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Data Visualization PGL12
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Data Visualization PGL12


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Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Investigating the Worldwith Data VisualizationHonor MoormanPartnership for Global Learning Annual ConferenceJune 29, 2012
    • 2. Welcome!Please join a content area table.
    • 3. Participant PollWhat brought you to this session?
    • 4. Session Overview1. Introduction to Data Visualization Worldmapper Infographics Gapminder2. Brainstorming & Idea Development3. Sharing, Q&A, and Next Steps
    • 5. What is it?“Data Visualization is the graphicalrepresentation of information.”7 things you should know about . . . Data VisualizationEducause Learning InitiativeData Visualization in Motion
    • 6. “Online Communities 2” by xkcd,
    • 7. “The Most Widely Spoken Languages in the World and the Countries They Are Spoken In” by PSTranslation,
    • 8. “A Periodic Table of Visualization Methods” by Ralph Lengler and Martin Eppler,
    • 9. “Horizon Report 2010, K-12 Edition” from the New Media Consortium,
    • 10. Wordle of “Visual Data Analysis” from 2010 Horizon Report, K-12 Edition,
    • 11. Worldmapper
    • 12. World Population Atlas
    • 13. “The Human Shape of New York City” by Benjamin Hennig,
    • 14. Infographicsincluding interactive and videoinfographics
    • 15. “The True Size of Africa,”
    • 16. “The True Size of Africa,”
    • 17. “The True Size of Africa,”
    • 18. “The True Size of Africa,”
    • 19. “Country Codes of the World,”
    • 20. “A Day in the Internet,”
    • 21. “Learn Chinese?”
    • 22. “Colours in Culture,”
    • 23. “The World of 100: Our Global Village,”
    • 24. “Virtual Water,”
    • 25. “Infographic of Infographics,”
    • 26. 7 Billion app,
    • 27. 7 Billion: How Did We Get So Big So Fast?
    • 28. Gapminder
    • 29. Hans Rosling’s 200 Countries,200 Years, 4
    • 30. Time to Explore1. Collaborate with colleagues2. Zoom in on Worldmapper,infographics, and/or Gapminder3. Brainstorm a list of ideas for integratingdata visualization4. Develop one or more ideas into a plan
    • 31. Worldmapperworldmapper.orgCustom Search for for Creating
    • 32. Aaron KoblinArtfuly visualizing our humanityJer ThorpMake data more humanDavid McCandlessThe beauty of data visualizationAlisa Miller shares the news aboutthe news
    • 33. Material World by Peter Menzel,
    • 34. Hungry Planet by Peter Menzel,
    • 35. Thank You!