University at Buffalo Career Services Technical Resumes and Cover Letters Fall 2013


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University at Buffalo Career Services Technical Resumes and Cover Letters Fall 2013.

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  • Discuss how Google seeks more than technical skill. They want culture fit and that includes leadership and handling ambiguity.
  • Quiz 2 – what is the most important section on your resume? Answer: It depends on your experience.
  • Keywords - Tell story of spelling out and abbreviating skill/technique.
  • The statistics are about 50/50.
  • Talk about the statement “I will call you in 1 week to follow up.” etc… Do you have the person’s name & contact details? If not, don’t say this!
  • University at Buffalo Career Services Technical Resumes and Cover Letters Fall 2013

    1. 1. Technical Resumes and Cover letters Holly M. Justice Engineering Career Counselor Career Services 259 Capen Hall HJUSTICE@BUFFALO.EDU
    2. 2. Technical Resume Writing
    3. 3. The Resume • What is it? An individually designed, brief summary of your accomplishments – (including education, experience, skills, etc…) • Purpose? To get you an interview! • Should reflect your unique background & excite interest in you as a potential employee • Must show your impact
    4. 4. The Resume • Plan Ahead - Know the job you are seeking. - Know what you have to offer… Accomplishments Skills Experiences • Research the Employer - Know what qualities, skills and experiences employer seeks in candidates
    5. 5. Resume Content: Must Have’s! • Identifying Data: You must be easy to reach! Your Name Address (temporary/permanent, dates) Phone (professional sounding message) Email (professional address name) Ex: Corey S. Engineer 55 Edgewood Avenue Cheektowaga, NY 14216 716-645-2231 100 Main St. New York, NY 10012 212-123-4567 (after 6/13)
    6. 6. Resume Content: Must Have’s! Education Name of College/Univ. Degree, Major/Minor Date Received or Expected GPA (3.0/4.0 issue) Applicable Coursework (optional) Awards/Honors (optional) Study Abroad (optional) Example: Education University at Buffalo, The State University of New York, Buffalo, NY BS Civil Engineering, May 2013 Overall GPA 3.3/4.0 Civil GPA 3.6/4.0 Dean’s List, Fall 2011, 2010 Relevant Coursework: Engineering Economy, Construction Management, Production Systems, Probability and Statistics OPTIONAL – DO YOU NEED THIS SECTION? HOW DOES IT HELP YOU?
    7. 7. Resume Content: Must Have! Experience (paid, volunteer, internship, co-op, military) Target To Your Audience! Reverse Chronological Order! Ex: CIVIL ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE Turner Construction, Buffalo, NY Civil Engineering Intern, Summer, May – August 2012 • Reviewed designs and compared with field construction • Supervised work team and met with contractors • Verified material compliance with all state and federal standards.
    8. 8. Resume Content: What’s so technical? • Technical Skills • Projects • Professional experience (Technical/Related Experience) Example: TECHNICAL SKILLS Languages: C, C++, Java, Assembly Software: Maple, Visual Basic, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint), Knowledge of Matlab Operating Systems: Windows 98/NT, Unix Field : Surveying, estimating
    9. 9. Resume Content: What Else? Category Headings • • • • • • • • • • Engineering Experience Engineering Co-op Community Service Professional Affiliations Leadership Computer Skills Achievements Special Interests Availability References Available Upon • Objective Engineering Projects Extra-Curricular Activities Honors and Awards Professional Development Language Skills International Experience Special Skills Certification/Licenses Additional Experience Request.
    10. 10. Resume Content: Soft Skills Employers look for candidates who have: – – – – – – – Good communication skills Good interpersonal skills A strong work ethic Are team players Are flexible Are detail-oriented Are motivated. * Demonstrate these skills through your work experience and project descriptions.
    11. 11. Quiz How many pages should your resume be?
    12. 12. The Resume: Final Touches Overall appearance: – Does your resume make you want to read it at a glance? – 15 second rule – NO ERRORS! Layout: – Does the resume look professional? – Quality print, appropriate margins Do KEY points stand out at a glance? – Typically one page, no more than 2 pages! – if two pages put most important information on first page – use category headings to point to your strengths! Use full, yet concise descriptions so it has complete information without being too specific or too long! – action words in brief statements, do not use complete sentences Is it getting you the interview?
    13. 13. The Resume & Applying Online Special Considerations • You will need a traditional Paper Version, and you may need a simple text Electronic Version – Keywords* – Keep fonts, margins and enhancements simple. – Use a clear file name (ex. Your_name_resume.doc) • Emailing your resume – Email your resume to a specific person (Never mass email your resume.) – Use formal, professional language (do not be casual in your emails! )
    14. 14. Corey S. Engineer 110 Capen Way, Buffalo, NY 14260, 716-645-2231 EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Industrial Engineering, May 2014 University at Buffalo, The State University of New York Overall GPA 3.2/4.0 IE GPA 3.4/4.0 Engineering Career Institute, University at Buffalo, Spring 08 * Actively participated in course designed to enhance on-the-job effectiveness. Subjects: Value Engineering, Teamwork, Public Speaking, Project Management, Leadership Development, Effective Technical Communication, Ethics, Entrepreneurship, etc. HONORS Engineering Dean’s List Name of Scholarship awarded for high academic achievement RELEVANT COURSEWORK Engineering Economy, Operations Research, Ergonomics, Production Systems, Statistics ENGINEERING EXPERIENCE Research Intern, Praxair Inc., Tonawanda, NY, Summer, 2012 * Evaluated an advanced Nickel Aluminide intermetallic material for possible structural applications. * Initiated the use of CAD software (Autosketch) for general test specimen development and the design of specific project components. * Due to productivity performance, asked to continue interning throughout fall semester.
