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  • 1. An Introduction
  • 2. Meet the Kids Lily Lloyd
  • 3. One day, Lily and Lloyd were asked to create PowerPoint presentations for their Senior Thesis papers. Their approaches were very different.
  • 4. Title Slides
  • 5. Title Slides• Lily began with a title slide that contains a title, her name, and the date.
  • 6. Title Slides • Lloyd didn’t have one. His PowerPoint began with a random slide about his topic.Poor Lloyd!
  • 7. Beginnings
  • 8. Beginnings• Lily had – a slide dedicated to her thesis statement – a slide outlining the content of her senior thesis presentation
  • 9. Beginnings • Lloyd had an example that made no sense because he hadn’t introduced his main point. Everyone in the audiencePoor Lloyd! looked like this:
  • 10. Slide Construction
  • 11. Slide Construction• Lily – put the topic at the top of her slide – bulleted her text and supplemented with her speech. – used a font large enough to read
  • 12. Slide Construction • Lloyd Poor Lloyd! – forgot his title. – put way too much text on one slide (and read from it). – used a small font.
  • 13. Visual Appeal
  • 14. Visual Appeal• Lily – enhanced her presentation with relevant pictures • Cited with a URL – picked a professional design – used an plain light color for her background and a dark color for her text
  • 15. Visual Appeal • Lloyd – either had too many pictures and no pictures at all. • And (boo!) he forgot to cite his pictures. – picked a style that distracted from his topic. – used light text and a dark, patterned backgroundPoor Lloyd!
  • 16. Wrap-Up
  • 17. Wrap-Up• At the end of her presentation, Lily summarized her main points and reminded her audience of her thesis statement.• She even asked for questions.
  • 18. Wrap-Up • Lloyd’s last slide read, “The End.”Poor Lloyd!
  • 19. Works Cited Slides
  • 20. Works Cited Slides• Lily cited her sources using MLA format.
  • 21. Works Cited Slides • Lloyd’s last slide read, “The End.”Poor Lloyd!
  • 22. The Moral of the Story
  • 23. Which PowerPoint Puppy Do You Want to Be? Poor Lloyd! Lily Lloyd