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CES FCP Roundtables

  1. 1. The World is Flat and Your Classroom Can Be, Too: Learning and teaching with global peers in the Flat Classroom™ Project Presented by Connor, Helena, Mia, Talia, and Honor From The International School of the Americas San Antonio, Texas
  2. 2. Roundtable Discussion Questions • What did you hear? • What stood out to you? • What surprised you? • What did you notice? • What are you wondering? • What intrigues you? • What are you thinking now? • What else would you like to know? • How might you apply this idea in your own classroom or school?
  3. 3. Round One • The World is Flat and A Whole New Mind (Honor) • Educational Networking (Mia) • Social Bookmarking (Connor) • Multi-Media Mash-Ups (Helena) • The 3 C’s: Connect, Communicate, Collaborate (Talia)
  4. 4. The World is Flat and A Whole New Mind Facilitator: Honor
  5. 5. Friedman’s Concept of a “Flat World” “a global web-enabled platform for multiple forms of sharing knowledge and work irrespective of time, distance, geography, and increasingly even language” Thomas Friedman, “The World is Flat,” MIT World video, May 16, 2005 http://mitworld.mit.edu/video/266
  6. 6. The “Six Senses” Design Story Symphony Empathy Play Meaning + The 11 “Flatteners” Connecting the World Online World Wide Web Workflow Software Uploading: Changing Shape of Information Web 2.0 Globalization and Outsourcing Google PLEs and Social Networking Mobile and Ubiquitous Virtual Communication Wireless Connectivity
  7. 7. A Whole New Mind: Why Right- Brainers Will Rule the Future • Agricultural Age (farmers) • Industrial Age (factory workers) • Information Age (knowledge workers) • Conceptual Age (creators and empathizers) “A Whole New Mind reveals the six essential aptitudes on which professional success and personal fulfillment now depend . . .”
  8. 8. http://www.edutopia.org/images/graphics/fea_collabage_walls_howworksstat.jpg
  9. 9. Pink’s “Six Senses” • Design - Moving beyond function to engage the sense. • Story - Narrative added to products and services - not just argument. Best of the six senses. • Symphony - Adding invention and big picture thinking (not just detail focus). • Empathy - Going beyond logic and engaging emotion and intuition. • Play - Bringing humor and light-heartedness to business and products. • Meaning - Immaterial feelings and values of products.
  10. 10. The Future is Now “In the future, how we educate our children may prove to be more important than how much we educate them.” (p. 309) The World is Flat: A Brief History of the Twenty-First Century by Thomas Friedman, 2005, New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
  11. 11. Educational Networking Facilitator: Mia
  12. 12. Popular Social Networking Activities Creating and Connecting: Research and Guidelines on Online Social—and Educational—Networking National School Boards Association, 2007 http://www.nsba.org/site/docs/41400/41340.pdf
  13. 13. Social Bookmarking Facilitator: Connor
  14. 14. Multi-Media Mash-Ups Facilitator: Helena
  15. 15. http://grownupdigital.ning.com/video/video/listTagged?tag=isa
  16. 16. The 3 C’s: Connect, Communicate & Collaborate Facilitator: Talia
  17. 17. NEW SKILLS FOR A NEW AGE What students must master to succeed. LEARN • Access, evaluate, and use different forms of information • Exercise critical thinking • Exhibit fluency with tech tools CREATE • Use various forms of media when presenting ideas • Display originality • Employ problem-solving skills COLLABORATE • Work successfully as a team • Demonstrate cross-cultural awareness • Communicate complex ideas effectively http://www.edutopia.org/images/graphics/fea_collabage_walls_newskillsstat.jpg
  18. 18. "collaborate-communicate-connect" CC by langwiches on Flicker
  19. 19. "What does Learning mean?" CC by langwiches on Flicker
  20. 20. Round Two • The Horizon Report and Grown Up Digital (Honor) • Emerging Technology Trends (Talia) • Information Literacy and Research Skills (Helena) • Collaborative Writing on Wikis (Connor) • Student Summits (Mia)
  21. 21. The Horizon Report and Grown Up Digital Facilitator: Honor
  22. 22. Net Generation Norms Freedom (Choice) Customization Scrutiny (Transparency) Integrity (Digital Citizenship) Collaboration Entertainment Speed Innovation + Technology Trends Mobile Computing Open Content Electronic Books Simple Augmented Reality Gesture-Based Computing Visual Data Analysis
  23. 23. The Digital Generation Image from BLC07 Conference, CC Share-Alike by Torres21 on Flickr http://www.flickr.com/photos/torres21/848315727/in/set-72157600845034284/
  24. 24. Emerging Technology Trends Facilitator: Talia
  25. 25. Information Literacy and Research Skills Facilitator: Helena
  26. 26. Collaborative Writing on Wikis Facilitator: Connor
  27. 27. Student Summits Facilitator: Mia