    15. 15. Corey S. Engineer Page 2 COMPUTER SKILLS Working knowledge of UNIX, Windows 3.1/95/NT, Maple, Matlab, C++ HTML, MS Word, Excel Power Point, Access LEADERSHIP President, Engineering Student Association, 2012-13 Team Leader, UB Soccer Team, 2011-12 PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATION Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE), Member LANGUAGE SKILLS Fluent in spoken and written Spanish. ADDITIONAL EXPERIENCE Wegmans Food Market, Buffalo, NY Associate, July 2011 – present * Provided high quality customer service in a fast paced environment. * Introduced more efficient system for stocking shelves saving time and money. * Maintained an orderly and clean work environment. The Gap, Rochester, NY Salesperson, Summers 2008– 2010 * Served customers providing timely and courteous service. * Trained new employees and supervised staff of six in manager’s absence. * Won Salesperson of the Month, August 2009
    16. 16. What Employers Have Said They Seek: • EXPERIENCE! (Co-op/Internship, related experience) • GPA • Good Communication Skills – Oral and Written! • Evidence of Team Work • Time Management Skills • Problem-solving Skills • Enthusiasm • Flexibility • Being able to apply what you’ve learned
    17. 17. The Cover Letter
    18. 18. The Cover Letter • What is it? An individually designed formal business letter that introduces your resume when applying to an employer in writing. • Purpose? To get the reader excited about you as a candidate and looking to your resume for more information.
    19. 19. The Cover Letter • Plan Ahead - Know the job you are seeking. - Know what you have to offer… Accomplishments Skills Experiences • Research the Employer - Know what qualities, skills and experiences employer seeks in candidates
    20. 20. When do you need a cover letter?
    21. 21. Cover Letter Basics • • • • • • Should be targeted toward each position to which you apply Demonstrates your writing skills & grammar. Brief, but needs to stand out from other applicants Formal business style letter on paper, more concise version for email. Work and employer centered Focus on your qualifications and benefits to the employer
    22. 22. Preparing to target your cover letters One system to consider…
    23. 23. Preparing to target your letters One system to consider… List your qualifications and have examples for each: 1. Technical Skills 2. Communication skills 3. Project Management 4. Leadership 5. Experience in industry 6. Teamwork • Letter for Company A – 1, 3, 4 • Letter for Company B – 1, 2, 4, 6 • Letter for Company C – 1, 5, 3
    24. 24. Cover Letter: Paragraph 1 First Paragraph: • Tell why you are writing, what job you are seeking, and how you heard about the job • Show you researched the company by making a statement about the company Example: I am writing with regard to your opening for an Industrial Engineer as listed on the Ralcorp Holdings Website. I believe my co-op experience in a similar manufacturing setting combined with my specialized educational background would make me an asset to your company.
    25. 25. The Cover Letter: Paragraph 2 Second Paragraph:  Bridge to your resume and create a desire to read further by summarizing 1 – 3 key accomplishments on your resume.  Highlight your strongest qualifications  Provide additional information such as qualities targeted toward job / employer  Use examples where appropriate  Why are you the best candidate for this job and at this company?
    26. 26. The Cover Letter: Paragraph 2 Example: As my enclosed resume indicates, my technical educational background, demonstrated leadership skills, and ability to meet customers’ needs would enable me to make a valuable contribution in a chemical engineering position at Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company. My Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from the University at Buffalo has prepared me well with unique coursework in photochemistry, process controls, and unit operations laboratory. My ability to function as both a leader and a team player would enable me to serve the company well in a project-management capacity. During my academic years I have served in many leadership roles through various clubs and organizations such as the Chemical Engineering Association.…….
    27. 27. The Cover Letter Paragraph 3* • Paragraph 3: Your closing paragraph - Ask for action: for an interview - Thank them for their consideration Example: Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your needs and how my qualifications fit for this position. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can answer any questions or provide any additional information.
    28. 28. The Cover Letter: Full Block Style 12 Heathwood Drive Williamsville, NY 14221 Date John Doe, Title Organization Name Organization Address City, State Zip code Dear Mr. Doe: ( Dear Hiring Manager: ) Body of Letter Sincerely, Your Name Your Address
    29. 29. “T-letter” style cover letter
    30. 30. T-Letter Style Cover Letter • 1st and 3rd paragraph the same as a traditional letter • 2nd paragraph includes one opening sentence and then a 2 column chart. • This letter is very specific.
    31. 31. EXAMPLE OF 2ND PARAGRAPH Position Requirement - Experience with AutoCad - Ability to meet deadlines - Work well with a variety of customers My qualifications - I have completed numerous projects with extensive AutoCad work. - Proven record of meeting deadlines with technical projects in business environments -Over 3 years of excellent customer service experience working in sales with technical and non-technical clients
    32. 32. Applying to positions with your Resume & Cover Letter - Special Considerations • Emailing your resume & cover letter – Email your resume to a specific person (Never mass email your resume!) – Use formal, professional language (do not be casual in your emails!) – Option 1: write a brief introductory email and attach your resume and cover letter – Option 2: write your cover letter as the body of the email and attach just your resume. • On Job Search Engine sites and Company websites – Usually you are asked to attach your resume. – You may also consider creating a file that includes your resume & cover letter and attach that as your “resume” file.
    33. 33. UB Career Services • Contact us: – 259 Capen Hall 8:30am – 5:00pm M-F – Call 716-645-2231 to schedule an appointment – Email us at – Express Career Consult – • 12:00-4:00pm M-F •
    34. 34. Thank you for your time. Please complete the brief evaluation Good Luck! Holly M. Justice Engineering Career Counselor Career Services 259 Capen Hall HJUSTICE@BUFFALO.EDU