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Final Proposal

  1. 1. Minor Changes Major BusinessBusiness Proposal to Create New Business Beer Its Cheaper Than Therapy Heather Morgan November 25, 2011
  2. 2. Table of ContentsI. Introduction Pg. 3II. Maintenance Pg. 3III. Food & Drink Pg. 4IV. Entertainment Pg. 6V. Conclusion Pg. 7VI. Work Cited Pg. 8
  3. 3. As an employee of your business, and your friend, we have had many conversationsabout business. We have had similar and varying ideas. I would like to use our experiences,conversations, and additional research to propose some ideas to improve business. Between theeconomy and smoking ban, business has been slowly getting quieter. I believe three ideas couldhelp make a difference in business. The idea of maintenance, no matter how major or minor seems overwhelming sometimes.Once completed, the satisfaction is the greatest reward. One thing I think that could make thebiggest impact in the business’s general appearance would be to close the doors for two days anddo a deep spring cleaning. Your businesses motto is “Open Every F****** Day”, but sometimesyou just have to break that motto for the better of your business. In two days’ time, with the rightcrew to help, so much more could be accomplished than what the regular cleaning crew canaddress. Depending on the size and capabilities of the crewhelping you, you may be able to address not just cleaning butany small maintenance issues in that same two days. Your business shows a lot of character just by thepictures, signs and memorabilia around the bar. But all thatcharacter unfortunately collects dust and cobwebs. Just about everything on the walls needs tocome down and be thoroughly cleaned. While things are off the walls, the walls and ceilingcould be washed of any remnants of nicotine stains since the smoking ban. That alone wouldbrighten the room ten times. A fresh coat of paint could be thrown on the walls or areas that justneed to be touched up could easily be done while walls are bare. The additional shelving neededto display the beer can collection, that draws a lot of attention, could finally be hung and the rest
  4. 4. of the collection could be displayed. The rope lights that accent the collection need to bemaintenance or replaced. Signs and pictures could be rearranged, updated, or replaced easily atthe time too. Just by rearranging the stuff on the walls, customers will believe some of the stuff isnew or notice stuff they had never noticed before. In addition it may make it easier for theregular cleaning crew to stay on top of it. A second easy step that could be taken, whether it is at the same time as the cleaning oranother time, is to finish any unfinished projects. I do recommend doing them at the same timeas the cleaning closure that way there is less downtime. The few unfinished projects that thereare, were set aside because of customer interference or safety. During the two day closure thereobviously would not be the concern of customers. The bathroom remodel was done almost two years ago. The bathrooms turned out verynice and definitely unique; but there are still pieces of trim missing in the bathrooms and the hallthat leads to them. Or the couple of cracked floor tiles that need to be replaced can be donewithout being disturbed, and have time to properly adhere. With winter right around the corner, Irecommend replacing them soon before the snow and salt help peel up more tiles. While oneperson finishes the trim pieces, another works on the floor tiles, a third person could replace thefeet on the chairs. Over time the feet on the chairs have become mangled and are causing damageto the bar and the floors also. All of these items would not cost you anymore than labor. Majorityof the supplies to finish them are taking up space in the store room. Another easy way to improve business would be to expand the food menu and drinkspecials. We do not have a large menu, and do not serve food on the weekends. We do not haveto have a very large menu either, just adding a few more options to it would give customers more
  5. 5. options to tempt their taste buds. Carrying food draws people in and makes them stay longer.With the option of food it also keeps customers from becoming intoxicated as quickly.Customers come in, in larger groups to dine or invite others to join them. A lot of our business during the spring, summer, and early part of fall is motorcycles on the weekends. Having the kitchen open on the weekends would encourage more bikes to stop and stay a while on their trip. They are usually looking for something quick and easy to eat. During spring and fall I would recommend carrying a chili or soup, so they can warm up.During the summer you could have burgers, brats, or salad sandwiches like tuna, chicken, or eggsalad. I would recommend carrying appetizers also. A few simple items like potato skins,chicken wings, or beer nuggets could keep people seated longer. These few additional items onthe menu are inexpensive and would expand the menu substantially. With different games or events on TV that people may come to watch, pairing a drinkwith certain food items will also draw customers.By advertising certain games or events withafood special would make the idea more inviting and entertaining to our customers. Think aboutrunning these as specials aside from the regular daily specials to attract more customers. Event Specials Monday Night Football $8.00 Pizza & a Pitcher Taco Tuesday’s $2.50 Corona’s $5.00 AYCE Taco Bar Thursday Football $2.00 Bud & Bud Light $.50 Potato Skins Saturday Nascar $2.00 Miller Lite $.50 Wings Sunday Football $1.00 Drafts $4.00 AYCE Sloppy Jo’s
  6. 6. When customers go Daily Specialsout they do not usually want to Monday $3.00 Mixersgo see the band that played Tuesday $1.00 Drafts Wednesday $.50 off Domesticsacross the street last week. Thursday $1.00 Drafts Friday $4.00 BombsBeing we are a small Saturday $2.50 Corona’s Sunday $3.50 Bloody Mary’scommunity with two bars, thesame bands are over played for our area. I think we should do more than just bands to drawweekend crowds. Recently you have been hosting karaoke; I think you could draw more of arepeat crowd if you were to expand on the idea and host karaoke contest. Every month could leadto one big sing off at the end of the month. Another option with the holidays approaching couldbe to host a special meal one weekend a month; the proceeds from the meal go to a localfoundation or cause. It also shows how much you care for the community that helps support you. Give customers an opportunity to win free drinks or food while at the bar throughout theday. Maybe anytime a certain actor/actress is on TV; maybe whenever a train goes by. Itencourages customers to stay longer, whether they are trying to win, or have won. Theme partiesseem to always be trendy and memorable. Parties like “80’s Night” are popular. It givescustomers a reason to dress up. Not only are theme parties growingbut so are trivia and gamethemed nights. We could expand our bingo nights by hosting game nights. Games could be eitherTV show or game board themed. You could choose to do this yourself or there are servicesonline Team oriented games would be most beneficial because it would attract groups of peoplein addition to individual customers. Prizes for winning could be free drinks, free food, ordifferent vendor gear.
  7. 7. All of these events and different specials could easily be advertised for free thruFacebook, the bars website and event calendars posted around the bar and throughout town.Monthly newsletters could be sent to customers whose’ emails we have collected over time. Allare free or inexpensive forms of advertisement that you can use to your advantage. Living in a small town there is a greater sense of community. With that sense ofcommunity, people of the community, like nothing more than to see local businesses succeed. Iwish nothing more than to help you build additional business, and have many years of successwith in the community. Just these few changes could increase business significantly. Cleaningand maintenance draws customers who want to see new changes. Additional food and drinkspecials would keep customers sitting in the bar longer. Different events draw different and newcrowds on the weekends.
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