Mountain Biking


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  • Great photographs!
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  • I like your slide very much. I do mountain biking as well. I dont go over jumps though. I just like to ride long distances. The photos are very good.
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Mountain Biking

  1. 1. Mountain BikingMountain Biking
  2. 2. Overview Mountainbiking is a extremesport. It is a hybridbetween motocrossand BMX riding. It isby far my Favoritesport. Riders love tobuild there ownjumps and ride themwith buddies all dayuntil its too dark
  3. 3. History Mountain bikingoriginanated inKamloops BC. Theoriginal riders includeWade Simmons, BrettTippie and Riche Schley.All of these riders stillride today. The personwho invented themountain bike is verydebatable as many haveclaimed it.
  4. 4. Rules While there is no written rules in Mountain Bikingthere is many unwritten rules that riders need to respect.• Respect the Trails or Jumps• Fix what you destroy• Be respectful of others and there ridingThere are many race events and slopestyle events thathave there own specific rules. Weather it be the type ofarmor or how you are judged it can change
  5. 5. Types of BikesMy three bikes for 2011 (Left to Right: Dirt Jump, Slope style, Downhill) The type of riding you like to do can drastically change the bike you ride • Dirt Jumping – Only suspension in the front (around 4 inches), one brake, one gear • Slopestyle – Suspension front and rear (4 inches on both), 2 brakes, 5-6 gears • Cross Country – Suspension front and rear (5-6 Inches on both), 2 brakes (20-30 gears) • Downhill - Suspension front and rear (8 inches on both), 2 brakes, 9-10 gears)
  6. 6. Safety The safety equipment people use ispersonal preference. Many people use a lot andsome use little. Full face helmets are becomingmore and more popular and neck braces nowavailable. Some people will wear shin and kneepads, and some people will wear just knee pads.Its all what people choose to wear
  7. 7. Safety IssuesMountain biking is an extreme sport. The risk is very high.Getting hurt is constantly an issue. I have gotten 2concussions, broke both feet and broken my leg. Thesport is just so fun I couldn’t stop. The energy rush offlying through the air can not be compared to anythingelse for me
  8. 8. Where to ride There are many placesto ride your bike. Theforest seems to be themost popular. There aremany developed trailnetworks all overKelowna. There is also abike park. Many secretlocations also exist.
  9. 9. Types of Riders Mountain biking is a very diverse sport. Thereare the weekend warriors who just ride forfun, Tuesday night cross country riders who like theexercise. The dirt jumps who build jumps and ride.Downhillers require shuttles or chairlifts and thefree riders that ride skinnies.
  10. 10. Proper Technique When riding something new you alwayswant to make sure you know what your ridingbefore you ride. If you go off something blindyou could end up in trouble
  11. 11. Style Developing style into your riding issomething that many riders strive to do.Maintaining proper bike control while ridingmakes your riding fun as you develop skill tomove your bike around and be more playfull
  12. 12. Tricks Riders add in tricks to what they do for funand to train for competitions. There are so manytricks that everyone does there own uniquemoves. Many rides try really hard to just hucktricks everywhere which isn’t favored incompetitions, you need to be a solid rider
  13. 13. Digging Digging and maintaining jumps is some of themost important part of our sport. Most of the timenothing is given to us and we have to build itourselves. Building gets you respect in thecommunity and allows more opportunities. Someriders dig more than the ride. Its part of the sportso do it.
  14. 14. Sponsorship and Promotion Harrison Mendel 1st Place Junior Advanced (Top level for under 15) Many of the top riders have sponsors that givethem budgets for travel and competitions. Being asponsor rider for many Companies like TransitionBikes, Silver Star Bike Park, Deity Components andCyclepath Kelowna I know my role in properlyrepresenting companies all over the World
  15. 15. Web VideosAfter being injured I took up cinematography. Helping myfriends out with videos on the internet to promotethemselves. This is huge in mountain biking and theVideos produce a lot of viewsVideo of Me before injury and Silver Star Bike park (Red Jersey, RedHelmet, Green and Blue Bike) I produced of Jeremy Weiss Bas van Steenbergen I produced of Jeremy Weiss (filmed while in full leg cast and crutches)
  16. 16. CreditsAll photos in presentation of Harrison MendelPhotos by• Mike Kirk• Kai Wendt• Bryce Piwek• Matt Butterworth• Brad Walton• Laurence CECinematography by• Harrison Mendel• Matt Butterworth