FCP Student Summit Nov 18 2010


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  • I have be researching workflow software, and I found out that it is not only use in businesses.
    People use workflow software to make their environment and work place more productive and convince.
    The environment or workplace can be an office cubical, a personal computer, or a classroom.
    Right now, you are looking at a Google App account that the school has given to me. Any one at ISA is able to make a webpage, a document, a calender, or an email and send it to anyone in their domain. 
    I have posted a list of documents I have made for school purposes. These documents can be edited on any computer and can be sent to anyone.
    In conclusion, people can use workflow software for anything they want. In my video, I focus on workflow software used for planning events and playing video games.
    Now I turn it over to...
  • FCP Student Summit Nov 18 2010

    1. 1. The International School of the Americas San Antonio, Texas, USA Flat ClassroomTM Project Student Summit 21st -Century Global Leadership Taught by Honor Moorman and Cassie Allen
    2. 2. The International School of the Americas
    3. 3. Global Leadership Performance Outcomes • Investigate the World: Discover and Explore Global Knowledge • Recognize Perspectives: Apply Cross-Cultural Understanding • Communicate Ideas: Connect and Collaborate across Boundaries • Take Action: Participate and Contribute Globally
    4. 4. The Eleven “Flatteners” • Connecting the World Online • World Wide Web • Workflow Software • Uploading: Changing Shape of Information • Web 2.0 • Globalization and Outsourcing • Google • PLEs and Social Networking • Mobile and Ubiquitous • Virtual Communication • Wireless Connectivity
    5. 5. Connecting the world online with Technology and Innovation. Hamed Pakravan
    6. 6. Connecting to the World Online Emily Knaub "Globe-hands-sm" CC by Noticelj on Flickr
    7. 7. World Wide Web Education Connor Mitchell Open Courseware p2p education
    8. 8. How We Live and Play Zebulun P. "Invisible Pyramid" CC By Neil Krug on Flickr
    9. 9. Scott Brogan vpn CC by loppsilol on Flikr Scott Brogan
    10. 10. Workflow Software Haley's Google App account for school People use workflow software to...
    11. 11. Web 2.0 "bomm web 2.0" by *chema, 2006-2010 Talia Howard
    12. 12. Web 2.0 Keely W.
    13. 13. Outsourcing Chris Porras CC by Will Durant
    14. 14. Tori Nastasi CC by RobinYap.com on Flickr Social Networking Story
    15. 15. Mobile and UBIQUITOUS Computing By: Narda Martinez
    16. 16. Virtual Communication Picture by Jerome Goupli “Strong wind today in a Virtual Land” CC by fdecomite on Flickr
    17. 17. EMILY JOSE VIRTUAL COMMUNICATION social entrepreneurship SULAKE.COM WALL STREET JOURNAL “The 2010 Social Networking Map.” FlowTown Web. 15 Nov. 2010 http://blogcdn.flowtown.com/blog/wp- content/uploads/2010/08/Social-Network-MapCS3.png
    18. 18. Liz A.
    19. 19. Image Credits for Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing "The Gargonza Experiment...ooOO ('do laptops look like their owners?')" CC by danbri on Flickr "Banning students' computers" CC by Scott McLeod on Flickr "We stand close together, but we are so far apart" CC by Ed Yourdon on Flickr "iPhone heaven." CC by kastner on Flickr "Phones" CC by davepatten on Flickr
    20. 20. Additional Image Credits "Floating Network" CC by WebWizzard from Flickr "Brain" CC by Dierk Schaefer from Flickr "04 Social networking software" CC by Leigh Blackall on Flickr   "It's the end of flickr as we know it" CC by MorBCN on Flickr "Globe-hands-sm" CC by Noticelj on Flickr "Social Learning Presentation Wordle" CC by RobinYap.com
    21. 21. The International School of the Americas San Antonio, Texas, USA Flat ClassroomTM Project Student Summit 21st -Century Global Leadership Taught by Honor Moorman and Cassie Allen