Standardizing Naming Conventions and Document Templates for Virtual Data Warehouse MAHAJAN

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Virtual Data Warehouse

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  • 1. Bhushan Mahajan Dean Kjar Debbie Godwin Monica Silcott
  • 2. Introduction Introduction to HMORN What is Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW)? How does multi-site research studies work? What are the areas to focus for standardization? Examples and thoughts Next steps What will we gain from standardization?
  • 3. HMORN Member OrganizationsReference:
  • 4. What is Virtual Data Warehouse (VDW)?Reference:
  • 5. How does Multi-site Research Studies work?Reference:
  • 6. Opportunities for Standardization Need standardization for every interaction between members
  • 7. Focus on Two Aspects Standardizing VDW Development Processes Standardizing Multi-site Research Studies Processes
  • 8. Possible Areas for Standardization in VDW DevelopmentSAS Program names Example:  Sequential number  1_20110315_M2Util_v1  Date  2_20110520_M2Util_v2  Brief description of program  3_20110622_QAUtil_v1  Version NumberSAS Output Datasets Example: 1_20110315_M2Util_v1.sas7bdatSAS Log/SAS Output Example:  1_20110315_M2Util_v1.log  2_20110315_M2Util_v1.listGuidelines Word document name Example: 1_20110315_M2Util_v1.docSAS Library names Example: Outlib/Out1/Output1/Send/Sent WorkLib/In1/Input1 etc
  • 9. Standardization Areas cont. Meeting Minutes Template Agenda Template Header information for any document posted on CRN Portal
  • 10. ‘Header’ & ‘Footer’ information for Documents on CRN Portal Title of the document Created by person’s name and email address Creation date Revision number Revised by person’s name Revision date Reason for revision Final documents location on the portal (Footer) Revision number (Footer) Revision date (Footer) Page number out of total page numbers (Footer)
  • 11. SAS Program Template with Header Information Excellent source for VDW Programmers Guide: programmers-guide
  • 12. Possible Areas for Standardization in Multi-site Studies Program Names (Not Standardized)
  • 13. Possible Areas for Standardization in Multi-site Studies Program names & Directory structure (Standardized)
  • 14. Who Will Benefit Most? New SAS Programmers/VDW Developers Lead Site-SAS Programmers working on multi-site Studies HMORN Workgroup Members Site Data Managers (SDMs)
  • 15. Next Steps Form a Workgroup : ‘VDW Standards’ All standardized templates should be available on CRN portal at: Home ->Data Resources ->VDW ->User Guidelines and Tools All new documents to be uploaded should go through a standards review All existing documents on CRN Portal should be revised as per new standards All Lead Site programmers should follow same standard guidelines before sending out programs
  • 16. Advantages Keep track of revision numbers and order of programs to run Easier for new programmers to join on-going studies Easy start for Lead site programmers (download template and start working on content) Efficient and effective way to document large studies Clear/consistent document standards across all HMORN sites
  • 17. Thank YouContact:Bhushan Mahajan - - Kjar (