2012 06 Honors College Overview


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  • A high school junior or senior may be enrolled in collegiate-level courses provided he or she meets both the admissions and the curricular requirements set by the Honors College, including admissions to Texas Tech University. Compass Program students must be able to satisfy all curricular requirements for graduation from high school (including curricular requirements for college admission) no later than the spring semester of their senior year. All Compass Program students are required to submit an official high school transcript and ACT or SAT scores along with the signed Compass Program Application.Seniors: Minimum composite score of 1300 SAT or 29 composite ACT and a 3.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Transcript must show strong GPA in the area(s) in which they want to enroll.Juniors: Minimum composite score of 1200 SAT or equivalent ACT, rank in the top 10% of their class, and have a 3.4 GPA on a 4.0 scale. Transcript must show strong GPA in the area(s) in which they want to enroll.Home Study or Unaccredited High School StudentsCompass Program students who are receiving instruction at home or from an unaccredited high school must be 17 years of age and meet the requirements for high school seniors as listed above or be 16 years of age and meet the requirements for high school juniors as listed above. 
  • 2012 06 Honors College Overview

    1. 1. Coursework & Classroom Experience • Small Class Sizes • Interactive Teaching Styles • Unique Topics • Varied Locations
    2. 2. Ad run in the June Techsan
    3. 3. Award-winning Advising Team
    4. 4. First-Year Experience (FYE)• Engaging Courses with Top Professors• Learning Community Group (LCG)• Passport Program
    5. 5. Honors College Majors Honors Arts & Environment & the Letters Humanities• Humanities Based Degree • Humanities Based with Flexible Tracks Degree, focusing on• Study Abroad Nature and Literature Requirement • Unique Coursework• Completion of a Senior • Fieldtrips and Excursions Thesis
    6. 6. Becoming a part of the Honor’s Collegeat Texas Tech has been one of the bestdecisions I have made in college. Thefaculty and staff know who I am andgenuinely care about me, they create afamily environment.The Honor’s College been has been avital part in pursuing my dream ofimproving education in Africa throughmy non-profit Students FOR Students.They have been there throughout mystudent career and I am so grateful Iwas able to be a part of the Honor’sCollege family.- Michela Esch Senior 2013
    7. 7. Undergraduate Research Fellowship•Work One-on-One with aTexas Tech FacultyMember•Opportunities to Publishor Present Research•Hourly Pay
    8. 8. Pre-Medicine StudentsMedical School Early Acceptance Program Honor Seminars with TTU-HSC Faculty
    9. 9. Architecture and Honors• Honors Discussion Sections• Exciting Study Abroad Opportunities• Still in Development
    10. 10. Engineering and Honors• 150 Access Program• Waive the GRE with a 1300 SAT• Honors Credit for Graduate Courses• Automatic Graduate School Acceptance with a 3.5 GPA
    11. 11. Prospective Law Students • “3+3” Program • Seminar Courses at Texas Tech School of Law • Undergraduate Moot Court
    12. 12. Go Abroad! Study Abroad in 70 Countries (The Honors College will help!)
    13. 13. Honors Learning CommunitiesGordon and Murray Residence Halls • Live with Other Honors Students • Personal Bathroom and Shared Common Area • Quiet, Academically- Focused Dormitory
    14. 14. Honors OrganizationsEta Omicron Nu (HON) Student Activities Board (SAB)
    15. 15. Requirements • 24 Hours of Honors Coursework • 3.25 GPA • “Highest Honors” Requires the Completion of a Thesis
    16. 16. Admissions and Application• Required: 1200 SAT/26 ACT or top 10%• Application deadline: February 1st• Applications available on the Honors website (www.honors.ttu.edu)• Competitive Portfolio Review Process
    17. 17. Compass Program Who? • for high school students, as their sophomore year • for an enhanced educational experience, • for achieving more academically How? • apply to Texas Tech • apply to the Compass Program
    18. 18. QUESTIONS?Ask an Ambassador at: www.honors.ttu.edu • Better yet, come see us!