JUA Powerful Images Final Project


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This is the final presentation of the New Hampton School Junior Urban Adventure group Powerful Images.

To find out more about New Hampton School's urban experiential learning project visit www.juniorurbanadventure.blogspot.com.

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JUA Powerful Images Final Project

  1. 1. That surrounds us
  2. 2. We began with the work of ShepardFairey, a street artist known for his “Obama Hope” posters and the “Obey” image below With this image he urges the viewer to question the images around us.
  3. 3. -Andre Russimoff was a wrestler in the „80s -Fairey‟s famous image “Andre the Giant” is of this man -He is the face in the “Obey” image - IT IS ALL OVER BOSTON!
  4. 4. “Obama Hope” ShepardFaireysightings were of 6 The first posters
  5. 5. We saw many ShepardFairey Images
  6. 6. The Institute of Contemporary Art (The ICA) We went to see ShepardFairey’s exhibit “Supply and Demand”. The pieces included political messages, portraits of musicians and social activists, and images of other social propaganda. We surveyed people in the museum who were observing the art. One man who worked there said he has known Shepard for a long time and seen his art around Boston. He didn’t think his art should be in a museum and thought it was stronger in the street. Our reaction was similar because we weren’t allowed to take pictures in the museum of the artwork that was free all over the city, and the world. A lot of us realized that we were actually familiar with Fairey’s work, without knowing it. Three of us even had clothing with his symbols on it. Everyone’s reaction was “I want to do that!” or “how do you do that?”. It truly inspired all of us.
  7. 7. The ICA!!! So we decided to interview people in the gallery as we did on the street, to see how the impact of the art changeddepending upon the environment. But we also just wanted to see how it made us feel in different places.
  8. 8. THE WALL at The Kitchen, Central Square
  9. 9. We met a street artist.teSSo cool. He gave us a personal tour of The Wall. He told us about the artists, and gave us a social context for street art. He was a business man in business dress!
  10. 10. Through the back kitchen door up steep stairs through a dark room up a spiral staircase to the roof! Yikes.
  11. 11. We deconstructed advertisements. We investigated censorship and bias in the media. We compared the value of street art to the value of the same art on the walls of a museum. We believe that street art is powerful. If you can find it.
  12. 12. Colorful, meaningful, entertaining life altering experiences. overall hella cool that makes you think about things you normally don‟t think about.
  13. 13. Suggested links http://obeygiant.com/ ShepardFairey’s home page http://www.icaboston.org/exhibitions/exhi bit/fairey/ Shepard’s exhibit at the ICA Join the Obey Facebook group!
  14. 14. The End Brought to you by: Jamie Kelly-Photographer/navigator/imovie Mallory Taylor-blogger/photographer Celia Dauber-blogger/photographer KacieReitman-navigator/photographer Jacob Noe-presentation/photographer Nick Yi-blogger/photographer/navigator Jeff Holce-blogger/presentation Jordan Elliott-King-senior leader Miss Wilson We all worked on the final presentation.