Non compliance in contact lens patients
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  • 1. Hossein Alimirzaie
  • 2. IndustryEyecare practitionerpatient
  • 3. Pricing policyIndustry: Product support Research and development
  • 4. Devotion to eye care Effective listening Avoid jargon Emphasise keypointsPractitioner Set realistic goals for patient Motivate patient Appointment reminding Importance of regular checkup Reward patient Repeat key points Provide information
  • 5. Staff should be informed Consistent advice Individualized appointmentClinic: Minimum waiting time Warm and friendly enviroment Continued care
  • 6. General hygiene and handlingPatient: Lens wear Lens care
  • 7. Failing to wash and dry hands before lens handling Swimming or bathing withGeneral hygiene lenses onand handling Wetting lenses with saliva Reinserting lenses from floor Contaminating lenses with cosmetics Use of inappropriate eye drops Sharing lenses
  • 8. Overnight wear of daily wear lenses Extending wearing time or replacement scheduleLens wear: Wearing damaged lens Wearing lenses inside out Wearing lenses beyond expiry date Switching lens brand Wearing lenses when ill Not attending regular chek ups
  • 9. Rinsing in tap water Failing to rub and rinse lenses Using incorrect solutions Not storing lenses in lens case Re-using or topping up solutionsLens care Not covering lenses with solution Not storing lenses for recommended time Not replacing case regularly Sharing lens case Not cleaning case and air drying daily Using solutions beyond expiry date Switching to inappropriate solutions
  • 10. All patients will be at least partially non-compliantin some aspect of their care regimenIt is to contact lens industry to develop effectivecontact lens care systems