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John partner in oral health 4-11-12

  1. Progress Through PartnershipsOral Health in Maryland, 2007- 2012 Office of Oral Health Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Baltimore, MD John Welby, MS, Literacy Campaign Project Director 4.11.12
  2. Maryland Receives National Recognition The PEW Center on the States “The State of Childrens Dental Health” Report Card: Maryland awarded an “A” for oral health. Maryland received the highest grade in the country for its innovative efforts in serving low-income children
  3. Deamonte Driver, 12 Died February 25, 2007
  4. Maryland Takes Action Maryland Secretary of Health and Mental Hygiene John M. Colmers creates the Dental Action Committee (DAC) The DAC was charged with providing recommendations to increase access to oral health care for all Maryland children. Fix the States Dental Crisis
  5. DAC Partners Come Together Advocates for Children and Youth, Carroll County Health Department, Doral Dental USA, Head Start, Maryland Academy of Pediatrics, Maryland Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Maryland Assembly on School-Based Health Care, Maryland Association of County Health Officers, Maryland Community Health Resources Commission, Maryland Dental Hygienists Association, Maryland Dental Society, Maryland Medicaid Advisory Committee, Maryland Office of Oral Health, Maryland Medical Care Programs (Medicaid), Maryland Oral Health Association, Maryland State Dental Association, Maryland State Department of Education Medicaid Matters-Maryland, Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers, Morgan State University, National Dental Association, Parent’s Place of Maryland, Priority Partners MCO, Public Justice Center, United Healthcare MCO, University of Maryland Dental School
  6. Recommendations of the DAC Create a single payer Medicaid program Increase Medicaid reimbursement rates Enhance dental public health infrastructure Establish a public health level dental hygienist Create and implement oral health messaging Conduct dental screening in schools Provide training to dental and medical providers
  7. Accomplishments of the DAC Single Payer – Maryland Healthy Smiles, DentaQuest Increase reimbursement – FY 09 State budget, three-year plan to increase rates Enhance PH infrastructure – $1.5 million established safety net dental clinics across the state Establish public health dental hygienist – October 2008 legislature establishes dental hygienists roll in public health setting Develop appropriate messaging - Congress funds $1.2 million statewide Oral health Literacy Program Conduct dental screening in schools – Launched PG county demonstration project Offer training to dental and medical providers – Fluoride varnish program
  8. What we learned from the DAC Opportunity to develop trust and common understanding among diverse stakeholders Promoted information exchange Created community with commitment to a common goal Broke down barriers and animosities Pooled resources and political capital
  9. DAC – A Model for Moving Forward in Maryland 2009 – DAC becomes MDAC Committee becomes Coalition  Independent (does not report to state)  Broader focus (all oral health)  Flexibility (numbers, relationships, resources)  Advocacy (lobbying becomes possible, advocates take the lead)  Fund raising capability (self sustaining)  More diverse partners (community involvement)
  10. MDAC Initiatives Carried out DAC recommendations Develop and Launch Maryland Oral Health Plan Communicate through media  Annual Deamonte Driver Press Conference  Deamonte Driver Dental Van Project Events  Maryland Oral Health Heroes Events First Maryland Oral Health Summit Advocate and lobby for legislative and regulatory changes Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids: The Maryland Oral Health Literacy Campaign (corporate support) Grants:  CDC  DentaQuest  Kaiser  MOHA
  11. The Maryland Oral Health Literacy Campaign Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids Partnerships developed for:  Strategic guidance  Political support  Enhance outreach  Funding  In-kind Donations  Broaden Marketing  Enhance Outreach
  12. OOH Strategic Alliance with MDAC Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids: Maryland Oral Health Literacy Campaign  Campaign Brands under MDAC  Allows for-profit and non-profit partners  Leverage funds to enhance campaign impact and sustain efforts  Opportunity to expand MDAC brand awareness  Reach more people  Greater impact  Enhance awareness and access to oral health care
  13. Healthy Teeth, Healthy Kids Strategic Partnership Council
  14. Strategic Partnership Council 120 Participants Statewide June 23, 2011Included were: primary care physicians, ob/gyn, pediatricians, nursepractitioners, physician assistant, dentists, pediatric dentists, dentalhygienists, WIC, head start, early head start, birthing centers, nurses,Maryland State Dental Association, Maryland Dental Action Coalition,Maryland Oral Health Association, Maryland Pharmacist Association,Maryland Dental Hygienist Organization, Maryland Academy ofPediatrics, The Nurse Practitioner Association of Maryland, MarylandAcademy of Family Physicians, Advocates for Children and Youth,managed care organizations, FQHC, DentaQuest, community healthclinics, children’s organizations, hospitals, social workers, stategovernment departments, state, county and city health departments,higher education organizations, University of Maryland Dental School,Maryland School of Public Health, Medicaid, CHIP, medical schools,newborn nursery, child care centers, foundations, Mid-AtlanticAssociation of Community Health Centers, Community Health IntegratedPartnership
  15. The Maryland Oral Health Literacy Campaign Healthy Teeth, Healthy KidsStrategic Partnership Council:  Validate/modify assumptions & parameters  Discuss barriers and opportunities  Identify strategy and tactics  Pledge a commitment of support
  16. SPC – Commitments Distribute information, materials, kits Educate others, staff, patients Add or post information Design and produce materials Contribute funds Update curriculum Provide experts or expertise
  17. Progress in Maryland Increased access to Medicaid services by 63% Increased dentist participation in Medicaid by 80% CDC ranked Maryland #1 in fluoridated water Before 2008 only half of MD counties have access to public health dental services. Since 2008 every county in MDPEW grade of “A” for access to care for children
  18. What We Have Learned Partnerships in Oral Health Have a goal bigger than yourself Commitment Leave ego at the door Create a sense of urgency Importance of  Trust  Cooperation  Compromise  Openness Luck
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  20. Thank You Office of Oral Health Maryland Department ofHealth and Mental Hygiene Baltimore MD