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Taking Your Event Social: Using Social Media to Promote the Priester National Health Extension Conference

This slideshare explains how we used social media to promote the Priester National Health Extension Conference before, during and after the event and how you can use social media to extend the reach of your event exponentially!

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Taking your event social network literacy webinar 110712

  1. 1. Taking Your Event SocialUsing Social Media to Promote the Priester National Health Extension Conference Great Event ! Good idea! @Marissa_Stone Marissa.Stone@gmail.com Network Literacy Community of Practice November 7, 2012
  2. 2. “Once you can understand where the conversation is, wholeads, the type of voices and the best place for you to addyour voice, you can then start becoming a more activeparticipant.” – Mitch Joel, president of Twist Image Favorite Quote
  3. 3. The 15th Annual Priester National ExtensionHealth Conference was held April 10-12, 2012#PriesterHealth
  4. 4. How? Represented unchartered territory. Where? Using technology to extend the reach of the conference When? For the Priester Planning Committee
  5. 5. We wantWe want to We want to moreextend our build attendees!reach! awareness! It all starts with goals
  6. 6. Let’s Tweet! Let’s Post! Now What??
  7. 7. Hold it! Not so fast! How will Primary/ you know if you Secondary met your goals? Conversion rates! Determine baselines and measure moving forward!Measuring ROI (Return on Interaction)
  8. 8. Conversion RatesPrimary Conversion Secondary Conversion• A primary conversion represents • A secondary conversion represents an the ‘ultimate act of engagement’ ‘act of engagement’ the organization the organization wants the wants the audience to do. audience to do. – Social share or “like” – Register for conference – Download document/slideshare/agenda – Sign up to present at conference – RSS Subscription – Workshop pre-registration/attendance What’s Measuring that? your efforts
  9. 9. Leverage All social media channels where you know your audience existsUpdatesUpdate, update, and (yes!)update! Hashtag Creating a hashtag is the easiest way to keep track of what people are saying about your event
  10. 10. Be Responsive Encourage questions via SM and always respond to attendees!Event PageCreate an event page (such asLanyrd) where people can getup-to-date info Create Good Content Create content around your event that pulls people in that contains a “Call to Action!”
  11. 11. When? Before, During and After Priester2012 What? Conference information, keynote main points, Research briefs, Conversations with colleagues, Shared resources, etc. Who? You, Me, Planning Committee Members, Attendees, Colleague s, Friends, Followers
  12. 12. Editorial Calendar12 months out 9 months out 6 months out 3 months outHave your team members Schedule webinars with Schedule regular Tweet-ups Have your team memberswrite short blog posts for keynotes, presenters and with keynotes, presenters write short posts foryour blog, guest blogs and other key people around and other key people Facebook, Twitter, Google+,university websites conference topics. around conference topics. etc.
  13. 13. Editorial Calendar 2 months out 1 month out 2 weeks out The week ofCreate posts specifically for Create updates on Create updates on Create updates on anyregistration, location, keyno registration , hotel, fun registration, agenda, any changes, last minutete speakers, etc. things to do in city, special changes, travel tips, all info, weather, use ofPost/repost everywhere! events, etc. Post on all specifics, and build hashtag during social media outlets. excitement for conference. conference, etc. Post on all social media outlets.
  14. 14. Share your results withMeasure your Tweak strategy team as needed to members, stakeresults: Before, achieve desired holders, attendDuring and outcomes. ees, others.Afterconference. Measuring Your Results
  15. 15. 3rd Tweet-up 192 Tweets generated (88 Original; 90 FB & Retweets, 14 Twitter 1st Webinar Slideshare Mentions), 53,487 FB & Twitter 3 presentationsLanyrd 78 Tweets generated impressions reached accts have 58 from the conferenceLanyrd.com/2012/priesterhealth (66 Original; 12 an audience of 2,951 and 211 were featured on77 Attendees 47 Speakers Retweets), 10,196 people! followers front page and have impressions reached an respectively been DL’ed audience of 3,170 897, 830, & 819 people! times! FB & Lanyrd Tweet-up 1 Webinar 1 Tweet-up 2 Tweet-up 3 Webinar 2 Slideshare Twubs Twitter March 2nd Tweet-up April 130 Tweets generated (68 Original; 51 Retweets, 11 Mentions), 32,087 impressions reached an audience of 3,738 people! 2nd Webinar 117 Tweets generated 1st Tweet-up (65 Original; 50 170 Tweets generated (94 Retweets, 2 Twubs Original; 58 Retweets, 18 Mentions), 28,419 Twubs acct for Mentions), 46,620 impressions reached an #PriesterHealth has 17 impressions reached an audience of 5,994 Members audience of 3,490 people! people!
  16. 16. #PriesterHealth Twitter Results• This graph represents the number of 300 tweets sent my attendees and the technology team each day of the 242 250 conference during Priester. 200 186 179• The hashtag used was #PriesterHealth 150 100 50 0 Tweets 10-Apr 11-Apr 12-Apr
  17. 17. #PriesterHealth Twitter Results• This graph represents the number of followers who saw the tweets being 10000 8715 shared during Priester. 8255 8000• Note how the numbers drastically dropped on April 12, 2012. This was due to the report being run at noon 6000 instead of the normal time (after sessions closed). 4000 1878 2000 0 Followers 10-Apr 11-Apr 12-Apr
  18. 18. #PriesterHealth Twitter Results• This graph represents the number of 65,000 impressions accumulated during 66,000 Priester. 64,000• Impressions are similar to that of a 62,000 61,000 magazine ad. 60,000• Of particular note is how the number of 58,000 impressions jumped on the last day, especially since the last day was 56,000 55,000 cut short with regard to measuring 54,000 results. 52,000 50,000 Impressions 10-Apr 11-Apr 12-Apr
  19. 19. Priester Followers & Mentions
  20. 20. Final WordsMemories Impression Make it EasyCreate a memorable experience Create a lasting impression on Make it easy for your keynotefor your keynote your keynote speakers, presenters, attendees andspeakers, presenters, attendees speakers, presenters, attendees planning committee members toand planning committee and planning committee share their experience at your event!members members
  21. 21. Questions/Comments? • @Marissa_Stone – Marissa.stone@gmail.com