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Pr cyberbullying campaign powerpoint
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Pr cyberbullying campaign powerpoint


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Team Mosaic: Hannah MorrellEmmanuelle Besnard Dustin SikesAllison Dobosiewicz Tyler Rutledge
  • 2.  What?  When a child, preteen or teen is tormented by another child, preteen or teen using the Internet, interactive and digital technologies or mobile phones. It has to have a minor on both sides, or at least have been instigated by a minor against another minor. How?  The methods used are limited only by the childs imagination and access to technology (Social networks, phones, chats…)
  • 3.  Criminal case upon which Lori Drew was convicted of Computer Fraud and Abuse over the cyber-bullying of 13 year old Megan Meier. Drew, a 49 year old woman living in Missouri, created a fake myspace account with the alias name Josh Evans to befriend Megan Meier “Evans” and Meier began a flirtatious relationship that turned sour fast Megan Meier hung herself because of the remarks made by “Evans”
  • 4.  20% had someone pretend to  45% of all teens have be someone else in order to trick them into revealing been cyberbullied in personal information 17% were victimized by the past year alone someone lying about them online 13% learned that a cyberbully was pretending to be them while communicating with someone else 10% were victimized by someone else posting unflattering pictures of them without permission
  • 5.
  • 6.  Middle and High Schools  Faculty  Parents of students  Students Create separate packets for each group Community
  • 7.  Needs the most information Include background data so they can create their own presentations based on class needs Topics:  How to tell if a student is being bullied online  What to do if you suspect cyber bullying  How you can prevent cyber bullying as a faculty member
  • 8.  Also require a lot of background data. Focusing on prevention and signs Topics:  How to prevent your child from becoming a target of bullying  What to do if you find your child is being targeted  How to know if your child is a bully online, and how to stop it
  • 9.  Require the most targeted information on how to deal with being targeted Topics  What to do if you are being cyber bullied  How to prevent being targeted by cyber bullies  How to be respectful of others online
  • 10.  With the communities help we can create enough awareness to eventually stop cyber bullying Together we can decrease the statistics of cyber bullying Cyber bullying is too big of an issue to handle alone Make official laws against cyberbullying
  • 11.  Join local PTA‟s  Write letters to lawmakers  Flag cyberbullying on social media sites  Join movements/organizations
  • 12.  E-mails, Instant messaging, Text or digital imaging messages sent on cell phones, Web pages Web logs (blogs), Chat rooms or discussion groups Social Networking sites
  • 13.  Start a anti cyberbullying campaign School involvement  Special events  Public speakers and personal testimonies  Pledging to not bully  PSA involvement Advertisement on Facebook You tube video
  • 14. Place a permanent ad on Facebook raising cyberbullying awareness andprevention
  • 15.  Educate social media users on how to recognize, handle, and prevent cyberbullying Show people the effects of cyberbullying Inform people on how to report or go to higher authority if needed Get people involved in the anti cyberbullying movement No more anonymity Get laws passed making cyberbullying illegal
  • 16.  Facebook‟s marketing director Randi Zuckerberg says the best way to end cyberbullying is to not allow anonymous or spam accounts “people hide behind anonymity and feel like they can say whatever they want behind closed doors” Eric Schmidt, former Google CEO has made this suggestion in the past and predictes “govenments will eventually „demand‟ that people use their names for all online activity” ndi-zuckerberg-anonymity-online_n_910892.html
  • 17.  Conditions and terms of use agreement before accessing a Social media site Public record of your social media account  Monitor Activity  Point system like drivers when flagged or reported.
  • 18.  Our optimal plan will be to pair with a nonprofit and use their financial backing to help get our program off the ground. If not, we have several options:  Bootstrapping: Generate funds ourselves  Small bank loans  Partner with similar programs of size or scope
  • 19.  How are we going to measure our success? Indicators:  Social media monitoring: Are kids talking about the issue?  Website traffic: Is our website generating views?  Number of participants: How many schools, faculty, parents, and/or students are participating? Focus on effectiveness more than efficency
  • 20.  berbullying.html &page=1 1/07/27/randi-zuckerberg-anonymity- online_n_910892.html