEET MEMORIES.. Attatta : Rajesh anna ekada unadu ?? ( Where is Rajesh anna ?? ) Teju : Gopaal Attatta : Say Brinjal Teju : Brinjaal Attatta : Say Ball Teju : Ball Attatta : Now, Say Bhopal Teju : Gopaal :D :D :D ( They tried to teach me Pronounce Bhopal, but always Gopaal came ) Attatta … hope you remember it !!Tatayya and me used to come to Nampally station to pick you up when you were coming from Gopaal ;-) I used to guide tatayya with the route.. I was proud way back then as if ONLY I knew the route ! Tatayya… hope you remember this one !! The lovely trip to Zoo park !!!! The back to back stitches I got on my chin :D ( Tatayya took me to Medilab ) Actually, I fell down on the steps, went to the doctor and got stitches on my chin!On the way back home.. While climbing the steps.. Fell again :p got stitches again.. The Doc said, “ No place for Stitching if he falls again” !!! :D MEMORIES APART… …..RAJESH ANNA…..First let me WISH YOU A VERY VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY WISH YOU SUCCESS IN WHATEVER YOU DO !!! Vani aunty : Happy Birthday RAJESH !  Rohith : Happy Birthday anna ! 
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  29. 29. For my Dear Brother….
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