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  • ----- Meeting Notes (9/12/12 13:07) -----welcome participants
  • ----- Meeting Notes (9/12/12 13:07) -----other way to incorperate evaluation in the classroom... looking at other diciplines
  • Sound bite presentation

    1. 1. + Getting Students into Gear Strategies For Motivating Students to Become Active Learning Agents
    2. 2. + Sound Bite Agenda Welcome Objective Guiding Questions “Getting Students in Gear” – Preparing students for success Tools for Evaluating Student Learning Which Evaluation Tool To Use when Wrapping it Up Discussion Questions
    3. 3. + Objective: This Sound (Teaching) bite will offer a few strategies and tools for Educators to help students assess their own learning style and ability to comprehend, understand and learn course reading material.
    4. 4. + Guiding Questions: How do you know if your students are understanding, comprehending and learning their course reading material? How do you get your students to do the readings? How do know your students are learning and absorbing content? Guess what- They may not know either! How do I help students be accountable for their learning process? I propose that with consistent assessment and evaluation deeper learning can happen.
    5. 5. + “Getting Students in Gear” - Preparing students to succeed and get to know their learning process: • READER’S GUIDE (Example 1) • Reading Strategies to Enhance Learning (Example 2) • Making the review of Assigned Readings Meaningful (Example 3)
    6. 6. + Tools for Evaluating Student Learning Quizzes (anonymous) JiTT Readiness Assessment Tests (RATs) or Online mid-semester and end of year Survey (ungraded) JiTT Pre- and -Post exams (graded)
    7. 7. + Which evaluation tool should I use? Evaluation needs to connect to Learning Objectives Why are you evaluating? • To make sure that students prepare for classroom discussion? • Preparing students to succeed on class exams?
    8. 8. + Wrapping it Up! By giving students the tools of evaluation they can begin to assess their own learning therefore making themselves active agents in their own learning process. Giving them their own sense of what they may need support in strengthening.
    9. 9. + Discussion Questions: What do you think? What experiences do you have to share related to this topic? What questions does this presentation raise for you? How interested are you in learning more about tools and methods of evaluation?
    10. 10. + Links to Relevant Resources: Reading Strategies Using Reading Prompts to Encourage Critical Thinking to-encourage-critical-thinking/ Making the Review of Assigned Reading Meaningful assigned-reading-meaningful/ How Do We Measure Learning? Key Terms: Assessment Authentic Learning
    11. 11. + Fin! Henrietta M Menzies, MSINFaculty Professional Development Specialist, Co-coordiator TechCats Program Center for Teaching and Learning University of Vermont