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Night thesis statementsrev Night thesis statementsrev Presentation Transcript

  • What is a thesis statement?
  • …I’m so glad you asked!
  • A thesis statement is the “backbone” of your paper. It connects all of the elements of your paper, just like your spine controls your whole body.
  • Thesis statements 0 are sentences that define the purpose of an essay 0 unify the writer’s thoughts under one idea. 0 are the heart of any good paper. 0 prevent your reader from saying, “So what?” about your topic. 0 contain 0 A topic 0 A claim/position about that topic
  • More on thesis statements 0 A good thesis may also: 0 Make a comparison or contrast: 0 Example: Mercutio’s view of love in Romeo and Juliet differs from that of Romeo; Mercutio sees love as a game whereas Romeo views it as a serious matter of the heart. 0 Focus on the causes or effects of a particular event, condition or change: 0 Example: A number of ill-fated events make Romeo and Juliet’s deaths in the play inevitable. 0 Propose a solution to a problem or recommend a policy. 0 Example: Romeo and Juliet could have avoided their tragic demise if they had not acted in such an impulsive fashion throughout the play.
  • More on thesis statements 0 A good thesis is NOT: 0 A statement of fact: 0 William Shakespeare modeled his play The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet after an earlier story. 0 A personal opinion: 0 I think Romeo and Juliet is a great story. 0 A vague generalization: 0 Romeo and Juliet had a lot of problems throughout the play. 0 A question: 0 Were Romeo and Juliet’s impulsive actions a contributing factor to their demise?
  • Example 0 The book Twisted is about teenagers.
  • Example 0 Through characterization and plot events, Laurie Halse Anderson accurately represents the American teenager in the novel Twisted.
  • Example 0 Water is good for people to drink.
  • Example 0 Elie Wiesel’s Night discusses the topic of survival.
  • Example 0 In his memoir, Wiesel argues that courage and faith are essential for survival when one is faced with great difficulties.
  • Necessary Materials 0 Topic 0 Position 0 Reasons you’re right
  • Ways of Constructing Thesis Statements: The List (Essay Map) 0 Contains essay’s topic, position, and three supporting reasons 0 Example: “Elie Wiesel expresses the that faith is tested in difficult times in Night [topic and point] through characterization of Akiba Drumer and himself, allusions to Job, and the use of rhetorical questions [three reasons].”
  • Ways of Constructing Thesis Statements: The Umbrella 0 Contains essay’s topic, position, and alludes to reasons why the reader should believe you. 0 Do not directly state the supporting reasons, but instead allude to them. 0 Example: “Elie Wiesel proves that faith can overcome great difficulties[topic and point] with evidence that makes the reader believe a person with faith can survive anything[reasons].” 0 Do NOT use language like, “There are many reasons Elie proves faith is important.”